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    Fruits Basket fic

    Hmmm.... let me think back. Actually I think the title might have also been called Spilt Milk too, although not quite so sure on that. If I can remember the details correctly, the story occurs at night where Tohru gets milk spilled on her and the boys 'help' her clean up which leads to both guys having sex with Tohru and getting blow jobs. I think....
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    Oh okay. I was going by what another site said was a flame. Anywho as I said before I just wanted it on the record that this person does leave these kinds of reviews since it's been my experience that people who do this, do it often to leave their negativity to taint another person's day. Thanks for the advice.
  3. Lady Yue

    Fruits Basket fic

    It's been a few years since I read it, but I'm looking for a FB fic that had threesome going on with Tohru/Yuki/Kyou and had something to do with milk being spilt.
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    Okay so I've been a member of AFF for two days and I already have a flamish review. *sighs* The person who said this was ragnrockkyuubi, who does have a registered account on AFF. Considering the commentary they left me, it just proves they really didn't read my story (To Love Again: http://naruto.adultf...hp?no=600104723) since it clearly explains in Chapter 1 the events that lead to Sakura's pardon and the reasons why she was forgiven so easily. Everyone has a right to their opinion and all, but unless someone has something constructive to say that can help me improve as a writer or something nice to say about the story, I really don't see the reason why they should leave their negativity in a review to hurt the person writing the story. Anyways just reporting this person since I want the admins to be aware of them, since I have a feeling that I won't be the first or last person effected by their negative comments.
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    Nexus Point

    SPIRAL OF DEATH More than three hundred years have passed since mankind waged war using Machina to kill one another in what seemed to be a never-ending bloodbath... Man kept building more and more powerful Machina... the weapons were so powerful that it was believed that they had the ability to destroy the entire world. The people of Spira feared that the war would never end and Spira would be destroyed. But the war did stop... not until... Sin came. Sin came and destroyed the cities and their Machina. The war ended... and the survivors were rewarded with Sin. Thanks to the benevolence and kind heart of Lady Yunalesca of Zanarkand, Spira was given a way to fight Sin and give the people hope. It is through the teachings of Yevon have taught Spira to repent for their sins so that one day they may forever be free of the monster called Sin. These are their stories... ROYAL INTRIGUE In the year 183, Yi Dae-Jung , the Wang (King) of the kingdom of Ramira passed away in his prime without a son to inherit his throne. Yet this should have no caused as much of a furor as it dead, except for the fact that nearly a decade earlier when Yi Dae-Jung took the throne, he ordered the execution of all his brothers and paternal uncles in a fit of paranoid hysteria that they all had plans to assassinate and take his place. For nearly a year, the State Council has scoured the royal lineage for a new Wang, searching for the closest blood heir of the the progenitor of the Yi Dynasty, Yi Kwan . Yet this was not an easy task because each possible Wang found happened to have sympathy with either the Northern or Easter factions and each side refused to select a Wang who favored their rival. But finally it has happened. A neutral descendent of Yi Kwan has been found. Ramira has a new Wang and now each political faction plots how to win his favor. The Wang must learn quickly how to maneuver through the political arena and strengthen his power lest he found himself "overthrown" in favor of another relative who can be manipulated. And if that's not enough, the question is not only can he... but will he be a good king? DARKNESS UNBOUND On the day of December 21, 2012, there was a terrible thirteen car pile-up that occurred on Interstate I-75 that resulted in multiple injuries and seven deaths. Of those seven dead was Caleb Gordon, a werewolf of the Kettle Creek Pack. Investigation showed that the cause of the accident was caused by one of the drivers who might have been under an influence of drugs or alcohol. Because of this, the living had to be tested and the dead autopsied. However because of what Caleb was, there should have been a clean-up crew by the supernatural community to have prevented any autopsy that would have revealed the existence of werewolves. But there wasn't. Somebody had dropped the ball and something weird was discovered in Caleb Gordon's blood that wasn't alcohol or drugs. One week later the world had discovered the existence of werewolves through medical science and logical deduction. The werewolves refused to be the only ones to take the fall. Either the other supernatural races stepped up or the wolves would out them and so blackmailed the world learned that humans weren't really dominant race on the planet, at least when it came to abilities outside reproduction. In true human fashion, the world splintered under this knowledge. There were those who were thrilled that their beliefs in the supernatural was true, although were dismayed to realize some of the knowledge they held to be true was inaccurate. Then there were others who were uncertain how they felt although they were reasonable to extent, realizing they had lived among these other races for centuries without knowing anything and being just fine. And still there were those who feared... hated... envied... or lusted.... after the supernatural races and what they stood for. Many of these people were in power and they abused that power to take control of the situation. The past or truth held no sway. They pushed the belief that humans had to protect themselves and control that which they didn't really understand. Racism took a temporary backseat to the power of specism. Humans were the superior species and the others were genetic deformities that were only tolerated because humans were superior and kind. Laws were formed to protect humans and keep the other races on a tight leash. Still that wasn't enough. The day came when the United Nation ruled that non-humans were abominations of nature and that all countries could do what they could to take care of them, in other words it was hunting season for non-humans. But those were weren't human, who referred to themselves as the Lore refused to just lay down and die. They fought back and this war between humans and the Lore was known as World War III. The war raged on for years until humans realized that the end result would the world would be the end of humans and the Lore. So a peace was called and humans made do with playing harsh anti-Lore laws that always went in the human favor. And of course these laws put many restrictions upon the Lore. It was segregation all over again, except worldwide, for many decades. Over time some of these laws had been dismissed as no longer being valid, however some still exist even now in 2077. While segregation of the species no longer exists, the supernatural races are dealt with much harsher in crimes, most leading to being hunted down and executed as if they were rabid dogs. And of course besides the strict control of government and government agenices, the supernatural races must deal with a new generation of hate and supremacist groups. This is the world that we live in now. While on the surface the world seems mostly calm as modern civilization gets, beneath the surface tensions brew. NO MERCY It had been over eighty years since the end of organized crime syndicates such as Team Rocket and Team Magma. While crime has still existed to a certain extent, they have been nothing major, petty crimes really. It was thought that the time of Pokémon mafias were a thing of the past... at least until now. The League has suddenly appeared on the radar of the citizens of the Kanto region. It's origins and beginnings are largely unknown. Their purpose... well nothing specific can be said about their goals, most believe that they have the same goals as their predecessor Team Rocket, making money and exploiting Pokémon. However, unlike Team Rocket, the League is unforgiving of mistakes and failures. Those who fail are dead to the League figuratively and literally. It is for this reason that League members are so ruthless and unable to give up. There is no mercy for them if they fail, so they show no mercy to those who get in their way. Their cut-throat ways have helped them succeed and expand their influence and power in the Kanto region. There is no way to identify a League member except for a tattoo; the size and location of every tattoo varies on each member. Those who stand against the League do so at the risk of their lives and of those they care about. And yet by standing up against the League, one risks losing a part of themselves and becoming one of the very monsters they fight for you cannot show mercy to those who won't return it. But no matter how many League members are defeated, until the mysterious head of the organization is defeated, the shadow of this crime syndicate will never leave Kanto. CHRONICLES OF THE MOON In the Sailor War waged between Sailor Chaos and Sailor Cosmos, there were great casualties to both sides. However while Sailor Chaos cared little for the loss of her comrades, Sailor Cosmos was devastated each time with the loss of her precious friends. The great losses made her think back on another battle where she had faced Chaos in the past in her minor incarnations and accomplices, and how she had the opportunity to destroy Chaos forever if she had only chosen differently. Such thoughts led her to flee from the battle, not as a coward as Chaos had crowed, but to go back in the past and defeat Chaos in another manner in which wasn't expected. Yet Cosmos did not do as she planned; having seen her past self once more and remembering who she had been and still was inside, Cosmos realized that she could not interfere to make her past self choose another path. Instead she watched as all happened as it should and returned to the future to fight once more. With her renewed determination, Sailor Cosmos returned to battle with her enemy once more. Because she had remembered that her greatest strength was the love she had for those dear to her and the worlds they fought to protect, Cosmos was able to increase her own power to an extent that she should have defeated Chaos. The key word here is should. Sailor Chaos realized that something had changed and she could not win and everything she stood for would be destroyed; not forever , for nothing good ever lasts forever. But still the love and justice that Sailor Cosmos and her allies fought for would have a long rein before Chaos could muster up her strength once more to take them on. Furious and refusing to go down, she threw everything she had at Cosmos. The resulting effect was some sort of black hole that warped history and changed many details great and small that would effect the timeline. Yet despite these changes, can everything work out the way it was meant to be?
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