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    Harry Potter Female OC Profile

    She sounds good so far. What book are you putting her in? I know she's in her six year but are you going to put her in Half Blood Prince or another book? Let her be sixteen while the character's in the book are older than her or younger? You have the basics down but there are some details that you need to cover: 1. Is she a good guy or a bad guy? From what I can see, she's neutral. 2. What's her family background? That's a very important part of the story. It's suppose to be what shapes her character. If she is a pureblood. Does she believe in old pureblood traditions and believes? Is she prejudice about Muggles? Or is she modern? Does she accept Muggles? 3. Does she have siblings? If she has siblings, you are going to have to create bio's for them too. 4. Who are her friends? Is she friends with any of the main characters? If so, which ones? Or are you planning on created them? You're going to need bio's for them too if you are. 5. Does she have a love interest? Who? This is an important part of the story. Who is going to be your character's focus? 6. What plot are you going for?
  2. Izzy

    Is it okay to use the original dialog?

    Okay, thank you explaining it to me.
  3. I'm writing a fan fic called Hermione, where Hermione is actually a pure-blood spy name Lyra and is pretending to be a Muggleborn. She's suppose to get close to Harry and find out information about him. The beginning chapters are my original work about how Lyra becomes Hermione and then afterward I plan on the chapters being about each of the books. I've started with Sorcerer's Stone, which I wrote in Hermione's p-o-v. She's describing what Harry and Ron's doing, what's happening from the beginning of Sorcerer's Stone to the end. I know it's still plagiarism but I need certain parts in my story. At the end of each chapter I wrote my theories and explanations about certain sections of the HP books. (I took my author's note out of my chapters in AFF because someone pm me and said I can't post those up and go to the forums if I really want to talk about my theories. My theories are still in FF account, though.) I want to show all the possibilities of what could have happened if Hermione/Lyra was a pure blood, super genius. Almost everything that has happened in the book, she made it happened one way or another and she's pretending to be dense in certain areas. I copied most of the original dialog and events from the book but took out Harry's p-o-v and replace them with Hermione's. Hermione's p-o-v is completely different from Harry's, since she was raise by pure-bloods, she's racist towards Muggleborns and blood traitors. Her p-o-v is sort of mean, because she often insults the other character's in her thoughts and pretends to be this bookworm on the outside. I want your opinion. Should I not use the original dialong and make it fully Hermione's p-o-v for it to not be considered plagiarism? Here are the links: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5854151/1/Hermione http://hp.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600024923
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    Looking to adopt :)

    It's called The Life and Loves of a House Elf. I have 3 chapters posted. Summary: Draco gets transformed into a house elf after Voldemort found out that his parents betrayed him with the Order. I haven't decided on a pairing as of yet. I'm torn between Hermione/Draco and Astroia/Draco pairing. I always wanted to write a Draco/Astroia story to see how it would turn out. But then Hermione got thrown in my train of thought, I guess because of her sympathy and stuff for House elves kept floating around in my head. I'm so indecisive about the pairing, which is preventing me from writing more chapters. Look it over and tell me what you think. http://www.fanfictio..._of_a_House_Elf
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    Harry Potter Fanfic - Looking For Partner

    Okay. Just let me edit it a bit and I'll sent it over to you.
  6. Izzy

    Looking to adopt :)

    Cause I have a Harry Potter fic that I'm debating if I want to give up. I still have ideas for it, but lately I've been busy with my other stories and haven't given this one much attention. I feel bad for the readers for having to wait.
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    Harry Potter Fanfic - Looking For Partner

    Okay. Next story. Between the summer of GoF and OotP, Voldemort summons Snape to him. He questions Snape why he didn't come to the graveyard when he was summoned like all the others. Snape explains to him that he couldn't because Dumbledore was keeping an eye on him. If he were to leave it would be suspicious. Voldemort accepts Snape's explanation and dismisses him. Voldemort doesn't trust Snape 'cause of him killing Lily and thinks Snape will betray him. He plots to find a way to control him. Weeks later, Snape sees teenager who looks just like Lily with blonde hair in Diagon Alley, but think he's imagining it. He follows her to get a close up of her face to be sure it's Lily. He got distracted and lost her in the crowd. Summer before HBP, Snape can't stop thinking about blonde Lily and wants to see her again. But since school was about to start, he has a job to do, protecting Harry and later Draco. He forces her out of his mind. While in England on business, Snape sees blonde Lily again, huddling behind garbage cans. She is weak, fragile, malnutrition, etc... She has no shoes, her clothes are dirty, and she looks frighten. She runs away when he approaches her and faints. Snape catches up with her and carries her to St. Mungos. While she's asleep he looks at her face, although she isn't an exact copy, she shares very similar features to Lily. When she wakes up, Snape notices her weird accent and finds out that she can't remember who she is. The last thing she remembers was being locked in a cold, dark cell, and escaping. Snape vows to protect her until she remembers and offers to let her stay with him at Spinner End. At first blonde Lily is hesitate, since she doesn't know him, but changes her mind because she saw kindness in his eyes and some other emotion. They live together peacefully and her health seems to be improving. Voldemort sends Wormtail to stay with him. Snape needs to hid her some place else. He goes to Dumbledore for help. Dumbledore is concern about Snape over blonde Lily. He doesn't think it's a coincidence that Snape found blonde Lily and suspects somethings going on. Nonetheless, Dumbledore gives Snape his word that he'll protect blonde Lily and do what he can to find out about her past. Dumbledore places her in a cottage hidden in the Forbidden forest, which he is the secret keep of. Even Snape doesn't know where she is. She stays there with a house elf who helps her around the little cottage. Snape misses her dearly and does whatever he can to not think about her. Voldemort contacts Snape to tell him some new information he just came upon. He claims that Lily and James had a daughter, who they had sent away to protect her from the war. Dumbledore has been hiding her existence from everyone for years. Voldemort said a couple of Death Eaters had came upon her by accident and captured her, but she somehow got away. Snape is shocked. He thinks it's blonde Lily. He goes to Dumbledore and confronts him, but Dumbledore denies it, claiming that Harry is Lily and James' only child. Dumbledore believes that Voldemort is setting Snape up and warns him to not believe him. He tries to reason with him. Dumbledore tells Snape that blonde Lily is not Lily's daughter but someone else. He shows him a file with blonde Lily's picture. Blonde Lily has no relations to Lily, just someone who happened to look similar to her. She's actually from the States and was on vocation with her parents last year to watch the Triwizard tournament. Which was why Snape had saw her in Diagon Alley that summer. She returned to England for another vocation and was captured by Death Eaters. Since her parents are nowhere to be found, Dumbledore assume that they must have been killed by the Death Eaters. Dumbledore thinks that Voldemort had ordered her capture because of how she looks like Lily, he plans on using her against Snape to manipulate him. Snape leaves Dumbledore's office not knowing who to believe. He falls into depression for a while, until he decides that he needs to see blonde Lily and talk to her. Dumbledore is hesitant, but allows Snape to see her. Both are overjoy to see one another. Blonde Lily still doesn't remember, but she tells him about the nightmares she'd been having. Snape is concern and promises to brew her a potion for it. Afterwards he comes to see her often and love the time he spends with her. Her personality is nothing like Lily at all. His commitment to protect Draco and Harry become endanger because she has become a distraction. Dumbledore advise him against seeing her so much, and hinted that there might be something wrong with her. Snape gets upset by this and lashes out at him. About how, after all Snape had done for him, Dumbledore refuse him a little bit of happiness. Dumbledore manages to calm Snape down and reveal more information about her to him. Blonde Lily has a brain tumor, which might have caused the amnesia, and is the reason why she always visits England. Not for vocation as he first thought but for treatment. Snape is devastated. Dumbledore tells him that this was why he didn't want Snape too attached to her. Snape goes to see blonde Lily and takes a good look at her. Noting she's very thin, he tells the house elf to make sure she eats a lot and exercise regularly. Blonde Lily likes that he's overprotective of her and secretly has a crush on him. Snape goes to blonde Lily's old doctor, impersonating a doctor himself. He finds out that she was schedule for surgery, since her last tests showed that the tumor was spreading, but she never made it. Snape immediately reschedules her a new surgery date and promises to bring her in himself. He returns to blonde Lily to explain to her about the tumor and surgery. Blonde Lily is confused and scared and turns to him for comfort. They fall asleep in each other's arms (they can have sex, wherever you want to add that part in). Snape tells her that no matter what happens he will always be there to protect her. Snape is stressed about having to protect Draco, Harry, blonde Lily, and having to kill Dumbledore, but hides it well. He takes blonde Lily to the hospital, promising to be there when she wakes up. But as it turned out that day was the exact same day he had to kill Dumbledore. He leaves the hospital, returning to Hogwarts. After Dumbledore's death, Snape wants to return to the hospital as quickly as he can, but he has to watch after Draco. It takes him weeks to get there. When he gets to the hospital the doctor tells him that there were some complications during the surgery and she doesn't remember anything. Snape thinks this is for the better and leaves without seeing her to continue his mission. Snape keeps trying to come up with reasons to convince himself that him and blonde Lily were never meant to be. (I was listening to Usher, you remind me, when I thought up this story. I think it fits this part of the story so well. If you haven't heard the song you should look it up on Youtube.) Here's some of the lyrics: You remind me of a girl that I once knew see her face whenever I, I look at you Couldn't believe all of the things she put me through this is why I just cant get with you I know it is so unfair to you it is so unfair That I relayed her ignorance to you (ohhh ahhh) wish I knew I wish I knew how to separate the two Sometime while he's headmaster, he finally gets closure about his feels for real Lily. She never loved him more than just a friend. He loved her with all of his heart but it was unrequited. He loved her so much that he even fell in love with a woman that mirrors her looks. Later, he thought it over and realized that he really loved blonde Lily, at first because she looked like Lily, but as they got to know each other he fell in love with the real her. He'll miss her, and again believes it's for the best that she doesn't remember him. After the war Snape survives and reveals that Dumbledore isn't dead. Dumbledore was wearing some sort of chest armor that night. When he was hit with the killing curse the armor adsorbed most of the blow. Dumbledore was in a coma somewhere and woke up after the war was over. Everything goes back to normal. A new school year starts. Snape finds out that blonde Lily's parents weren't dead and they had reunited while she was in the hospital. They decided to stay in England, which means blonde Lily is scheduled to attend Hogwarts, since she's a half-blood. Snape pretends that he's fine by this and doesn't care, but deep down he's very anxious to see her again. Every night he dreams of confessing his love to her and being rejected. With fear of his dreams coming true, he vows to stay away from her and treat her like he would everyone else. Dumbledore calls Snape in to talk to him about blonde Lily and asks him to brew so potions for her. Snape acts like he's uninterested in her and the potions, which prompt the Hogwarts staff to reveal themselves and confront him about his feelings. Snape is upset that they know about him and blonde Lily somehow and were ambushing him with an intervention, and leaves. While on the train blonde Lily meets a mysterious boy in black and sits with him in the compartment. The boy is silent and keeps staring at her, which makes her feel awkward. She tries to be nice and make conversations with him but he only answers her with a few words. When the train stops, they part ways. She meets the Golden Trio, who develops a fast friendship with her. They noticed that she looks like someone they know, but are not quite sure who. It's one of those things where they know she looks familiar but can't quite put their finger on it. Eventually they'll figure it out. Snape doesn't like seeing blonde Lily hanging out with Harry 'cause he fears Harry will steal her from him like James did. He keeps telling himself that he wants her to be happy and find someone who loves her, but not Harry. Anyone but Harry. But really he's jealous and doesn't want to see her with anyone, period. The staff notices how he's acting. Despite their age differences they want to help him with blonde Lily, but Dumbledore prevents them. He tells them that what happened was between those two and should stay that way. Things will resolve themselves. Snape is tough on the students during lessons, purposely giving them extra work so they will be too busy to do anything. Harry and Ron doesn't complain about it since they feel guilt over thinking so badly of him for all those years. Blonde Lily has difficulty with the overload of homework and planned on asking Hermione for help. She meets the mysterious boy in black in the library and he offers to tutor her. She starts doing better and also notices that he comes to her mostly when she's alone. Curious, she asks around about him, but no one seems to know him. She begins to like the time they spend together and develops a crush on him. One night she's sleep waking, and ends up in the dungeon. When Snape catches her she faints. He runs to her and hugs her to him chest, his feels resurfacing. He carries her to his private room and lay her on his bed. Realizing his mistake, he takes her to the hospital wing. Snape stays with her until she wakes up. When she comes too he's the first person she sees. Snape is silent, and tries to act detached. She stares at him for a while and suddenly smiles. She tells him that she's happy that he kept his promise. Snape doesn't know what she's talking about, and then remembers the promise he made to her on the day of her surgery. He'll be there when she wakes up. She reveals that during surgery she dreamed of him turning his back on her and walking away. In the dream she runs after him and asks why is he leaving her. His dream self tells her that they were never meant to me that she's better off without him. She confesses that she loves him. He told her that if she really loved him than she should forget they ever met. He couldn't be with her because there are too many important missions he has to do and she's become a distraction. Many people will lose their lives if he doesn't complete his missions. She cried but agrees and lets him go. When she woke up she forgets about ever meeting him. She also tells him about the mysterious boy in black. Now that she remembers, she figures out that the boy is him. She missed his so much that she created a version of him that she could be with. At this point she asks him if he's done with his missions and if they could be together now. Snape answers with a yes and kisses her. I haven't thought of a name for blonde Lily yet or a title. I suck at titles. This is more light than the first one. I think it's because the change in my mood when I was creating them. I was more relaxed and listening to relaxing music with this story. If I listen to some dark and eerie music my mood changes and I could get a darker idea and plot. I have a small portion of the story written as an experiment. I can send you the chapter if you want to see it? By the way, is this the same user name as your account on the other Aff.net? I want to read some of your stories and get an idea of what you're like.
  8. The necklace is not a horcrux. It's a magical item that one can trap spirits in. The part of Tom that's in the diadem is a fragment of Voldemort's soul. The first time he tried to kill Honey he drained enough of her life to come out of the diadem, but she hits him with the crystal trapping him inside before he could fully become solid. Since he had a kind of spirit-like form he got sucked in. He's unable to use his magic while in the crystal, but found out he's able to speak with her while she wears the nacklace. Honey uses it like a worry stone. Whenever she gets stressed about something she would rub the crystal. Tom realizes that everything she rubs it he gets stronger because she is transfering her emotionals and worries into the crystal. When he received enough of her he comes out and attempts to finish her off again.
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    Harry Potter Fanfic - Looking For Partner

    I'm not sure what you're looking for, but here's the story that's been swimming in my head for 3 years now. The OC is a student in sixth year. She's sweet, bubbly and kind of has violent tendencies. I had this idea about taking certain detail from the books and adding them in. The detail about the flesh eating mummies in Egypt. In my story, OC was there on vocation and accidentally woke the mummies up. No one caught her b/c she snuck away while the Aurors were busy capturing the mummies. After that she develops a fascination for death, the afterlife, and dark arts. Her family notice the change in her but just figure she'll grow out of it. She has two younger half sisters from her dad's side of the family. One sister is her partner in crime the other acts like her babysitter. All three look a lot a like, people would mistake them for the same person because they're all in the same house. They told the hat to put them in the same house so they could stay together and bribe their roommate to trade rooms. They share the same room even if they are in different years. OC gets recruited to be a junior Death Eater by Voldemort himself. They met right before the school year started and she writes to him. Voldemort doesn't know about her sisters and family because he didn't look that deep in her mind. All he saw was her attraction to dark arts. He likes that she has that sweet, innocent look going for her, but deep down she's curious about dark arts. He seduces her with his words and encourages her to hate Muggles. The problem is her two sister's mother is secretly a Muggle-born and raised OC. OC is confused of her feelings toward Muggles-borns since she loves her step-mother. Meanwhile, Voldemort orders her to spy on Draco and write reports to him. If Draco doesn't kill Dumbldore, she has orders to kill Draco and his mother. He knows she'll do it because he read her mind and found out her secret. She secretly wants to kill someone just to see how it feels. She has to spy on Snape as well 'cause Voldemort doesn't really trust him. Voldemort knows Snape is secretly angry at him for killing Lily and wants to be cautious. He tells OC about Lily. How Lily was an evil, gold digging, whore. She used Snape for her amusement and abandon him for James. Although Lily hurt him, Snape's still foolishly in love with her. Since OC sisters strongly resemble her, she uses them as her doubles. She tells them to take her potions class for her and to watch Snape and Draco, while she takes their classes for them. Her sisters don't know what's going on but do as they are told. Snape suspects something is up but doesn't realize that she is spying on him. Whenever he looks into the sisters' mind he doesn't see anything because they really don't know. Over time OC starts to fall in love with Voldemort through the letters, which no one else knows about. She starts to openly show her dislike of Muggle-borns. Worried, her sisters take her to Charity Burbage, the Muggle Studies teacher. Burbage tells OC her beliefs about Muggles and Muggle-borns and encourage her to get to know a few of them before she pass judgment. OC sees reason and change her mind about hating Muggles, but still loves Voldemort. Vodemort gets angry. He plots to torture and kill Charity Burbage for influencing OC. When Snape finally figured OC out, she tells him that she's just suppose to watch Draco that's all. To throw him off she tauts him about Lily. Angry, Snape slaps her. (This is where their relationship starts.) OC hates Snape for hurting her, but feels sorry for him for still loving Lily. Although he tries to apologize, OC won't take it and uses the slap against him, making him feel guilty. Realizing that she's taking advantage of him he pushes the guilt aside and continues with protecting Draco. He allows OC to watch Draco, but closely monitors her. After Snape killed Dumbledore, OC captures Draco and his mother since he didn't do as he was ordered. Snape orders OC to release Draco and Narcissa, but she refuse. She explains her orders and attempts to kill them. Snape over powers her and ties her up with ropes. He goes to Voldemort talks him into letting the Malfoys go by claiming that they are far beneath the dirt for Voldemort to pay them any mind. Voldemort agrees to let them go when Snape let's OC go. During the summer, OC stays at Malfoy Manor. Draco and Narcissa stay away from her since they conclude that she's psychopathic and might attempt to kill them again. Bellatrix is her assigned mentor. Bellatrix tortures OC with various curses and hexes. Instead of hating it, OC sees it as a research project. She writes detailed notes about the curses, her experience, which area of the body was in the most pain, etc... While wondering out of the estate, she is spotted by a few Death Eaters. They capture and try to rape her. She avoids it by flirting with them using her cute and innocent look. They fight over who rapes her first and end up killing each other with curses. OC gets out of her restraints, gather up the bodies and keeps them in her closet at Malfoy manor for research about death using potions to preserve them. She cuts their hair off and keeps them in little packets with their names labeled on it. With Polyjuice Potion, she impersonate them and do various other things she couldn't do as herself. Only she knows they are dead, no one suspects anything. After one of the meetings, Snape seeks out OC. He noticed how she had changed since the last time he saw her. He feels a bit of a connection with her. She reminds him of himself when he was a teenager and fascinated by dark arts. He has this incredible urge to help her because unlike him, she comes from a good home and has a family who loves her. She has a lot to lose if she continues down this path. He goes to Voldemort and offers to be OC's mentor. Bellatrix objects, OC and her develop a form of mother/daughter like bond already and she doesn't want to let her go. Voldemort favored Snape since he killed Dumbledore and let him become OC's new mentor. Voldemort lets her go so she could be busy while he finds and decides who she would kill for her initiation ceremony. He likes how OC can endure pain and has no emotional attachments to anyone or thing. He believes she'll make a great Death Eater. Although he doesn't love her, he wants to show OC and everyone how special to him she is. So he's going to let her kill someone important to the Wizardry world. OC has to live with Snape in his home in Spinner End. OC hates Snape more now that he took her away from Bella, Voldemort, and her corpses. And she's still upset about his stopping her from killing Draco and Narcissa. Snape instructs her to brew potions to calm herself and keeps her away from anything involving dark arts. She's irritated with him at first but grew to like brewing and arguing/conversations with him. Through one of their discussions he found out she hasn't seen her family all summer and had no contact with them. He could tell that she was sad about it and takes her to see them. OC is touched by this and views Snape in a different light. OC is happy when she sees her family and tells them about her summer. Fearing for her, her family plots to runaway. OC comes up with a plan to brew a potion to change the corpses in her closet into her family members and fake their deaths. OC and Snape are called in by Voldemort for a meeting. Voldemort presents Rufus Scrimgeour, the Ministry or Magic, and announced that OC would do the honor of killing him. Having her dream come true, OC is happy, until she thought of her family and what they would think of her if she did this. Seeing that Rufus Scrimgeour was tied up and severally beaten. She reveals her feelings of being insulted that Voldemort had disabled him. She told Voldemort she wants to wait until he heals properly and let him lose in the garden. She'll hunt and kill him like an animal. Seeing as it'll be good entertainment for the Death Eaters, Voldemort agrees and let her have him. OC hides Scrimgeour and replaces him with one of the corpses that she mutilated, making everyone and Snape think she really killed him. After OC and Snape return to Spinner End. He wants to comfort her and talk about her first kill but doesn't know how to go about it. He doesn't like how she was being so causal about it. They get into an argument. She brings up the one thing that would hurt him most. Lily. She tells him everything that Voldemort told her about Lily and said he was weak and pathetic for still being in love with her after all she did to him. Snape denies OC's accusations and vow to prove to her that Lily is nothing to him. He has sex with OC (or rape her if you want that to happen?). Afterwards, both are confused about their feelings for one another. Snape is upset with himself for cheating on Lily and OC is upset for having cheated on Voldemort. Both are similar as they are in love with two people (Lily and Voldemort) who would never love them back. OC leaves Spinner End without telling Snape, returning to her parents home. Snape immediately misses her but doesn't go after her because he feels guilt for what he did to her. While at home she carries out her plans to fake her family's death. The plan couldn't be completed because she only has 3 corpses left and there are 5 people in her family. She conclude that she needed two more corpse. OC and sister (her partner in crime) disguised as Death Eaters, set out to dig up some corpses. But when they found themselves standing over a grave, they change their mind, seeing as it was disrespectful to the dead. OC was not respectful to the Death Eaters' corpse b/c they were planning to rape her before they died. They see a couple of Muggle-borns or blood traitors. OC was going to kill them, but change her mind again. While walking through Diagon Alley OC and sister came upon some Snatchers. The Snatchers believe the disguises and invite them to sit with them. OC and sister play along and join, when the Snatchers began to recount their stories about raping and killing some kids, OC kills them without warning. Afterwards, she realized why she didn't rob the grave and killed the blood traitors. She doesn't want to kill without reasons and killing was just a dream not something she really wanted to do. She apologies to her sister for having her witness her murdering and promise her that after the war is over she won't kill again and to stay away from dark arts. Having all the corpses they need she put her plan into motion. In the next meeting, OC saw how Voldemort killed Burbage and lost all the love she had for him. She later retaliates by secretly sending information to the Order to destroy Voldemort. In the meeting she sees Snape again. They haven't seen each other for a while and miss one another and the time they spend together in Spinner End. Wordlessly he holds his hand out to her and she accepts. They return to Spinner End and have sex for days (BDSM, Anal, Oral, etc...whatever you want to add in). They are in love, but both silently accept that nothing would ever come of it. Without speaking to each other they part ways. Snape becomes headmaster of Hogwarts and OC fake her death. He misses OC and keeps himself from thinking about her by helping Harry with the horcruxes, but keeps seeing her everywhere. When he heard news that OC and family has died, he breaks down and cries for her. He loved her as he had loved Lily, maybe even more. In the end when he gets bitten by Nagini he accepts his death and dies, believing that he'll get to be with OC in death. Weeks later he wakes up in a hospital bed, beside him OC is sitting on a chair, sleeping with a big coat around her. Snape believes he's dead and with OC. Overjoy he wakes her up with a kiss. When OC gets up, he saw her large belly and questions her about it. She confesses about the fake death and that she's pregnant. She would've gone to him herself but was too weak from the pregnancy. As it turned out throughout the time he was headmaster, she sent her sisters to spy on him and protect him from danger, which was why he keep seeing her everywhere. When he got bitten by the snake, her sisters were there and saved his life. They confesses their love and get married. Together they live far from the past and people who have hurt them. Happy with each other and their children. I do have alternative endings where he really dies and she isn't pregnant. Years later she goes to his grave to give him flowers. Well there you have it. 3 years of this in my head. What do you think? Feel free to use this if you want too or not. I can help you with dialogue too. I made up conversations between OC and Snape in my head. I have a lot more ideas as well. If you don't like this plot I have many others involving this couple. The best thing about me is that I never had the misfortune of getting writer's block.
  10. I have done my research, but I took some liberties since this is a fic and in a magical world. As for how she found the horcruxes. I'm actually in the middle of writing that part right now. I have my own theory for the reason why Voldemort gave them to certain Death Eaters and put them in particular places. Diary: With Voldemort being as intelligent and perspective as he is, I think that he knew about Lucius' character enough that made him cautious of him. He might've gave him the diary to make him think that he was special. But really he gave it to him because he was hoping Lucius would become curious enough to open it and diary Tom would steal his life energy and kill him. Or maybe Narcissa or Draco? It being a present from Voldemort, he knew that Lucius wouldn't just throw it away or damage it for fear that it was something dangerous, but slip it to some poor unsuspecting person (like what he did to Ginny). Either way, Voldemort was planning on diary Tom killing someone and becoming corporal. I got the base for my story from Chamber of Secrets. I want to show details of what Ginny went through, but with my own twist. So I created Honey. Honey found the diadem in Diagon Alley because someone (a Death Eater) slipped it to her. The Death Eater had been watching her for a while and noticed that she didn't have friends was very quiet, etc...Someone small and weak Tom could easily overpower and kill. As for him getting trapped in the crystal. There's a folklore about how you can trap a ghost inside a crystal or a jar and bury it or throw it away to get rid of the ghost. I like folklore so I added that in there. As for Tom being real. He is and using his magic to drive her crazy. This story is about him undergoing change and finding love. In the end he has to decide if he's good or evil.
  11. Izzy

    Harry Potter Fanfic - Looking For Partner

    What are you looking for in a partner? I've got a lot of ideas for a OC/Snape fic for a long time now but haven't written any b/c I've been busy with my other stories. Since I don't want my ideas to go to waste maybe I can give them to you.
  12. What pairings do you do? I have a Draco/Hermione fic I need someone to look over.
  13. Luna's my favorite character too. I always wanted Honey and Luna and all the playful characters as her friends first. It's for her to light up a bit before the war with the Death Eaters starts and everything turns upside down for her. I'm in the middle of writing the third chapter. I have certain ideas for it already, but I have this thing where, while I'm writing I develop new ideas and situations and the story ends up different than what I previous planned. So I'll come back here when that happens and ask for help again if that's okay with you?
  14. Thank you for your reply. This is one of the first stories I ever wrote back when I was a teenager. Having looked at it over, there are some areas of the story I am still debating over...If I want to keep this and that or not. I wanted a second opinion before I move forward with this story. You make very good points. Her personality is something I am working on. Honey's character is a complete 180 from the original that I had created. She's supposed to be all bubbly and happy all the time, but I got rid of that. So I really am starting her from scratch. Here's what I have so far, a couple of ideas I'm looking over but have not committed to. I'm a big fan of mystery and psychological thrillers, so I want to try writing them. In the beginning of the story, Honey is timid, laid back, has a very calm demeanor because of her previous circumstance. She was paralyzed for many years, all she could do was sit back and observe her surroundings. So that's what she's doing, sitting back and observing, watching the plot unfold. But she will realize that she is able to interact with her surroundings and manipulate it. She is generally a friendly, kind person, but after she remembers what Tom did to her she becomes more guarded. I want to show how the years in the hospital effected her and molded her personality into what it is. I can't just write it off and say she's perfectly fine and moves on. She starts seeing strange visions that are unconnected and believe she is losing her mind. Paranoia takes over and she can't separate reality from fantasy. She thinks everyone is trying to hurt her and isolate herself. As for her being unattractive... I wanted to say she is beautiful no matter what, but I was told that it was too Mary Sueish. Which I understand. If she was in a hospital for that long and discharged only a few months before the story begins, I think she should be thin and weak. Let's just say she's plain looking for now and becomes attractive looking to the other characters as she develops better health later on.
  15. My Shoutbox tab has a red 1 on it. I clicked on it and it turned into a 2. I don't know what that means. Can someone explain it to me?