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    Author Advertising Self in Author Note Chapters

    Glad you guys were aware of this. Just figured I should let someone know just in case.
  2. http://members.adult-fanfiction.org/profile.php?no=1296815411 She wrote several in the Inuyasha section. Might have more but these are just the ones I noticed. All the ending chapters of her most recent fics have been author’s notes and have been advertising her sale of these stories on Amazon. She has said she changed the names and things to be able to sell them but I think its still against the rules for her to post them here. On top of the whole advertising thing. Should I link the stories here too? There are a lot of them.
  3. FlameWolf666

    Question About Category

    Takes place in a universe that seems like the real one but the Marvel-verse took place in in the past. Odin and the pantheon exist but Stark and the others are long dead. Does that make this Marvel-verse?
  4. FlameWolf666

    Question About Category

    Yep, it's me again. And just so I don't get flagged for plagiarism, I am the same person as 'FlameWolf' on the Archive. I know you guys probably have something to help you verify who I am but I figured better safe than sorry. Anyway, I have a very complicated question about where to put a story. Huge spoilers ahead. Story will be about Loki from the Marvel-verse masquerading as Tom Hiddleston. It even implies that some of the Avengers and Thor movies took place in the past of the realm. I was just wondering, do I put this in the Marvel-verse area or the celebrity area. (All of this takes place a lot later in the story so I felt it prudent to get clarification.)
  5. FlameWolf666

    Category Question

    So I'm going to make a fanfic based sorta around the popular head canon of a music video. Where would I put said fanfic? There are sorta band members involved but they've been cartoonified and the story of the video is obviously fiction. Also, what constitutes a read-the-book or fan-make? I've been sitting on a one shot because it involves a scene right from the movie. Most of the fic is original content up until that point but the original content picks up right after. Do I have to make changes to the scene to make it a bit different so its acceptable? Is it acceptable as is?
  6. FlameWolf666

    Need help adding to description

    The arrow key thing didn't work. Nothing popped up at all. I even deleted one of the tags just to see if it was a space issue and it didn't fix it.
  7. Author: FlameWolf Title: Tainted Love Summary: At a concert Raven gets a chance to meet the man she's obsessed over for most of her life, Marilyn Manson. Soon they start a relationship with many ups and downs. Will they ever have a stable relationship? Or is it doomed to failure? Feedback: No one's really given me feedback but it's most welcome :3 Fandom: Celebrity Fiction. Specifically Marilyn Manson Pairing: Marilyn Manson/ Female OC. Maybe some Marilyn Manson/Twiggy later. Maybe other pairings later. Warnings: Alcohol abuse, some self harm, angst, light bondage, straight sex, gay sex, bisexual behavior, fingering, oral, handjob, hurt/comfort, unresolved sexual tension, Work in Progress Solo story or chaptered story: Chaptered URL: http://celeb.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600094422&chapter=1 Any and all constructive criticism is welcome!
  8. FlameWolf666

    Lack of Reviews or Criticism

    Hi! My author name is FlameWolf and I just got done writing a story for the Inuyasha archive called "Crescent Moon." It's a m/f general story with the pairing being Sesshomaru/OC. There are a few things about that I'm sure aren't everyone's cup of tea but never fear! I headed each chapter that had objectionable content with a warning of some sort. I'll provide a link below to the story. Please let me know what you think! http://inu.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600097142