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  1. that's true enough. Maybe we'll evolve into something wonderful. (You never know...)

    (Pets Agaib soothingly on head.)

    We all have to sort things out for ourselves. It would be nice if God tangibly walked beside each and every one of us, but alas, His presence is something that must seemingly be hunted. Unless you believe that poem by anonymous. "Footprints" Which seems less intellectually appealing as it does emotionally appealing.

  2. er, um...well, I had already cast vote #2, but thank you very much for the option. I would have picked it in a New York second.

    I don't know if my niece was actually depressed, but one of my takes on it was raging hormones. (She was 14 or 15 at the time) I think that certain commercial products like poultry and beef (probably pork as well) are pumped with hormones to make them meatier, and I think that when a young person who suddenly hits puberty and has been fed these things all their life will suddenly get massive swings in their moods. Trust me, I went through that awful time (puberty) as well, and pretty much I was left to figure things out on my own. It's bad enough without anything extra burdening a person down. Honestly, Doctors should routinely check people's hormone/chemical levels or something before diagnosing stuff. Did you hear about what happened to an entire town in France once when the miller didn't clean his rye? So many people died and so many got sick and many more hallucinated for weeks. (Ergot poisoning...very similar to LSD, but way more potent)

    Another thought that comes to mind is the changing diet of Japanese teenagers. Now girls have to get bigger bras.

  3. I voted that religion is the BEST

    Anyone who defies me gets spanked.

    *writes everyone's names in little black book*


    (God, do I still have to steer this damn stupid blue planet of yours, or should I stop? ....Wait till Dec 12, 2012? Okay.)

    You guys are just lucky I guess. 4 more years.

  4. I become one myself!!!

    ~paraphrased "Dead and Loving It"

    being an author, well, you have to take upon the character of everyone you write. A menacing person can be introduced through the eyes of another character, which is how I did one of my evil dudes. His character developed more as the story went on.

  5. Came across your poll the other day, but I'm a bit hesitant to dip the tips of my fingers into this pond. Basically because I pretty much don't know anything about this condition. However, my niece has cut herself, was hospitalized, and tried cutting (got worse) herself with a plastic spoon, and my brother and sister-in-law couldn't take it after two weeks brought her home. Putting her in the hospital made her worse not better. :lol:

    The closest I came to self-destructive behaviour was that time I had 8 rum and cokes in one night. I'll never do that again.

    I really like Savaial's post. I think no one can give you better advice.

  6. wow guys, thanks for sharing all this interesting information. *writes names in little book for future reference*.


    I masturbated everyday from the time I could remember until I was 18. (Yeah, babies masturbate) Now I couldn't care less whether I masturbate or have sex. I'm just stressed out from living I guess, and I find my fantasies extremely disturbing. The weirder they are, the more I get off on them. So a lot of times I practice a form of stillness to alleviate any sort of random lack of control that happens with my body. I hate it when my body controls me.

    But there was this one was kind of strange actually. I had just met this ex-Buddhist monk (actually he WAS the Dalai Lama's Medicine Lama for many years...lived in Tibet and everything)...God, this is freaky. Anyway there I was, laying in my bed after a really stressful day (another story you probably wouldn't believe it if I told you), and I felt this...well, I can only describe it as "love" energy flowing over my body, and my mind immediately focused on the monk. I became very very still, and blanked out my mind. I touched nothing. I thought nothing. I just let the feeling wash over me without trying too hard to think that this was really happening, or was it just my mind?....I couldn't tell. I wanted to stop it, but I didn't. It was an experience I don't think that I've ever had before, but considering the capabilities of this man, I wonder very much if he had anything to do with it. This went on for about 10 or 15 minutes and although it took me to the usual conclusion, it wasn't all sweaty and yelling and moaning, and I felt quite rested afterwards.

    Meh, then again, maybe it was all in my imagination.

    I'll see him again when the river runs warmer. There is still one more cleansing that my husband must do before whatever ails him is completely erradicated.(sp)

  7. one of my daughters and my husband both eat just once a day. Another daughter eats twice. The rest of us eat four times a day. morning, noon, after school and just before bed. I cut out the last one due to it being Lent and all. Groceries are frickin expensive, spend about 1/2 my wage on food. Your mom could at least make you some porridge and boiled eggs in the could...I guess...(you are over 5 years old, right? my kids could fry an egg by then and make toast) (kind of freaked me out actually one morning when my first kid did it at 3 years old.) But I digress. It's too bad about the food being so low on the list. My kids at that point would be surreptitiously sneaking a fiver from my purse and heading to the forbidden cornerstore for junk food. I'd rather cook them an egg with toast than they give my hard-earned money to those thieves.

    That's how I think. I can't not eat. I tried that once and man, I don't think that I could do it again.

  8. pig. or boar. for the longest time, thought I was a rat...till that yeah, full moon after the winter solstice stuff (had to do the math a few years ago) and Capricorn. I seem to have the constellation Cygnus (Swan) on my arm as well. If that is of any sig/fig.

    This combination seems to explain why I love to spank people.

  9. Well, I ruminate a while, thinking about how my character appears, what sort of person they are, and voila!!! There are one or two names I mixed the letters up in the name of some other character. (that doesn't happen often, and I'm not fully satisfied with it. Very often, I'll find myself glaring at my work knowing that the name is NOT QUITE RIGHT. Kind of like looking for "the pen". (You know, the one that you KNOW writes the good stories!!!! and drives you nuts when you can't find it, and no other pen will do, so you spend half the day looking for your favorite pen before beginning your story) Same thing. But when the name is right, it just clicks. You make a connection with your audience. I always admired those who picked such apt names.

  10. You really remind me of my high-school chum back in the day. Hair and everything. Of course, there was no cosplay then. We were into um...what the heck were we into? I forget. She was a figure skater. We just hung out and listened to Rod Stewart and Rush and stuff like that. (Well, we DID go to Catholic school ...she wasn't CAtholic btw.) I am figuring out how the heck to post my voice somewhere where one can listen to it. I don't even know if this laptop has a proper mic. Meh. I've been told that I sound like a recording. I COULD try an Orochimaru imitation. (Japanese voice actor, not Western) He sounds like he smokes a hundred cigarettes before going on.

  11. I notice alot of animes deal with the afterworld, like DeathNote and Bleach. Is there a fascination for this thing?

    Anywho...just thought I'd throw that in there.


    I like a story that goes along dangerous lines. Very often, I'll have a dream and I'll re-live it over and over making sure I got every detail described down to a "T"

    For instance, this morning, I dreampt that we lived on a very remote ranch, and as I opened the door to let our cat in, I saw in the distance, a leopard, a grizzly and a cougar respond to my call.

    The hillside was sparsely treed with an old stand of spruce, so I could see them moving toward me, downhill, rushing with a speed that alarmed me. They knew the door was closing, and I didn't want to leave the cat out with THEM, so I had to hold it open. The moment the cat ran in, I closed the door (the leopard was SO close!), and I thought: "Where are my kids?"

    There are some nights when I wake up I'm glad there's a body next to me to hang on to.

  12. Wow, excellent digging dragon dude. It brought up several salient point I hadn't considered before. I mean, I noticed them, but yeah, makes sense doesn't it? Elementary school teachers don't get paid a heck of a lot though, that may be why there aren't so many male elementary school teachers...they also get promoted to Principal faster than the women.

    When you mentioned the books you had read, I began reminiscing about Tess of the D'Ubervilles. (Man that book scarred me). It wasn't exactly about a strong woman at all, but yeah, look at the media, the movies, strong women who kick butt...mind you, I do like looking at Vin Diesel's shoulders....maybe I shouldn't complain. I think I rambled a bit.

  13. OkOk, I totally lied, you got me


    I love giving and being spanked.


    It kind of clenches at the stomach for a second or two, but then there's this warm/hot feeling that travels all over.

    Not unlike embarrassment. (em bare ass ment) LOL.

    No i'm not drunk. What makes you think that?

    Hey, I've got stuff left over from Christmas and the birthday, Praise God!!!

    Where's Redsliver?

    Um...are we talking about RL kinks or stuff we write about?

  14. well...just turned 48 on the 19th. Someone here remembered that, although I've not been around for a long while. I really don't feel 48, but now that I'm coming to the end of my 40's, I have to concur with my Uncle (yes I remember his words, although he's been gone for a few years now, God rest his soul), the 40's are the BEST years of your life. Mind you, I'm looking forward to my 50's, I wish I could look as hot as my older sister.

    Things I remember:

    Falling to Earth: NO FEAR

    Discovering my self. ("Hey, who's touching me?" and "What is that I'm touching?")

    Knowing that with my eyes closed, I could still see.

    Um..yeah, I was 4 when the news of JFK's demise came over the radio, and I understood how solemn that was.

    We had a calico cat that hung around the table when we ate.

    We had a braided rug on our living room floor.

    We had a train set in the attic.

    My dad let me "smoke" his pipe when I was five. (I blew outward.)

    I guess much of that was not relevant to your question

    my sister's roller skates.


    Ookpiks and trolls.

    (maybe this link will work?)

  15. I don't particularly like sex in any way shape or form.

    Go figure.

    So much more to life I guess.

    Saw a moose the other day when I took the dog for a walk in the bush.

    Dog was happy.

    Well. That was random.

  16. Sry, been on a drunk up for the past 4 days...2 weeks....3 weeks?????

    OH, how Time passes!!!!

    Wanna know how many high-efficiency furnaces my faithful installer has installed?

    Yes, a bland and busy life I lead......

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    Thanks for the Birthday wishes. I even went to a hockey game. Never been to one of them. And its true. It's a fight every 5 minutes. Quite astonishing actually.

  17. I have no problems.

    Well, except once a month when I go slightly insane (or so they say)

    And no, I'm not a werewolf.

    Yes. I did wish the bastard dead...But not at that price.

    This statement puzzles me.

    I have cursed people before, and found my curse going awry onto the nearest innocent victim. I have learned to be careful of where I direct my ire. I once hated my husband as well. I cursed him, and he was hurt, but so was our car (which was still both of ours at the time.) I re-thought my strategy. Later, much time passed by, and someone at work stole from us and left a mess of paperwork for me, and although I did not curse that person, I did have a great deal of ire for him, and I later found out that his step-daughter was badly injured by a dog. How could I rejoice in the pain he felt over that?

    How does one learn to love? It is a puzzle to me that people like that deserve and get love.