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    Thranduil raped by orc and pregnant with Legolas

    Thank you
  2. Hi do you have any suggestions/ recommendations for a nice (and long) Buffy/ Giles fanfiction? Buffy and especialy Giles have to be in character. I would like to read how they slowly find to each other. Thank you
  3. Snapeslittlebat

    Looking for a story

    Hi, the story you are looking for:
  4. Snapeslittlebat

  5. I'm looking for a story, where Thranduil is raped by an Orc. He get's pregnant but tells everyone, that the father died in battle. Later he gives birth to Legolas. Thranduil despises him. Legolas doesn't feel any pain, even when shot with an arrow in his shoulder. When he is an adult and goes with the ring party they reach the sea. But Legolas doesn't hear or feel the typical elven call in his mind to cross it. Then he realises under tears, that there is no place waiting for him there. The ring party thinks, he is crying, because he hears the call, like all elves do. I can't stop thinking about this story, but can't find it. It's driving me insane^^
  6. Snapeslittlebat

    looking for george/harry/fred or vernon/harry

    My job as a sex slave was on, but was taken down by the author (I think it was doughter of the sphinx) 1 or 2 years ago. I couldn't find it anywere else on the web.
  7. Snapeslittlebat

    Harry made into a cake

    If you mean Harry covered in chocolate + chocolate plug for Lucius birthday party... the story is called "You will". There was Harry/ Draco/ twin butlers as well. Sadly it was taken down by the author themself.
  8. Snapeslittlebat

    whore harry! recs

    I really like this one Sadly, it wasn't updated in ages.
  9. Snapeslittlebat


    I like merrow as well. Here is another story with Harry as a merman
  10. Snapeslittlebat

    Story called You Will

    I remember a story called 'you will'. Harry was abducted by draco and was trained to be Lucius' birthday present. Aside from Draco, two other slaves were there as well. Twins, if I remember correctly. One of them attended to Draco's needs and I think the other one belonged to Lucius, but was used to handle Harry. Draco occasionally wears a plug. At the day of Lucius birthday party they insert a big chocolate one into Harry. If that is the story you are looking for... Sadly, it was taken down by the author itself and I don't think she/ he has any intentions to upload it again. I have the author bookmarked on my pc, I sadly don't have access to at the moment. It was pretty long ago, since it vanished on and I no longer remember the authors name.
  11. Snapeslittlebat

    The Best SlaveHarry fics

    http://hp.adultfanfi...hp?no=600026013 http://hp.adultfanfi...hp?no=600022974 http://www.fanfictio...7136049/1/Candy http://www.hpfandom....p?sid=43191&i=1 http://www.hpfandom....p?sid=39006&i=1 http://www.hpfandom....p?sid=26609&i=1 http://www.hpfandom....p?sid=18105&i=1 http://juxian.slashc...lash.html#harry -> the "And Just Plain Wrong Series" http://www.fanfictio...1/Master_please http://hp.adultfanfi...hp?no=600015824 http://hp.adultfanfi...hp?no=600094834 here a few stories from my favourites list. not all of the above are strictly slave harry. some i consider borderline. have fun^^
  12. Snapeslittlebat

    SS accidentally pregnant by RL, SB, HP

    i know this story, but can't remember the title or author. sorry
  13. Snapeslittlebat

    Searching For Fic

    i know a story with one of the creevey brother attemting to take revenge for his brothers death. he attacked a lot of innocent people/ children. harry works on these cases. but sadly all of them die. it is a drarry fanfic and teddy is living with harry. harry becomes pregnant with malfoys child (scorpius is living with harry, draco and teddy as well). and teddy is jeleous of the new baby. he runs away and gets attacked in a park by a creevey brother. harry, highly pregnant, saves him and the creevey brother looses a hand in the process. is it this story you're searching for?
  14. Snapeslittlebat

    Sirius/Harry search

    i know this story, but sadly can't remember it's name. sirius was turned into a vampire by some elder vampire (he was really powerfull and attacked sirus from behind - he didn't see it's face). draco wanted to be one too, and got himself bitten. but he wasn't turned into a vampire but a decaing demon like something. he couldn't be safed anymore. harry and his friends used a ritual on the grounds of hogwarts to open up a hole into hell. draco fell but at the last minute could grip the edge of the hole with one hand. harry made him loose his grip and he fell through the hole. harry felt a bit guilty afterwards. this story is a few years old and by the time i read it, wasn't complete.
  15. Snapeslittlebat


    this seems rather familiar to me. was harry's sister full of herself? i recall a story, in which she had to get married as well (and didn't like it one bit) and her fiance bought her a glass figurine, which she dind't like or didn't care about. sadly i don't remember the name of the story but am sure it is a few years old - if it is the one you're looking after