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  1. poisinrose

    daddy obito

    Im looking for a fic where obito is still alive and he raised naruto from a young age. also i think kakashi finds out. I also look for fics that mention the similarities between naruto and obito. cause really if you look at the 2 it's just creepy. coincidence i think not!!!!lol
  2. poisinrose


    Kagomes family got kagome an arranged marriage to a half demon and she loves him and is thrilled! She takes him with her to the fuedal are to introduce her fiance and inuyasha isnt to happy about it.
  3. poisinrose

    voldemort rapes harry

    Voldemort fights harry and his lucks ran out. in front of all his death eaters he rapes harry. also im looking for one where voldemortorders snapeto rape harry, some slave ficks are also acceptable.
  4. poisinrose

    military harry

    Ive read about three fic where harry is in the military and im completely addicted.! any of them are welcome. please please please help
  5. poisinrose

    fruit basket

    This story was written when tohru goes to akito and he pulls her hair. While he pulls her hair he sees a necklace, chain or tattoo i forget which and realizes that she's his childhood friend slash crush and is horrified with what he's done to her.
  6. poisinrose


    For the life of me i cont find a hagrid /hermione fic. i read a fic where hagrid was horny and hermione was nearby. He yanked her into his shack and fucked her. she screamed alot and her stomach bulged obscenely, she bled and i think she got pregnant. any hagrid/hermione fics are welcome or really any rape fics at all.please help
  7. poisinrose

    fruit basket ,tohru

    I read this really cool fruit basket fic. It explained that tohru's low self worth and confidence problems as well ass house wife skills are their because she was abused by her father and that's also why she only talks about her mom.
  8. Where can i find that, It didnt come up in google or this site's search?
  9. poisinrose

    slut harry

    i want fics where harry really whores him self out, or at least gets raped.
  10. poisinrose

    ouran rich haruhi

    Haruhi is really rich. she escaped her rich family but they tracked her down. I also think she can fight good though im unsure of that part.
  11. poisinrose

    ouran, haruhi

    Haruhi has been hiding her chest size. i read this somewhere and i need your help to recover it.
  12. poisinrose

    harrys sorting

    the sorting hat reveals that harry is abused. i like stories that have that in it but im looking for the story where the hat starts crying for harry.
  13. poisinrose

    harry fic

    i like harry fics that start or center in childhood. i cant seem to find many so i beg for your assistance.
  14. poisinrose


    sirius rapes harry. i forget exactly what happened but i think his desires became to much or he was imperioused or something like that.
  15. poisinrose

    weasley fic

    I read a fic where ron was raped by his mom. i forget the details of the fic for i read it long ago.please no flames.