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    Heya all, I'm Samantha! I'm Irish, 19, 5"9... and dorky :P

    I enjoy sci-fi, music, HARRY POTTER, Reading, FANFICTION! computers, comic books, gaming and all that good geeky stuff. XD

    I'm currently a student with The Forest Park Community College before I transfer to Mizzou, studying Musical Theater and Forensic Anthropology/E.M.T (Funn Funn))

    A Carnivor and an Atheist, but don't worry, I don't preach. XD

    I support Manchester United and Liverpool Soccer Teams, New Orlean SAINTS (Even though I hate Football), and Jeff Dunham :D

    Although I am in love with music - I can't play any instrument.

    I'm a pretty random person, though I have my days of just being normal. Sometimes OTT, sometimes quiet, it depends on my mood and what I'm doing at the time.

    I hate being labeled and labels itself: LABELS ARE FOR SOUP CANS - NOT PEOPLE.

    More randomness to be added at a later date... XD
  1. Amore Selene

    Co-Author or Adopt

    I've written a revised version of my very first Harry Potter Story called 'Pretty Little Liar'. I wrote it to be a Draco/Hermione with a twist and just can't seem to figure out how to continue it but I think with the right author it could turn out really good.
  2. Amore Selene

    Harry Potter Help

    Ok, so I have a fic that I started writinga year ago, that I really want to continue but I'm stuck. My notes show a general idea, but I can't get it out. I'm not giving away details yet because I don't want the idea stolen out from under me! I will give you guys this: 1: It's a Dramione fic 2: It's a bit twisted Really need help, this is a pretty good fic.
  3. I think my hands will forever have powdered sugar on them...

    1. marley_station


      so you will forever be ultra-sweet!

    2. JayDee


      That was the real rason Lady Macbeth went mad. "Yet who would have thought the old cake mix to

      have had so much sugar in it"

  4. So. For some reason, I can't for the life of me get this story out. I originally wrote this story about five years ago, it was called "Hermione's Secret" back then, at least I think that was the name. I have an idea of how I want the story to play out, but I can't actually write/type it down. I don't know if it will be a hit, the first chapter is already up and I haven't gotten any reviews or anything. However, if anyone is interested in helping me get this story going I would greatly appreciate it. This story deserves more than one chapter. I will send the outline (I got bored) of the story so you can get a feeling of how I had imagined it to turn out and we can go from there. I do have a beta if that's any help. She is a close friend of mine. Thanks. I'll post the link for the story (first chapter) too.