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  1. Hosted on Photobucket and switched to Imgur. The photo is the proper size and I used both the Direct and IMG links on Imgur to no avail. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Soifon

    Adventure Time

    Adventure Time YURI Lemon-to-be Looking for a BETA right quick, nothing special, just want another opinion about it. It would be cool if you looked for errors or inconsistencies as well. It's not a long fic, chapter 1 is about 4-5 pages. PM me if you'd like to help! Thanks!
  3. Soifon

    Commentary that can ruin a story - a reader's plea

    I typically keep my Authoress Note at the top and keep them a couple lines, but it's generally to give warning about something. Such as situation or scene that might offend. I like to keep things simple. Very rarely do I include anything at the end and if I do, it's a small note about the ending in general. Now, the giant blocks of text I can do without. Especially when the writer inserts themselves into the story text via brackets or parentheses. It's not so much irritating as it is distracting and offputting. That and I've come acorss stories where the formatting in thees irrelevent texts are better than the actual story. How does that even HAPPEN... ._.
  4. Ikkitousen: Dragons Unrestricted is a fic to get your feet wet, featuring girls from all seasons in 2-part One-Shots! Short, sweet and to the point. It's an on-going fic that'll continue until I run out of pairings! Which won't be anytime soon. I invite everyone to check out the new Ikkitousen section which I'm currently stocking with awesome YURI fiction! Drop by leave a rate, write a review, and enjoy some quality girl on girl non-stop climax action! I've still got a lot to upload and even more to write! Cheers and thanks!
  5. PM me everything you want me to do. We'll get started from there.
  6. Soifon

    Ikkitousen Category

    Sweet! I'll start filling it up!
  7. 5:30am... I still...awake...? =_=

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      *grumbles in sympathy* why am I up this early on Saturday morning?

  8. It's actually been a while since I read a good Teen Titan fic. This could be fun.
  9. Beta Bio: I'm open to nearly any style. I'm very picky about grammar and punctuation. I often read and re-read paragraphs and what not, making sure that all is correct in sentence structure, grammar/punctuations and proper use of the English language. Anyone who wishes to utilize my skills MUST at least have proofread their story at least once. I don't want to be diving head first into a grammatical nightmare... My Strengths: My strength happens to be my ability to pick out problems in grammar and over all sentence structure. This comes from when I posted my first fic back in middle school, reviewers ripped it to shreds. From that point on, I took command of the English language and made it my slave. And I'm pretty stoked to say that this is one of my greater strengths when it comes to editing and proofing. My BETA Style: I'm a nasty critic. I'm very harsh and realistic. I tell it like it is and I may come off as a bit mean and standoffish, but sometimes it's a good thing as some people like it that way and rather know what they did wrong than sugar coat it. I'm pretty critical because hey, I'm slap choppin' your fic right? So, it's gotta be golden when I'm done with it. I love a challenge, the worse you think it might be, the more fun I'll have with it. Not sure if that makes me...sadistic? Preferred: I enjoy every type of fic really. I guess that's what makes me a good beta is that for me, anything goes, doesn't matter the fandom. If it's been on TV, books or in the theaters, I've probably seen it, read it and know about it. No fic is too obscure for me. NOT Preferred: I prefer everything. There isn't anything I won't BETA. Well, there ya have it. Gimme what ya got! Cheers!
  10. Category name: Ikkitousen Section catagory to be in: Anime Do you have any stories for it?: Yes and some in the works. ( 1 complete, 8 on-going, 2 in the works) Unless I'm mistaken, I didn't come across a section for Ikki. Thanks!