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    Story search function

    Old topic but still a valid question on when the search function will be upgraded.
  2. mattenhen

    Let's Take The Fandom Back! ><

    I just don't see with how the personalities of Kagome or Sesshomaru would allow for either one to fall for the other. Many times opposite do not attract!
  3. mattenhen

    Kagome Disciplining Shippo.

    I have to thank you for that... Thanks...
  4. mattenhen

    Kagome Disciplining Shippo.

    The whole Shippo gets away with everything makes me sick. If you think about Inuyasha was on his own at a younger age then Shippo. If it was real Shippo would most likely hit a nerver that would cause Inuyasha to go off the deep end and not even Kagome could save him. Yes, Kagome is a Mary Sue. What I hate most about the show steams from this... No character development! In all, the bad guys get better development then the main characters. This is what the fillers should be used for! This is why so many fan fictions are made! Because of a Mary Sue, a little snot nose brat, a one tracked mind pervert, a fill in bad-ass female charater, and a guy that can't get a break!!! There... I feel better...
  5. mattenhen

    Time Travel And What Can Go Wrong!

    I would say it's all one timeline. If I remember right there are three types of timeline theories. I can't really explain them, but I do know that Inuyasha follows the 'It's writen' timeline theory. What that means that everything in the timeline happens and cannot be changed. Even going back in time will not change the event. However, it might be the cuase of said event. I watch a great deal of Sci-Fi so this is the best you might get.
  6. mattenhen

    Time Travel And What Can Go Wrong!

    The only thing I've seen that deals with time travel on a big level in the show is the 'Hojo(past) married a Kagome' and the third movie I think where the third sword comes from the future and into the past and all the other good stuff. But, as said before, for a time travel show it doesn't do much. Which some times is a good thing, or bad thing, when you look at the show. What I mean is more time stuff would really help break up the same old same old feel the show has after episode 124.
  7. mattenhen

    What's Your Fav Pairing?

    Inuyasha and Kagome - It's how it should be...