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    Harry kills Voldemort, and he ends up getting a bunch of information that he's now a Dark Lord, as in destined to be one. I think Dumbledore was supposed to be one but refused and that's why Voldemort was able to rise to power. Lucius ends up being the first person to heed Harry's call and they end up together. Narcissa ends their marriage so the two of them can be togehthe. I think they also have complimentary magic. Draco tries to resist Harry's call and his magic gets weaker and weaker before he comes to Harry. I swear I had this story in my favorites list, but can't find it now. I'm not looking for a copy if the author took it down, to be clear, just trying to find out if that's what happened. Obviously, if it's still available I would love to read it or if someone knows the name of the story it or the author that would be great too. Thanks in advance.
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    Harry Potter/Avatar Crossover

    Not sure if you like male/male stories but…
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    H/D Stuck in an elevator

    Harry and Draco are stuck in an elevator, because Kingsley left them in there. They haven't been getting along, and Kingsley wants to change that, so he leaves them in there. They ask each other questions, I think they have to, and they can't lie because of the magic involved. Harry is an auror in training, and one of the questions he asks Draco is about the coffee cup he has, which hasn't emptied despite being in the elevator for a while. He then drinks some of said coffee, being very happy about it because he can't have as a result of the auror in training diet. Draco asks Harry about his childhood as well, which results in a long answer from Harry. Another question is Harry asking Draco how he got his job, which is a higher ranked one than Harry's, I think it's something to do with international relations. Draco says he earned it. Anyway, the story is Harry/Draco slash, and I'd love it if someone could tell me where to find the story. Thanks in advance!
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    Tony Stark/Loki

    Looking for a Tony Stark/Loki story. It's an established relationship, one shot with a one shot sequel, I think. They're both really possessive of each other, and Tony and Loki have both assaulted people who touch the other inapproriately. Loki literally rips Amora apart, when she tries to kill Tony. Help please? Desperately looking for this. Not sure if it was here, archiveofourown, or maybe but I need help!
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    Smart Harry

    I've looking for a story where Harry finally grows a brain. He gets attorneys and has them go everything, enabling him to learn about the Wizarding World, and making Rita Skeeter retract all kinds of stuff. A scene I remember is that Ron distributes all these awful buttons about Harry, but it's slander or libel, so Ron has to get them all back and be charged money for each one that isn't returned. Help?
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    Harry is a criminal

    So, basically, Harry's unbringing with the Dursleys leads him to become a criminal in the Wizarding World. He gathers prostitutes together, and creates a brothel, he opens a casino to get people's money, he hires Greyback to kill his uncle. He takes the name Moriarty to cover his deeds and because it amuses him. In the end, Harry defeats Voldemort by tricking Voldemort into thinking he killed him, when he really killed someone under Polyjuice, and then Moriarty kills Voldemort. Help, someone? I know this fic was on my favorites list over on, but I can't find it. It leads me to believe it may have been taken down, but I would like to know if anyone can confirm that. Or tell me if it's been cross posted somewhere else. Or if I'm just crazy, and couldn't find it. In any case, if anyone knows this fic, I'd love to hear about it. Please and thank you. (And for the mods, I am not asking anyone to send me copies of the fic if it has been taken down. I would simply like confirmation if this is the case, so I can stop looking for the fic.)
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    Harry is a criminal

    Thanks for the info. I'm sorry to hear it though. It was a good fic, as were his others.
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    Looking for Two Fics, Please Help!

    I'm looking for two different stories. One of them is a one shot. Draco is a vampire, but everyone thinks he's dead. Harry meets him in a dark alley, and Draco and he have sex against a wall. Harry's the bottom, and a virgin. Um... At the end, Draco insists, and Harry agrees, that Harry is Draco's. I'm relatively sure the story is archived on Hex Files, but I can't seem to find it. Help? As to the second... it's a chaptered story, but I don't think it was archived on Hex Files. I'm not even sure what the pairing was. I know the story was complete though. Snape is the head of house for both Gryffindor and Slytherin, and they share a common room. This results in a huge fight in the common room, during which Harry comes in and disarms everyone (or accios all their wands, I can't remember) wandlessly. They end up in a huge pile, and everyone is a bit stunned. Hermione and Ron are the prefects and, as a result of this incident, Ron ends up getting stripped of his prefect status, and Harry gets the post instead. Ron tries to poison Harry with poison on the pin part of his prefect's badge... Um... that's all I've got. I think it's all in one story, and if someone could find it, I would owe you a serious debt. I've been looking for the story for ages!
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    Draco/harry and are Twin

    Definitely Realm of Shadows but's unfortunately not available online anymore.
  10. Shadowed and Shattered

    DM/HP I think

    Sounds kind've like Growing Pains by SensiblyTainted. It's been a while since I read it, but both Harry and Draco are deaged and have to reage together. Harry must re-remember all of his memories of abuse and, ultimately, being raped by his uncle. Hope this was the fic you were looking for.
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    Looking for a Harry/Draco fic. It's really briefly Draco/Ron the beginning. The two of them are in a relationship, but Ron breaks it off to go marry Hermione. Draco flees the country. Harry is concerned, and ends up following and finding him. Draco is pregnant, and Severus is around helping him. Eventually, Harry and Draco end up married, after some convincing from Harry, because Draco is scared to trust him. A few years later, they're back in England with their now multiple children, and Draco pregnant again, and Ron drops in. Cue awkward conversation. Ends up unhappy for Ron, but happy for everyone else. Please help me. I just went through my favorites list and all the ways I could think of, with no luck. I hope someone can point me in the right direction!
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    Thank you. This was driving me batty. No wonder I couldn't find it, as it's no longer archived on Thanks!!!!
  13. Shadowed and Shattered

    Looking for HP/DM fic

    Oh, I know this fic. I just can't remember the title! I just looked through my favorites list, and it's not there. It may have gotten pulled down? I know I had the fic at some point...
  14. Shadowed and Shattered

    Bonding Fics

    All right. I'm looking for any recs for the HP fandom that are bonding fics. I want Harry to be involved, obviously, and I'd prefer either slash stories or ones where Harry is a girl for some reason or another (been on a kick of those lately, dunno why). I want high society, pretty please. Courting, with all the fun rules it implies. Lords and Ladies, the important gestures, everything that the Wizarding World still has that the Muggle one used to. Really jonesing for some good fics of this type. I've recently gone through all of Ell Roche' and ExcentrykeMuse's Of Power and Prestige, as well as Ell Roche's Chancing Chaos. That's the type of thing I'm looking for. Honor and vows, the Lords and Ladies, Heirs and Heiresses. The high society. Anyone able to point me towards some good recs? I'd love to read them. Pretty please and thank you with a cherry on top.
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    I remember seeing this story a while back, but I haven't been able to find it. If it's still up somewhere, I'd love to read it again, but if someone could just tell me for sure if it's been taken down, I would appreciate it, so it stops driving me crazy. It's a Harry/Sirius story. Sirius is turned into a vampire, and wants Harry desperately as a result. He might be Sirius' mate, but I don't know for sure. Harry is scared and reluctant and freaked out at first, but I think he eventually gives in. That's all I really remember. Not much to go on, but I hope someone can tell me something. I do know the story wasn't a one shot, but a chaptered fic, and I'm fairly certain it was complete, but not one hundred percent on that one. I would appreciate the help if anyone can pass on any info and knows the fic. Please and thank you!
  16. Shadowed and Shattered


    I know this fic. The first story is on, but I couldn't find the sequel, so this link is to both of them on hpfandom.
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    Vampire fics? Slash

    Wicked by desolate03 is a fantastic vampire fic.
  18. Shadowed and Shattered

    Harry with... Harry!

    Well, my understanding is that Kamerreon took her stories down because she was leaving the fandom. Not sure if there's a deeper reason.
  19. Shadowed and Shattered

    Harry with... Harry!

    The story is called Faerietayle by Kamerreon. Unfortunately, she removed all her fiction from the internet, so you'll have to find someone you can give you a copy. This site doesn't allow us to do that, so good luck! Are you looking for Underneath a Starless Sky by DarkCyanStar? If so, copies can be found on her yahoo group. Here's a link to the group: If you're looking for a different fic, than I can't help you there.
  20. Shadowed and Shattered

    HP/DM power sharing

    Glad I could help. I do quite enjoy the fic, despite it's sometimes dark tone. It's very good.
  21. Shadowed and Shattered

    Seeking any Dominate Creature Harry story.

    Nicodemus by desolate03 on features a pretty dominant Harry, at least in my opinion. His dominant is not limited to the bedroom either. Link: Hope that's in the area of what you're looking for.
  22. Shadowed and Shattered

    HP/DM power sharing

    Could it be Growing Pains by SensiblyTainted? In the fic, Harry shares his power with Draco, and by extension, his family, because of the problems he has. Link:
  23. Shadowed and Shattered

    Searching for a HP/DM/SS

    You're most welcome.
  24. Shadowed and Shattered

    Searching for a HP/DM/SS

    The story is called Sorry Makes It Better by slaysvamps on Don't know if it's posted here or not. Link:
  25. Shadowed and Shattered


    Sounds like Hiss Me Harry by LdDurham on skyhawke. Don't know if it's posted elsewhere. This is where I read it. Link: Sequel: