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  1. lissa

    Not Harry Potter. Stolen

    If you google Excentrkemuse’s name she has a page on wordpress
  2. am guessing someone else asking for a copy, goes to show ya just can’t fix stupid
  3. lissa

    Harry/James fanfiction

    I know of one story called Down the Rabbit Hole, but its a Victor/Harry pairing by ExcentrykeMuse . But She has removed all of her work as far as I know
  4. lissa

    Crossdressing Summer Snape Harry
  5. lissa

    Searching for HP/SS fic

    I found this one, hope it is the one you are looking for
  6. lissa

    Harry graduates Hogwarts early

    Sorry to say that you are looking for Formans Family, the author has removed their work from the web. I think it was Michally or something similar to that
  7. I think it’s called to revel with a vela, or something like that. Last I knew it was on this site.
  8. lissa

    Looking for a old fic.

    If you googled the name I posted, you would of seen it is no longer online. The author removed the story as far as I can tell.
  9. lissa

    Looking for a old fic.

    A twisted past by MareMarie
  10. one minute google search
  11. lissa

    Draco the Cuckold

    BronxWench, will always take a hug from you. I can’t really control my sarcasm, it controls me. What do you expect from a NYer?
  12. lissa

    Draco the Cuckold

    I know this has nothing to do with the actual story, but damn how lazy are people now a days? They were told directly where to find the link, can’t be bothered to scroll back! Don’t get me started on the people who rather post ‘find me’ this instead of doing a simple google search! It takes at most a few minutes most of the time. I know that is all it takes me to find their damn stories!!!! Ok, rant over I apologise to the moderators, and will take the slap on the wrist for ranting.
  13. lissa


    Your welcome.
  14. lissa

  15. There is a story similar to that but instead of Draco it is Teddy
  16. lissa

    hermione starts bible study story

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. it’s been driving me absolutely nuts. glad to know that am not as nuts as I thought I was. Unfortunately it is one that Hecateslover has removed, for anyone else who was looking.
  17. I need ya’lls help, have a story stuck in my head, have tried to google it every way I can think of and am at a loss. I think Hermione's parents die, and she goes to religious aunt and uncle she comes back to Hogwarts and starts a bible group she’s anti gay its a good ron story and I think Harry is gay in it.
  18. lissa

    Slash harry potter dragon story

    Is this it? It’s the only one I remember that has dragons, harry, and theo in it
  19. lissa

    Futa!Fleur & Harry

    as far as we know guest dragon865, nobody took the challenge to write it
  20. lissa

    Deaged Draco

    less that 30 seconds on a google search, come on people you really can’t do a search on your own?
  21. lissa

    Harry/Lucius Mates

    Sounds a bit like Formans Familia, but your bad luck is that if this is the flick, the author has removed it from the net.
  22. lissa

    Harry Used For Breeding

    guest yaw613, as its been over 4 years, since the original post went up, and well over 3 years since anyone commented on it, I’d lay money on it, nobody is writing it. Here's a suggestion, you write it for us! oh yeah and we’ll ‘read and review it’ p.s. sorry to the mods if I just offended y’all or broke some rules!
  23. lissa

    Trying to find an old smut fic

    pretty sure that is not the story guest jizzy is looking for, I remember one similar had something to do with his potter family incest was normal and they did a ritual before Halloween that tied the women of the house to harry but that is all I can remember, sorry
  24. lissa

    Werewolf harry

    simple google search