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  1. Is there a specific format to sending in permission for another author to use my characters? I'm not seeing it anywhere, but I'd like to submit it so I can clear up the issue my best friend was emailed about. There were little details in the email she was sent, so I am assuming it is for her short story, "Blind Date" which uses my character. She's had my express permission since she wrote the thing. We've only been friends for 15 years.
  2. Firefall_Varuna

    Lack of reviews.

    I try to put myself in the "write for yourself" frame of mind but I do like at least a little feedback. Anything to let me know people are reading it and that I'm headed in the right direction. I'd prefer concrit, but I'll even take the "Write moar!" or "Looking forward to ur next update!" At the moment, I only get real feedback from my beta and best friend of almost 15 years. So at the moment I write to our tastes. Though I guess for genuine concrit, too many people have encountered authors who don't take it well. *shrugs*
  3. So stupdily stuck on my next chapter... beta reader has family over so new chapter just kinda marinating (festering?)

  4. Firefall_Varuna

    Self Inspiration: Music. Sexy, Sexy Music...

    Depends on the pair. Bad Romance works on so many levels! So does anything by Santana, and the Florence + the machine songs already mentioned! Muse is so many levels of awesome. Forgive me if some of the stuff is a little creepy. I'm into a part of my own story where things get creepy and dangerous -- and are going to stay that way for a bit. Not much to offer for general sexiness at the moment... I couldn't even get myself in the right frame of mind for the last sex scene I tried to include Nine Inch Nails -- Closer especially Voodoo by Godsmack (used it for one story I'm too chicken to post) Howl by Florence + The Machine Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes Locations: Yuluga by Dead Can Dance Heros and heroism: Several songs from the Transformers score Several songs from the Thor score Action / Fight scenes: Serpentine by Disturbed Indestructable by Disturbed The Mortal Kombat soundtrack A lot of Rob Zombie's stuff, but Hellbilly Deluxe is my album of choice at the moment Resurrection (original mix) by PPK Found by Sunlounger Engel by Rammstein Several songs from the Transformers score Several songs from the Thor score Pretender by Foo Fighters All My Life by Foo Fighters
  5. Firefall_Varuna

    Am I a Mary Sue?

    I think all authors are afraid of that in some way or another, no matter what they write. Are my characters solid, are they three-dimensional? Did I take my time and flesh them out enough? Some scenes I've written make me cringe and I've been known to ask my editors over and over, "do they read okay?" lol I cringed with each and every chapter of the fic I posted here, even though I had been pretty proud of myself previously. Shadowknight (edit: ack, sorry not used to this forum setup!) basically has the best advice, IMHO. Detach yourself from your work and you'll be better for it. Even negative reviews and flames can help you if you keep an open mind and your emotions in check.