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    harry and snape at a potion conference

    This is the link to the story feymischif4 posted about:
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    Fenrir claimed Hermione as his mate. He started protecting her and hiding her from Voldemort and his Snatchers. Hermione's animagus form was that of a Maned Wolf, Fenrir found out when she hid under a bush from the Snatchers. Any help?
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    That's it! The scene I was talking about it is in chapter 9. Thank you! If anyone has any other Hermione/ Fenrir recs, let me know. One of my favorites is the Just Submit series by AgainAndAgain
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    Harry/Lucius/Voldemort - Falsely imprisoned

    Bleeding Love by Tango Dancer
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    DM/HP Creature Draco

    You guys are probably gonna hate me because I don't remember much. Draco came into his creature inheritance (maybe veela?) and his mate was Harry. Draco's father was very close to Draco. Draco and Harry were given their own room, but I don't think Harry was happy. He tried to kill himself, he sliced his wrists in the bathroom, and Draco freaked out. Lucius was trying to beat down the door to get into the rooms, I know it's not much, all of that was basically just one scene from the story that I remember. It is either on AFF or FF. If it is on another site, I'm not aware of it. Hope someone knows of this story, I've been searching for a long time.
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    DM/HP Creature Draco

    Anybody? Any ideas? Any that are even similar to what I'm looking for? I'm getting desperate!
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    Animagus Harry

    Is it Canus Lupus: Redux? Harry was interrupted by Vernon when practicing his animagus transformation, and became stuck as a red husky.
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    Snarry Snake Animagus

    Ah gotcha. I forget to do that a lot of the time >.<
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    Snarry Snake Animagus

    I can't remember if it was Harry or Severus that had a Snake animagus. I want to say it was Harry. Set after Harry graduates, Severus (or Harry >.<) lived in a cottage (possibly Hagrids old one) on Hogwarts grounds and has a little snake visitor in the night that ends up under his trousers. I really wish I could remember more to help you out When I read it, it was only a few chapters.
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    Snarry Snake Animagus

    That was it, I just found it. Forgot I had posted this, and I didn't get an email update saying it had been answered
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    Sweet Puppy

    Not anymore No longer available and has changed within the last couple of days
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    harry greyback mpreg

    I believe it's The Solar Cross by Fenrirsboy
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    searching for Harry as werewolf fic

    I'm interested in this as well if anyone can find it.
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    Fenrir/Harry Azkaban

    It's Beautifully Deranged by lazycrazykitten. Scuzzi was very close. If you liked that story, I recommend the one seyfran mentioned. Basic Needs is very good and has a sequel titled Basic Wants.
  15. I'm looking for a story I read a long time ago. I believe it was during a potions accident, that Harry was de-aged to an infant. Snape takes care of him, and either with the help of a potion, or left alone, Harry ages one year every couple of days until he was his normal age (or Snape stopped the potion so Harry could have a normal childhood. As Harry aged from infancy to child, his body showed the abuse he received at that age at the Dursley's. This is why Snape wanted to try to give him a normal childhood. Any help on finding this story would be greatly appreciated.
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    Looking for any good Dom/Sub!Harry fics

    Thanks, I'll check em out
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    Looking for any good Dom/Sub!Harry fics

    I'm looking for any good fics where Harry is a submissive in a D/S relationship. I'm currently reading Willpower by Someonenotme, and I've read several of her others where it was a Harry/Severus relationship. Does anyone know of any other really good D/S fics?
  18. The chapters of this story were super long. From the point that I remember, Harry had not gotten together with either of teh Malfoy's but it may have been in the future. I remember Harry was living on the streets,was taught by another boy on teh street how to become a prostitute, aged some and was taken in by a gay couple. He got a job at a local DOJO, was being trained there, When Lucius Malfoy started looking for him. Lucius hired a bunch of people, who eventually tracked Harry down. The orders were misunderstood, so when Harry was captured, he was placed in the dungeons. A house elf was taking care of him, but was feeding him food that had a certain type of oil in it that prevented humans from taking in any nutrients. Lucius found out Harry was in the dungeons and rescued him. That's the basic gist, up to the point that I got to before I lost the address and title of the story. Can't remember if it's on AFF or FF, or another site. ANY help would be greatly appreciated, I've been trying to find this story for over a year.
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    Harry abandoned, eventual living with Lucius M.

    That's it!!!! Oh My God you have no idea how happy you just made me!!!!!
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    Hermaphrodite Harry! The Wizarding World's Whore Mainly Draco/Harry, then later more focused with DM/HP/LM/SS/RL/SB but basically Harry is open game for the whole school. Hasn't been updated in a while, 21 chapters so far, and FULL of lemons.
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    From what I can remember, It started as a Lupin/Snape, but Harry desired both. They spent a night together, Harry believed they regretted it, so ran away, found out he was pregnant. Had the baby away from hogwarts, Lupin and Snape found him later. Anyone know the name of this? Been looking forever. Can't remember if it's in threesomes/moresomes or undefined male/male
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    That's it! Thank You so much!