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  1. "The U.S. Army is investigating whether recruiters from one of its Ohio recruiting stations made a 20-year-old man diet to death, reports.

    Army recruit Glenni Wilsey, of Vermilion, Ohio, died due to acute cardiac dysrhythmia from an electrolyte imbalance brought on by dieting, according to Lorain County Coroner Dr. Paul Matus.

    Wilsey's mother, Lora Bailey, said she's convinced that recruiters from a recruiting station in Sandusky caused her son's death.

    "I looked at him in that hospital and I knew exactly why he died, nobody had to tell me," said Bailey, who has has vowed to fight for a change in the military's policies and procedures when counseling young people on weight loss.

    "I'll be damned if this'll ever happen again," she told the station. "

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    I can actually see this happening. A lot of people in my age range (early 20s) will do anything just to get into the Army. I just feel sorry for the mother.