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  1. That's because Agaib is an evil convict, and will scare the pants off of you.
  2. StoryJunkie

    Happy Birthday

    Sry, been on a drunk up for the past 4 days...2 weeks....3 weeks????? OH, how Time passes!!!! Wanna know how many high-efficiency furnaces my faithful installer has installed? Yes, a bland and busy life I lead...... That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Thanks for the Birthday wishes. I even went to a hockey game. Never been to one of them. And its true. It's a fight every 5 minutes. Quite astonishing actually.
  3. StoryJunkie


    I was surprised by the "..." on spell checker. If you use two dots or four, it revises it automatically to three. I didn't care if any "..."s were illegal, I'd put them in anyway, but I wasn't quite sure until the first time it was corrected. Another thing I was surprised at was beginning a sentence with "And", which was a no-no when I went to school. The first time I started a sentence with "And", spell checker capitalized it and it seemed okay. Now whenever I start a sentence with "And", I kind of feel like the Rebel Without A Cause.
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    Is it a penis?

    that's frickin amazing. I give cartoonists the greatest respect. I'll be watching more closely from now on
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    I have no problems. Well, except once a month when I go slightly insane (or so they say) And no, I'm not a werewolf. This statement puzzles me. I have cursed people before, and found my curse going awry onto the nearest innocent victim. I have learned to be careful of where I direct my ire. I once hated my husband as well. I cursed him, and he was hurt, but so was our car (which was still both of ours at the time.) I re-thought my strategy. Later, much time passed by, and someone at work stole from us and left a mess of paperwork for me, and although I did not curse that person, I did have a great deal of ire for him, and I later found out that his step-daughter was badly injured by a dog. How could I rejoice in the pain he felt over that? How does one learn to love? It is a puzzle to me that people like that deserve and get love.
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    Happy Birthday Big Samurai

    I'll kick myself later if I don't wish you a belated happy birthday you obsessed samurai dude. So I will honour you with my presence today. Hope it was a good one. 27 is a good age to be.
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    Ideal men

    The kind that know how to give a girl a good chase and spank. Yes, he has to run faster than me. (Actually, rather difficult to do back in the day. I'm pretty fast, you know.) (Nowadays, it's only momentum going down-hill) I'm lying. It's that S&M chick that I wanted Grissom to go for instead of stupid Sarah Sidle.
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    How do they get the Ms on the M&Ms

    everyone knows that they get spanked on.
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    Adara's Next Gen Gender

    Sunday's child, eh? Can't go wrong there. So love the little hat she has on. What a blessing. I may change my signature to a less grouchy aspect. Check all her fingers and toes?
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    Why It Pays to Pay Attention

    Yeah well, I can top it, although not that funny. The Dalai Lama has a Medicine Lama out on the lam, and guess who the fuck massaged my head today? A reincarnation of a 14th century monk who until he was 21, lived with the Dalai Lama. He said he did everything he could to escape the Tibetan stronghold (he had guards and everything), including pretending to be drunk and smoking every stray leaf that came his way. The other monks kept wondering who was supplying their healer with contraband. (He said that smoking the leaves made him feel sick, but he kept it up anyway.) So now you know why I've not been around here for a while. Life has suddenly become very interesting. He can see auras. And he kept hearing my husband's name in his head for a few days before he actually met him. Which leaves me wondering who the fuck I'm married to. Yeah. He's a Feng Shui master. He told us how to arrange our bedroom. We rearranged it the day before yesterday. edit: My contribution to 9/11. (From Joseph Terelya, a Ukrainian visionary)
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    What month were you born?

    me and my siblings, mostly winter. My dad claimed that was because him & mom abstained during Lent...of course, he didn't tell me this until a couple years ago, when he was like 84. (Oh, yeah, Dad, I said, I thought you said you gave up CIGARETTES!) But it makes sense. Except for Andrew. He was born in June.
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    Nineteen Eighty-Seven

    I have a very round butt. It is very spankable. In 1987 I was enjoying the company of my 1st born and struggling to keep ends meet. I found out I was a really bad gardener, and some guy from Italy came down the mighty Frazer in a kayak and stayed in our camper for a day or two. He sold pictures to National Geographic or some magazine in order to pay for his vacation. (He had a camera mounted in plexiglas on the front of his kayak), and he did one river of the world every summer. He'd been down the Nile, the Amazon and some river in Australia. (I think...or maybe I joked about that one with him....after all, it would only be a billybong in the summer, right?) The one odd story he had was of taking a picture of a black bear in the river in the middle of nowhere playing with a soccer ball. *did I really say "keep" ends meet? I meant something else I'm sure. Was that all 20 years ago already?
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    Is it bad...

    not during sex. I'm too focused on what's going on. otherwise, yes. when alone, I tend not to think of my SO. I've never felt guilty about it mainly because there are no thought police around (that I can see) ... Are you the thought police? *worries for a moment or two* ...and its been an activity of mine since age 5 or earlier, way before any kind of thoughts of an SO came up.
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    Nineteen Eighty-Seven

    Yay!!! (I was NOT born in 1987.) What are you going to do? spank me? XP
  15. StoryJunkie

    What month were you born?

    AWWW, that's SO cute!!! (Too bad we didn't have 13 months)
  16. StoryJunkie

    What month were you born?

    I was Tuesday's child. What does that make me according to that rhyme? Full of woe or something? (I always thought that was harsh.) Perpetual calendar Monday's Child So I'm full of grace. What do they know?
  17. StoryJunkie

    What month were you born?

    The depths of winter. There was even a blizzard. January I off-set the effects with my sunshiney nature. AHAHAHAHAHAHA! I couldn't keep a straight face.
  18. StoryJunkie

    Are things really that bad?

    I avoid doctors as much as possible. When I go in, I tell them the complaint, wait for their diagnosis and get the hell out. I'm a pretty healthy person, but my pragmatic side realizes how busy doctors can be. There is a shortage, and I don't blame anyone trying to "break into the trade" since there is actually so much law and ethics that doctors and nurses have to take now. I can see how a person can get that way. (cold) They are taught to be professional and detached. And Daz...that's just fucking scary.
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    Mental Disorders!

    wow, DA. I think I'm even more in love with you. that thing about the phone...I've heard that before from people who have been sleep deprived. It's like your brain short-circuits and goes into a repetative loop. The rest, I'm just in awe. Oh, and about your mom. My secretary takes Primrose oil for what ails her. That's supposed to help (its an anti-inflammatory) I haven't tried it myself, but I hear it has very good effects on other things as well. (like minor injuries involving pulled muscles.)
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    Adara's Next Gen Gender

    Hope that all goes well. Our thoughts are with you, young mother.
  21. StoryJunkie

    Pirates vs. Ninjas!

    Naruto and Luffy would probably end up being friends. They're both kind of idiotic.
  22. StoryJunkie

    Happy Birthday foeofthelance!

    get out of town, no kidding, eh? well, take it easy.
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    Pirates vs. Ninjas!

    keeheeheee. Pirate Crippler. (Ninjas of the NIght)
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    Mental Disorders!

    I think she took me seriously.....O_o well, Orochimaru does look intimidating
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    Pirates vs. Ninjas!

    but pirates do stuff with treasure!