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    Requesting a game archive

    Could there please be a Star Ocean: The Last Hope category added? I'd much appreciate it! Thank you!
  2. dreamingvision

    Enchanting Rendezvous review replies

    I'm not offended nor was I really pissed off. If the tone came across as that way, it wasn't my intention. A little put out and baffled mostly as to why you went back to ask instead of here. Curiosity I get and I don't mind it. I'm actually quite surprised and pleasantly so that you've even come back. I more than half expect the links to be ignored (old fears die hard). So thank you for coming back and for reading the thread in the first place, thank you for the inquiry, and thank you for the well wishes on the writing. It is muchly appreciated.
  3. dreamingvision

    Enchanting Rendezvous review replies

    From kogas hentai luver: This is definitely a re-post. I seem to remember at least another chapter. It has been a long time. Will you be continuing this story? And . . . Addendum: I just looked over your review responses. You mentioned that you'll be posting the 'incomplete' sequel. Question. Will you be completing the sequel, and if not, why bother posting it again? I'm just curious as to what you'll be doing with the fic. From me: Why are you asking me questions using the review system and not the forums? I've been told you don't need to be registered to reply to a thread. I have no guarantees that you'll even come back to this thread to read my response, and I'm not about to add an author's note to any new stories or to any existing stories just to answer your question. Not trying to be rude, but the fact you went back to leave a second review instead of asking me on the forums baffles me. As for why bother posting the sequel if I don't ever intend to complete it . . . I never once said I wouldn't complete. As of right now, the sequel is incomplete. I've shelved in favour of other projects and due to a lack of inspiration. Just because it's incomplete now doesn't mean it will remain that way.I'm sure that, as an author, you understand the ebb and flow of ideas quite well in additions to the constraints of real life. That being said, my intentions are to someday complete the story. It's been rather well-received at fanfiction.net and was rather well-received when it was first posted. Why not share it again?
  4. dreamingvision

    Enchanting Rendezvous review replies

    From Lady Laran: Are you reposting this? Cause I know I've read this before.... From me: Yes, this is a repost. I originally posted it here, then posted an edited version at fanfiction.net. ************************************** From Vyperbites: This would make for a good story. Too bad it is only a oneshot. I would like to see Sesshoumaru and his reaction to this. From me: It was only intended to be a one-shot. Sometime in the next few weeks, I'll be adding the (incomplete) sequel to the site. ************************************** From kougaslover: ery, very nice. I like how in character the two are, still fairly bull headed but more open after several more centuries of life. Of course, the yaoi was quite enjoyable and brilliantly detailed, I love that Kouga left himself in Inu and the hanyou actually fell asleep that way, very hot! And I loved the little Ginta/Hakkaku interruption at the end, very accurate for those two. Great work, I'd love to see you continue on or write a sequel to this great piece! From me: Quick question: Who said it was Ginta and Hakkaku at the end of the story? Wouldn't it stand to reason they're still in touch with Kouga since they are clansmen?
  5. Welcome to the forums dreamingvision :)