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    Hi, I am looking for a HG/SS story the story is Hermione and Snape are married but Snape left and when he came back he discovers that he is a father, there is also a Marriage Law involved. If anybody can help me, it will be great Thanks
  2. rocaline

    HG/SS vampire

    It is on WIKTT archives, you need to be registered to read the story this is the link The Old Ways
  3. rocaline

    Looking for a SS/HG

    Thank you very much for your help !!
  4. rocaline

    Looking for a SS/HG

    Hi, I am looking for a Severus/Hermione fic, the story is a new prophecy has been made telling where it is said that Voldemort will be bring to his knee, Dumbledore kind of force Hermione to get pregnant with severus and his niece child but by artificial means but she goes against him and she marry snape and she get pregnant with triplets. Hope someone know where I can find it. Thanks
  5. rocaline

    Vamp SS/HG

    There is The Old Ways by Thalassa on WIKTT Archive, that is a HG/SS where Snape is a vampire, that is really good.
  6. rocaline

    SS/HG story

    It is The Panther and the Lioness by Valenque on Ashwinder
  7. rocaline

    Looking for SS/HG

    It is Unwanted by Marti
  8. rocaline

    Looking for HG/SB/RL/SS story

    Sound also like How's a Girl suppose to decide ? Part II
  9. rocaline

    Looking for a SS/HG

    Hi, I am looking for a Hermione/Snape fic. the story is Severus and Hermione are married and Severus left. He come back after she send him a letter asking him to return due to the Marriage Law. When he arrives he discovers that he has a son. Let me know if you know where I can find it.
  10. rocaline

    Looking for two fics SS/HG

    Thanks a lot, it is not the story I am looking for but It was a good one too. Thanks again
  11. rocaline

    BDSM and D/s fics

    Hi, I have read Corvus Fallere by Mouse, that is really good, it is in two parts. you can find the story here Corvus Fallere Book I You have also in Hermione/Snape, For the Potion Master's Amusement by snape_submiss, really beautiful story, the link below on Ashwinder And You can't have one without the other by RachelW, also on Ashwinder Good Reading
  12. rocaline


    The story is Dominion, you need to be register on to read it. This is the link
  13. rocaline

    Looking for two fics SS/HG

    Hi, For what I remember , the beginning of the fic it is Hermione birthday and Ron proposed to her, she refused and when she go back to her place he attacks her. I think she get pregnant too. I hope this can help you
  14. rocaline

    Looking for two fics SS/HG

    Thanks a lot it is this one, really hard sometimes to remember where I read it !
  15. rocaline

    Looking for two fics SS/HG

    Hi I am looking for 2 fanfictions HG/SS, and I need a little bit of help. First one, Hermione is the nanny of Snape child, she take care of the child because his wife is too busy putting makeup. It is not Nanny Mione or Nanny and the Professor. The other one is Ron rape Hermione when she refuses his proposal, it is post-Hogwart and if I remember correctly it is Snape that find her (but not so sure). Rone scarve on her stomach MINE Thanks