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    Saiyan Instincts

    My aren't you the busy woman? I just quit smoking myself this past March and its been pretty cool. My trick was to cut yourself down to only the times of day when you TRULY feel the craving (ex: first thing in the morning with coffee, after sex, after a big meal, etc). Eventually I got to the point where I realized my strongest craving came first thing in the morning and I forced myself to only have one a day, each morning. And then gradually, I was able to cut it out altogether. The trick is not to smoke just for the hell of it or because you're bored. If you're stressed or need to concentrate, suck on a peppermint - the physical sucking motion with your lips actually helps the brain concentrate so instead of a cigarette, have a peppermint! Sorry for rambling, but I know how difficult it can be but it did work for me so I'm spreading the word for others who truly want to quit. Good luck! I guess I'm going to have to search for that forum myself but maybe since the website is doing ok again, try sending me the link one more time. So, about that one Goku/Gohan story you had in the works, have you actually written anything out? I'm just dying to get a decent dose of that pairing - yours and one other persons story with that pairing was just awesome but its rare. If I get in a dirty enough mood, maybe I'll just write one myself ^_~. As for my lemon, I want to be able to concentrate and do it the way I want to because I have a sexy idea that I want to put into play. I'd rather write it well than rush it and make it sloppy (sloppy lemons just don't do!!).
  2. E_B_Midnight

    Soldier Boy

    Well, it seems the site has recovered! Thank goodness. I think from now on I may wait until I have completely finished a story before posting it but at the same time, I can get inspired by something someon says and then I develop it further, such as your comment about how Vegeta and Gohan hadn't said a word. I realized that simple thing would influence the dynamic of the story and I loved it. So all in all I would guess it depends on the story itself. Supposed to have a life of its' own right? ^^
  3. E_B_Midnight

    Soldier Boy

    Hmm, why would you say it's a little too RL? Well, if you decide not to post it - I would love to take a look at it! *shamelessly begging in the politest way* Plot bunnies, yes. That's (unfortunately) another reason I haven't posted more of Saiyan Instincts. I got more ideas for another little stories as well but I promise, I will not NOT finish it. I hate when other authors start awesome stories with awesome potential... and then... nada. Darn. There should be a rule against that.
  4. E_B_Midnight

    Saiyan Instincts

    Well, yes for the most part. They are both saiyans (I personaly think that even though Gohan is half, he was trained by Goku to be more intuitive and mindful of the saiyan in him - so he might as well be pure ). Also, your first review gave me the idea, when you stated that it was cool that there were no words spoken, so I decided to make that a focal point in their relationship. I think it adds a lovely and kind of romantic dynamic. Yes, in the picture that inspired the fic, Vegeta is taking Gohan's glasses off, so I decided that would be the comic relief in the story. I'm so glad you like my fic, especially since now that I have gone through all 55 pages of DBZ yaoi on here, you are by far my number one favorite author! I haven't written past this point so far for two reasons. First, I've been having a difficult time getting onto the website. It hasn't been working very well for me, I don't know if they're working on it or its my connection. Secondly, the next chapter is VERY lemony... and I have never written out a long, drawn-out sex scene before. So I'm nervous ~_~. Since the site has been giving me issues lately, would you like to email as well? That I way I can be more available for chit chat. If not, totally understand Now.. what are YOU working on these days?
  5. E_B_Midnight

    Soldier Boy

    Stalker here again! I loved this fic too, the pervert in me loves Goku/Gohan and this one was especially... original and heartwarming as well. I would love to see more Goku/Gohan from you -E. B. Midnight
  6. E_B_Midnight

    Cognative Dissonance

    Never fear, your stalker is here! This is one of my favorites of all time - one of the hottest htings I have ever read. I have it bookmarked so always go back to it... I have started a forum for Saiyan Instincts as per your request ^_~ -E. B. Midnight
  7. E_B_Midnight

    Saiyan Instincts

    Hi Macha! I've created a forum for Saiyan Instincts, now, hit me with your questions ^_~ -E. B. Midnight