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    For Fake Sake

    Hey all! I will be posting replies to reviews for my story For Fake Sake below! I have posted a link below to the story. Thanks again to everyone who is following the story, it means a ton!! Reviews for chapters 2-4 Diana: I am very glad you are enjoying this story so far, I hope you continue to follow the story! Gin: Thank you so much for the comment, I am happy to hear you are hooked on this story! I will be trying to post at least two times a week Gisu: Thank you so much for the reply! I am ecstatic that you are enjoying the story so far. I have to admit that the idea of an Ian/Carsten would be fantastic and I have dabbled with the idea it would make for one saucy story, but sadly not in the cards for those two. I am just too much of a hopeless romantic and I couldn't do that to Terence! Vidalhbea: I can't thank you enough for all of your reviews they mean so much! I love Carsten's sassy attitude also, he sure has a strong personality! He is most defiantly my favourite...wait am I allowed to say that? Castiel: I am so glad that you are enjoying the story! I really appreciate your reviews! I hope you continue to enjoy this story. Tima: Another request for an Ian/Carsten pairing!! I love that idea also, they would have such steamy chemistry! Unfortunately I just can't bring myself to destroy the future relationship between Carsten and Terence...if only I wasn't a hopeless romantic. Ian and Terence have a very complicated past, and the only thing I will hint at is that they did have past relations...Already I have said too much! I have been toying with the idea of writing Terence and Ian's story after this one though! Anon: I just love you so so much! Thank you so much for pointing out those errors (I hastily updated them while swearing at my silly oversight). I am so happy to hear you are enjoying this story! I hope it keeps you interested! Thank you again for brining the errors to my attention, I am forever indebted to you A gigantic thanks again to all of you! Seriously means the world! XXXSAOOO
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    In search of a beta to save me!

    Hey all! My name is Kyler aka Ky aka SlashArtist. I am currently in the process of finding a beta for my story For Fake Sake. It is a M/M slash, I have posted a link below. I am very serious about this story (it is my baby) and would love to have someone on this story writing journey who feels the same. Please check it out, and if anyone is interested please send me an email at Thanks a bunch XXXSAOOO
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    Looking to Beta!

    Hey there! My name is Ky, and I am currently looking for a beta for my story 'For Fake Sake'. The link to my story is posted below Please email me if you are interested at Thanks so much!