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  1. hidden away

    Looking for a naruto fic

    Iruka faints before he promotes naruto Naruto goes back to the academy wothtwo of his clones disguised as others Iruka helps him He gains the rabbit contract Uses a lot of clones
  2. hidden away

    Naruto and neji

    Neji gets assigned naruto in the academy lee got assigned shikamaru Neji helps naruto and they gat engaged he also sets up a message chain with others like him At one point he addopts gaara
  3. hidden away

    Naruto and others

    Ok um i think he had bonded with the fox and was still on team 7 and he used a henge to look normal
  4. hidden away

    Naruto and others

    I remember one or two scene one was him and zabuza doing in a clearing and zabuza used a water jutsu I think another was of ibbiki said zabuza was bragging about it
  5. hidden away


    Tom is a teacher Harry is a poor ravenclaw who writes Maurders are students Albus forces harry to hold a writting contest They all wright erotica Harry beats james in a duel and gets everything Tom resorts harry to slytherin
  6. hidden away


    Ginny got caugjt masturbating by molly Molly took her to albus to set her straight She and albus ends up doing it
  7. hidden away


    Thats it thank you
  8. hidden away


    Lucius gets harry for a time i think he is a prostitute any way draco comes in and joins snape shows up with zabini and all fucks harry Anyone knows?
  9. hidden away


  10. hidden away


    plz anyone
  11. hidden away


    it is ron and ginny then it becomes ron and charlie then ron ginny molly arthur but there parents are asleep when it happens
  12. How about children of atum it starts out hp/rl/sb but turns into hp/ss
  13. hidden away

    anita harry crossover

    harry uncle lets him get bit in the woods by a were wolf harry uncle tries to sell him to jean claude richard takes him in sev and remus coming for him anita tries to deport him richard and jamil love him
  14. hidden away

    Snape and Remus parents of harry

    try posting in the harry potter section you may have more luck
  15. hidden away

    harry crossover