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    One Piece m/m writer wanted

    Hi guys! I'm looking for someone who'll write me a One Piece fic... So far, so good... But what makes it a little difficult to find someone for it: I'd like a fic about two members of the Blackbeard pirates, Van Augur and Laffitte... It doesn't even have to be a long story, but I kinda doubt anyone would do it, since those characters (or rather, all the crew members) are rather unpopular... If you are willing to take up this challenge anyway, please reply to this thread or send me a PM for more details... ^^; So... Thanks in advance; bye~
  2. shinysnorunt

    Detention challenge / SSHG

    I've got a thing for Snape/Hermione detention smut, so I'd like to read an other one. It's completely up to you, why our favorite know-it-all has to see Snape for detention. Write a one shot or multiple chapters; whatever you'll feel like. What I wouldn't mind reading (so it's all optional, although I'd like you to use at least one thing. If you manage to put it all in the fic - even better ) : non-con (guess -or rather hope *cough*- it will be a non-con, since no Gryffindor student likes Snape) dirty talking Snape spanking bondage oral (doesn't matter who'll be the receiving; maybe both - that'd be up to you) What I don't want to read: other pairings (and neither of them's in a relationship) anal (well, if you like it and really want to imply it: okay as long as it wouldn't be the only way Snape will take Hermione) fluff someone walking in on them both of them calling each other by their first names (that just ruins every detention fic for me) Snape dragging Hermione in his office and instantly ravishing her (let him take some time so she'll slowly get the idea of what he wants) Phew, I guess that's all o.o If you have any questions or aren't sure if I'd like your ideas, feel free to leave a comment or pm me! See ya ^^
  3. shinysnorunt

    Dance of the vampires

    Count von Krolock has finally lured Sarah into his castle. And since she's so much more different than the other women he's met in the past, he doesn't want to scare her. But Sarah IS scared. Even more than she's curious and hungry for freedom. But the Count is hungry, too. Not only for her blood. There's something else he wants much more, his impatience growing with every hour Sarah's trying to avoid him. And being the fearsome, powerful vampire count he is, he's used to getting what he wants, even if he has to take it by force. Hey there! Yet an other challenge by me, for I'm unable to write good fanfics, so: sorry - kinda. I know that there're some good Krolock/Sarah fics out there, but they're all rather fluffy. I'd like to read something different. As written above, Krolock will get what he wants. Sarah may eventually get used to his rough and greedy treatment and like it - or not; that's up to you. But I don't think a virgin would like it right from the start when a vampire count is finally getting what he's wanted and needed for a very long time. But that's only what I would like to read. Of course you may change some things if you aren't comfortable with my suggestion. Or you may even write something completely different (I just didn't want to drown you in my ideas so you wouldn't be able to bring on your own ideas ;D) as long as it isn't too romantic or fluffy. So..yeah, I think that's it... Hope someone will answer this challenge, even though it's apparantly quite strange and special for this pairing..... See ya!
  4. shinysnorunt

    Dance of the Vampires / Tanz der Vampire

    Hey guys! Yeah, an other challenge by me - a rather..."special" one this time, which not all of you may like... I've recently started liking the idea of Count von Krolock and Herbert having more than a normal father-son-relationship. I know it's kinda sick, but maybe vampires don't care as much about loving a family member as humans do ^^; Plot (if you can even call it like that): Herbert has always admired his father, but when he grew up, this admiration turned into love. Well, at first he thought it's nothing more than that kind of love a son feels for his father. But soon he had to admit to himself that it's more. And when Count von Krolock decides to spend more time with Herbert to increase the father-son bonding, Herbert gets a rather different idea of it and tries to seduce the Count. That much for the "plot". Now some other ideas and details: - It's up to you what exactly von Krolock has in mind for spending some time with Herbert. Maybe it's just a talk, or they have a walk in some forest or whereever. Anything you'd like. - And maybe it's already noticable from the plot description, but I'd like Herbert to take the dominant part (not necessary, though - maybe the Count will turn the tables). - Herbert's attempts to seduce his father will be succesful. Maybe he'll need a second try, but he will succeed. Please keep in mind that the text above is just an idea I had. If you have your own plot in mind, feel free to use it (-: And if you'd rather like to write a PWP...that's okay too. I think that's all... I really hope someone will write it, since I've already read a few Krolock/Herbert fics (and good ones, too). Feel free to contact me if you have questions or ideas to share ^^
  5. shinysnorunt


    Hey guys! Yeah, another challenge by me... This time, as the title says, I'd like a yuri fic starring 4th Squad's captain and vice-captain. I'd like Unohana to be the dominant one (maybe even a little bit rough, too), and as for the initial situation...well, Uno/Isa-stories usually start with Isane having nightmares, wandering around and meeting Unohana somewhere in the 4th Squad quarters, so I'd like something different. It can be something simple like Unohana recently had so much work to do that now she needs a special way of relaxation and just uses Isane for it (yep, no love..well, maybe one-sided..poor Isane)... Or Isane confesses her feelings to Unohana (maybe after being asked by her because she's "been acting strange" lately or whatever) who can't return them but sleeps with Isane anyway because of pity or any other reason like that.... Well, but if you don't like those ideas, I'll be happy with any other plot you can come up with - but of course there doesn't have to be a plot... If you can't think of one, just write some smutty PWP; that's okay too ;D Hope someone will respond to my challenge... Feel free to comment or pm me in case of questions or to share your ideas (-: So long!
  6. shinysnorunt

    Fushigi Yuugi

    Hi guys! From the first time I've read Fushigi Yuugi, my favorite pairing's been Tomo/Soi. Why? Probably because they dislike each other and I like 'em both, soo.....^^ Anyway, how about this: Tomo hasn't been killed by that Suboshi-brat, but "just" severely wounded. After he's found and brought back to his quartes, some doctor (or fellow Seishi or some unknown person, whatever) is able to heal his wounds, although Tomo remains very weak. Nakago is worried about it because he'll need his Seishis alive and in good condition for the war, so he asks Soi to use her Seishi powers on Tomo. Of course Soi doesn't like the idea, but she'll do it - because Nakago wants it. Tomo is not happy about it, too, but he can't do anything else than weakly rant about it. He'll eventually discover that sleeping with a woman is not that bad, even if it's Soi. (I don't ask you to change Tomo's sexual preferences. But he can like it anyway^^ And maybe getting his ki raised by Soi will even be necessary a second time XD) I haven't thougt about an ending for this challenge. Maybe you'd like to end it right after they had "fun"...maybe you'll let them talk about it when Tomo feels's up to you^^ One last thing, though: I really like Tomo's painted face, so unless you don't really dislike it, let him keep it (-; Hope someone will write it ^^ Edit: The "plot" above is just an idea I came up with. But I'll gladly accept anything else you might have in mind (-: