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    Draco disguised as Ginny

    Hey all, This one story has been bugging me, but for the life of me I can't remember the title. Draco has been married to Harry for years in the guise of Ginny Weasley. Harry has no clue until one morning he wakes to find Draco instead of Ginny. In the end it turns out Ginny had wanted to lead a different life and since Draco was in love with Harry, she and Draco came up with a plan so that they both got what they wanted. And the children knew all along. Much appreciated if anyone could tell me what the title is or who the author is. Thanks, Suiren
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    Lol, I'm always looking. Thanks a lot.
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    Heh. The link to the story 'Mine' that Dravanamyst wanted is Mine by Trivium E. Bondrasi Found on (It also has a rewritten version.)
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    Ok, so that 'MINE' by tas was a very icky no-no. I love Top!Harry; can't stand bottom!Harry at all. Now I feel so much more depressed than I already was. Earlier I was searching for crossover fics with LOTR and couldn't find any Top!Harry, so then I came on here, and so now *Sigh* no luck with finding just a Top!Harry fic with plot. . .
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    Oh wow, more stuff lol. Anyway yeah anything by pikachumomma I read, lol thanks though. Well, that wasn't the 'Mine' I read but I'm totally going to read that one. I'll add a link to Mine once I remember or come across it again.
  6. SuirenAngel

    Old Joxer/Ares fanfic

    Is this the story you're loking for?
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    Thanks all.
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    EH. . . . . . Perhaps I should have mentioned I prefer slash. . . not het Thanks anyway. . .
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    Harry/Itachi slash?

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of any good Harry Potter/Naruto crossovers with Top!Harry/Uke!itachi; set in Naruto-verse anywhere?
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    Is this it? Subordinate Robes by NeverLoveAnother from
  11. SuirenAngel

    Harry/Male Harem

    I proofread, corrected a few minor grammar issues, and used red text to add my two cents in.
  12. SuirenAngel

    Naruto/Male Harem challenge

    Well I'm thinking anywhere from 15 to 25 chapters should be enough to build a good storyline; though it really depends on the length of the chapters, how many mates you choose, and how fast the relationships develops. I'm thinking as long as the developments in Naruto's relationships aren't too slow and not too fast, it shouldn't take more than that many.
  13. SuirenAngel

    Dominant harry creature

    I'm pretty sure it's "Perfect Bliss" though I don't know if you'll be able to find it anymore, plus it was on hiatus anyway.
  14. SuirenAngel

    Dominant!Harry Creature Slash

    You know, I've heard of that fic before bt I've never actually read it. It was pretty cool. Thanks
  15. SuirenAngel

    Zuko/Sokka yaoi

    Hey all. This idea popped into my head a few days ago, and I just had to post this. It's completely AU Zuko is still a prince, however he pretends to be a regular samurai. His uncle, the feudal lord - I don't like his father so he's dead - thought Zuko could benefit from seeing the world through a commoner's eyes. He comes across a Geisha house one day and spots Sokka. He, of course, has no idea that Sokka was a boy. As he spends time there, he becomes smitten with Sokka. He then discovers Sokka is a boy and panics, but it doesn't change how he feels. And when he hears that the Geisha house is going through hard times, he negotiates with the matron of the house for Sokka, and in the end, Zuko becomes Sokka's danna. Short I know, but that's basically what I want. A Romance story with a little drama about Zuko's sexual identity crisis thrown in. And we all know how much Sokka loves to shop, and in this story he'd be able to get all he wants in the end. Lol. A little helpful tip if you need it: Geisha were generally women, however adolescent males were sometimes Geisha too. Geisha trained at local schools and had teachers who specialized in every area of training: dance, flute, drum and tea ceremony. As the young girls approached the age of becoming apprentices, the okiya would negotiate for a mature geisha to become an apprentice’s mentor, or “older sister.” The older sister helped promote the apprentice and taught her the art of entertaining at parties, from how to make witty conversation right down to how to pour sake. The older sister received a portion of her younger sister’s fees as her fee for training the apprentice. A popular view of the geisha is that they were prostitutes. Some prostitutes posed as geisha in order to attract men, but a true geisha rarely engaged in sexual relations with her customers. In fact, geisha were, first and foremost, entertainers. They went to parties, where they kept things lively, played drinking games with the men and danced or sang. A geisha’s presence was considered essential to the success of a private party. Several geisha present meant the host was a man of wealth and status. Geisha made their money through the fees they charged at teahouses or parties where they entertained. Years ago, a geisha was registered through what amounted to a union office. The registry office kept track of what teahouses she visited, how long she stayed and what her fees were. The office then paid either the geisha or her okiya. A geisha may well have had a personal patron or danna. This relationship was usually sexual, but outside of the geisha’s normal work environment. The danna was generally a wealthy man who could afford to pay the geisha’s expenses for school, lessons, private recitals and even clothing. With a wealthy danna, a geisha could often afford to break with an okiya and live independently, if she wished.