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  1. Selias

    Story names in title

    Guess I’ll see what she says, then. Thanks.
  2. Selias

    Story names in title

    Huh. There's no way to link the story title area to the browser title area?
  3. It doesn’t really stand out, as it currently is. Honestly, I didn’t even know it was there, until I accidentally moved my mouse over it, and saw the list pop up, a week or two ago. Adding a border or background would definitely help. Maybe also make it so that you have to click it to open it, and it’ll stay open until you click it, again?
  4. Selias

    Story names in title

    Pretty sure they mean the browser title. For example, I use Pale Moon, and the title just says “ Games - Pale Moon” for fics in the Games section. That's also what I get when I try to make a bookmark, so you have to manually enter the title of the fic. I kind of agree, since I like to keep tons of tabs open, and it makes it hard to keep track of which is which.
  5. Selias

    Suggestions for Archive cleanup and restructure

    Man, doing that for all of the settings? You must dedicate a lot of your time to this. Still, thanks for clearing that up, for me.
  6. Selias

    Suggestions for Archive cleanup and restructure

    Clean-up crew? What does that consist of?
  7. Selias

    Suggestions for Archive cleanup and restructure

    Okay? Saying that authors can do something doesn’t really change that browsing for stories is harder than it needs to be. I mean, there are already separate sections for het, slash, and femslash. Presumably, those were added so that your readers could more easily find smut that appeals to them. I see no reason why the threesome/moresome section has to be excluded from this.
  8. Selias

    Suggestions for Archive cleanup and restructure

    Just looked at the Buffy section. Seems like it’d be easier to implement than a ton of different pairings, and then just have the authors tag the pairing, but you're the tech person.
  9. Selias

    Suggestions for Archive cleanup and restructure

    I’m not talking about the other pairings in the story. I’m talking about different sections for the main pairing. Like, one section for het 3+ groups, one section for slash 3+ groups, one section for femslash 3+ groups, and one section for bisexual 3+ groups. To use Naruto as an example, again, the first would have Naruto with a “harem” of girls, or Sakura with a “harem” of guys, the second would have Naruto with a “harem” of guys, and the third would have team seven all having sex with each other (Naruto/Sakura/Sasuke/Kakashi).
  10. Selias

    Suggestions for Archive cleanup and restructure

    Fair enough. What about the separate threesomes/moresomes sections, though?
  11. Selias

    Suggestions for Archive cleanup and restructure

    I’m apparently an idiot and missed this thread, so I’ll repost this here: I’d like to suggest separate Het and Slash Threesomes/Moresomes sections. Is it is, they’re mashed into the same section. It’d be easier to find stuff that you’re interested in, if it was separated. As for the “bisexual” section, I’ve seen some stories that have both M/F and M/M in het sections. For example, New Beginnings by tragic.violinist is in the Naruto AU/AR het section.
  12. Selias

    The Gamer manhwa

    Right. So, at the start of the manhwa, Han Jee-Han has apparently had his "The Gamer" powers for a while. What if he focussed on turning his life into an H-Game, rather than a normal RPG? He's shown that he has no problems using his powers to improve his normal life, as shown by him increasing his intelligence to do better in school, so why not use them to get laid? Alternatively, a character from some manga gets The Gamer powers, and uses them that way.
  13. Selias

    Ella Enchanted

    Do I actually need to explain this one? She's a girl who is magically compelled to obey all commands.
  14. Selias

    Naruko challenge

    Maybe their balls are inside their bodies? Pretty sure I read a futa story with that, once.
  15. Selias

    Keiichi gets fucked by futa!Urd

    I remember reading a story where it turns out that the reason Keiichi hasn't fucked Belldandy is because he has a tiny dick, and he gets fucked by Urd, after she grows a dick (She might have already had one. I can't remember). Anyone know where to find it? EDIT: Nevermind. Looks like there are two Ah! My Goddess sections. One in the Anime section, and one in the Manga section.