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  1. Melania_Prince

    Harry Potter Fanfic - Request

    I started a fanfic, but I've lost all my creativity. I would like it if someone else would take over it. My name on AF is also Melania Prince. My story is Taking Fate on by the Storm, it's posted. Make of it what you will. It's an OC/Snape. I want it to be gory and bad, with minor and all that stuff. If anyone could do it, please let me know. I'd also like to get a small portion of what you'd write before accepting that person to take my story. Thank you.
  2. Melania_Prince

    Harry Potter Fanfic - Looking For Partner

    It's also very interesting. I would like to see the chapter. And yes, it's the same name.
  3. Melania_Prince

    Harry Potter Fanfic - Looking For Partner

    It's really good, I like the idea. But I would like to hear your others. You can post them here or message them to me if you wish. I might use this one, because I want to be able to write more stories than just one.
  4. Melania_Prince

    Harry Potter Fanfic - Looking For Partner

    I just need a plot, and an idea of where to start, as well as where to go from there.
  5. Characters Name: Melania Annis Prince Content: Minor, Rape, Tort, BDSM, Anal, Oral, M/F, Romance Note: I want her to end up with Severus Snape. I don't know where to go with this at all. I'm hoping to find a good partner to help me with it. Also I know she has the same last name as his original last name, but she is not related to Severus in any way.
  6. Melania_Prince

    Am I a Mary Sue?

    Hi. I'm new here. I don't know where to start with getting the question I'm asking through to everyone. I used to think I was great when it came to making characters. But lately I've noticed that a lot of the characters I make are the same and nothings changing. I write characters who always have sad backgrounds, are really clingy and cute, or like to be alone, but I never actually make them be alone. It seems to me, like I'm making characters based off myself, or how I want myself to be, but still the same in every way. I need help. I don't want to be a Mary Sue. How can I change how I make my characters? Please help.