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    Review Replies for "I just wanted to ask"

    to all: at first, I'd like to thank ALL of you for reviewing to begin with ... --- to unneeded: well, do we know Snape being a patient person who allows people to "vent safely"? I don't think so, but of course I won't tell you what will happen, that would spoil the story of course ... --- to moodysavage: training for what? as a slave? I'm not sure if Severus really would be so happy if he had a slave instaed of an equal person, even if Harry will have to grow first - not to mention of course that yes, Snape surely won't admit anything anytime soon, neither towards Harry, nor to himself ... ... --- to mrs. trabi: of course you'd wait for later chapters ... *lol* ...
  2. to all: at first, I'd like to thank all of you for reviewing to begin with ... --- to io_non_ha_paura: I'm glad that you like the story so far, hope you'll do in later chapters still ... --- to mrs.trabi: of course I'll get all the chapters I have written so far online here, I'm not sure about all other stories though ... --- to Scioneeris: indeed, and thanks for the greeting ... I hope you won't be disappointed in later chapters then ... --- to Jean and Steve: I'd never get lost, my dear Jean, but I do thank the two of you for following me to this place here ... and the chaos can start, with you two around ...
  3. evil-minded

    Review Replies for "twenty-one days"

    to all: at first, I'd like to thank all of you for reviewing to begin with ... --- to Jean: glad that you still love this story ... about Fawks, well, first, I actually never thought about Fawks, and second, well, I guess it would be a bit too easy, don't you think? --- to unneeded: surely I won't tell you how long the castle would stay locked down, because then I'd spoil the story a little bit ... concerning water, I think you soon will learn that they actually have access to water, I don't want them dead after all, that would ruin the story to begin with ... and a security system that kills you? I don't think that Hogwarts shutting down itself really has been a security system but rather something the castle did accidentally because it was startled, kind of. there was just the mixture of things happening that normally didn't happen and that no one had expected ever to happen, the exploding cauldron, the Death Eaters' attack and Albus' spells and all those somehow added together must have startled the castle so that it shut down - an accident but surely not a security system, no one could have thought about such a thing to happen all at the same time. and finally - the house elves, you'll learn more about them in later chapters, rather soon, actually ... again, thanks for the reviews you've given so far ...