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  1. GohanLSSJ2

    Gohan challenge

    Done. Check the Crossover section if you may.
  2. GohanLSSJ2

    Gohan challenge

    Soon, very soon my friend... It's just a matter of days.
  3. GohanLSSJ2

    Gohan challenge

    All right then, I guess that's where they'll go. EDIT: As of now, the Gohan/Nyuu lemon, "Innocent Games" is up in the DBZ Crossover archive.
  4. GohanLSSJ2

    Gohan challenge

    The lemons involving Nyuu and Yuka are practically done and about to be posted... once the Virus threat is sorted out. My other main issue is in what category I post them. They take place predominantly on the EL Universe, but there's no Crossover section for Elfen Lied.
  5. GohanLSSJ2

    Virus threat

    I just got it too. It was from Mozilla Firefox and the AVG Anti-virus. The threat was succesfully blocked, though.
  6. GohanLSSJ2

    Gohan challenge

    Funny... I am actually working in a few One-shot lemons involving Gohan with girls from both DBZ and other series. Esxamples include: From Dragon Ball/Z/Kai/GT/AF/whatever-the-hell-else: Gohan/Bulma Gohan/Chi-chi (This is during the 7 years after Cell, though the first time is a Gohan/Chi-chi/Goku three-way) Gohan/Pan (Involving Pan Time-traveling from her world as the battle with Omega Shenron goes south, so both are the same age) From Elfen Lied: Gohan/Kaede (Also known as Lucy or Nyuu, from Elfen Lied. Primarily the Nyuu personality) Gohan/Nana Gohan/Mayu Gohan/Yuka (Yes, she gets to screw him too, problem?) Gohan/Nozomi Gohan/Mariko (But she's a teenager here, remember, the Silpelits age faster) From Madoka Magica: Gohan/Kyoko From Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha: Gohan/Fate (Sorry NanoFate fans, but I couldn't resist) From Pokemon: Gohan/Misty Gohan/May Gohan/Dawn From Negima: Gohan/Asuna Gohan/Konoka Gohan/Chao Gohan/Yuuna Gohan/Most of the other girls in Negi's class Others: Gohan/Arisa (From the Hentai Ova "Moke Moke Mutsume Arisa") I could go on and on, but this is about it for now. As a final detail: Gohan in most of these lemons is essentially the form known as "Teen Gohan".