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  1. RiddleOfAllTime

    Looking for a SasuNaru fic

    Hey Everyone, I’m looking for a Sasu/Naru fic, I can’t remember the entire title but for some reason, my mind says it has “hearse” in it. I’m vague on the details of the fic but I think someone in Sasuke's family died and Naruto was the hearse driver or some part of the funeral home, I remember Saskue liking Naruto but when Saskues father saw him he didn’t want him to go out with Naruto because he looked like an old friend of his [Minato] I remember later in the fic that Naruto's father and Saskes father became lovers. That’s all I remember from it. Please Help!. R.O.A.T
  2. RiddleOfAllTime

    Looking for a SasuNaru fic

    Thank you both, I can’t wait to read the both again and for the first time.
  3. RiddleOfAllTime

    Looking for a SasuNaru fic

    Hi there everyone, I’m looking for a Sasuke and Naruto fic. From my memory Sasuke, Itachi and Sai were brothers and Princes. Their father wasn’t ready to step down from the throne so he sent his boys off in different directions on three quests. One to get a loyal/fearsome pet, to gain a weapon that wouldn’t break and then a partner/wife. In the quest, Sasuke gets lost and comes across a mansion? Castle? and unknowing at the time the castle inhabitance are cursed including their prince? Naruto. Naruto gives him the items he seeks each time he appears but asks him for a favor in return with no questions. At the end Sasuke has to kill naruto I believe, to break the curse and he takes Naruto back to his kingdom and I believe there is a happy ending. If anyone can tell me the name and author of this story I would be greatful. Thank you R.O.A.T
  4. RiddleOfAllTime


    I can't remember where I read this fic, it was either here, Dokuga, of FF.net since they are the only places i go for Inuyasha FanFics. I know it was rated in the M or MA, and I know it was completed. It was about Naraku winning and also some other evil, either the demon that was in the jewel or maybe something else however they sent Kagome and Sess into the Jewel or Mirokus void, into complete darkness to forget who they are and what they were to each other. (at the time just allies). Kinda like sensory deprivation. Naraku started to believe that if they let them out Sess would go feral and kill whoever was around and hoped that they would be able to kill Kagome by using Sess and sess by using Kagome. However when they let them out in the dungeon instead of killing each other they find that they both are in need for someone to validate they can feel and end up mating which helps them regain their sense of self and sess gets them out of the dungeon and find Naraku and the other evil passed out drunk(i think) and Sess kills them. I'm not sure if that's the end but that's what I remember of it. (OH Naraku and the evil took over Sess's castle that's how they were able to leave the dungeon.) Please Help me Out I would like to Read it again. ROAT.
  5. RiddleOfAllTime

    main NaruSasu, minor NaruNeji

    HI Ho there everyone I'm looking for an old fic. I am unsure were I read it, either here or on Fanfiction.net so I hope someone can help. I can't remember what's it called but for some reason my mind says it's something like happy ending or that it is in it's description like. "Happy endings normally are stuck at the end of a story" I really have no idea. It's a Naruto/Sasuke, Sasuke is uke and cheats on Naruto with Kabuto (who is only having sex with Sasuke so he can have Naruto to himself) Naruto and sasuke have kids, twin girl and boy, I can't remember what their names are however I do know at the beginning the boy is very shy and gets picked on my his sister who is just like sasuke and that she is a little brat. Sasuke had started to call Naruto monster and all these other names until he has enough and takes his son and leaves. I know while he's gone Sasuke starts to realise his mistake and so does their daughter who believes that Naruto will come back. I know that while they are gone Naruto finds a little orphan girl that looks like a younger version of his daughter and takes her in while he tries to help their son who is full of rage at sasuke, he sends him to Neji's dojo. I also know that Naruto when he was a kid was kidnaped at a young age by Madara and was abused a lot until he finally got free. He stayed in a play ground near the sea for a long time and 'married' the sea one day. I also know that Kyuubi and Itachi are together and has a son (itachi mother) and Kyuubi is Naruto's brother and both families are alive. Please help. R.O.A.T
  6. Your second one sounds a lot like A Question About Honor by Kogasangel. However in it Sesshomaru and the others leave Kagome tied up and left alone to be raped by Naraku. In order to make up for the mistake Sesshomaru takes her to his castle and when she just gets worse calls a Scottish Inu female to come and help her and she brings her son and his friends who all fall for her. (except one I believe). I hope that helped. I also have seen the first one your talking about be asked about before and I believe that it may have been deleted. From R.O.A.T
  7. Pen Name : RiddleOfAllTime Story Title : Puss In Boots (Naruto style) Genre : Romance, Yaoi, MM, plus undecided other. Pairing : SIN (SasukeNarutoItachi) Summery : The story of puss in boots, or should I say Itachi In Boots. (I am not very good at coming up with summaries for that I'm sorry) Chapters : Only One. Link : http://naruto.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600102750 Contact: I would like to be either contacted through my e-mail at vampire_fanatic@hotmail.com or through PM in this forum. I would also like to add that this story had been given to an author by the name of kinkou however that was 2 years ago with nothing happening to it at all and I would like to give this to someone who would actually try to continue it. I hope you like it and take it off my hands since I can not complete it as I have no time or any motivation anymore. Thank you RiddleOfAllTime.
  8. Hi everyone, I thank you for taken time to read this. I'm looking for a fan-fic. I'm not sure were I had read it, it was either here on AFF or FF.net. I am also not sure if it had been finished or not although I believe it was. All I remember of the fic was that Kagome was went back further in time, I believe she met Inuyashas father first and with Sesshomarus mother(I think) and when she realised that she was sent further back she headed back to the well and jumped into it only to find herself only a few years after that meeting. She continued to jump into the well unfortunately only to pop up in different parts of Sesshomarus life. I remember at one point she got back to the Inuyashas time only to be attacked and heavily wounded and fell back into the well only this time with Shippo and Kirara(I think Kirara) and when she appeared in the past once more she was helped by Sesshomaru and his dad and Inuyashas mother. I remember that she was playing with Shippo and young Inuyasha in the gardens and she told them about what she had done to adopt shippo in all ways. I remember her telling them she had to go though trials and she and older Inuyasha went through it. She and Inuyasha went through the first challenge together but the last one He couldn't go with her because of his half-blood so she chose Kirara to go with her only to in the last challenge to come against a feral inner demon possessed Shippo, who she allowed to wound her because she could never hurt her son. I hope there is enough information there for someone to help me find this fic. Please help me. Thank you. R.O.A.T
  9. RiddleOfAllTime

    Naruto-Hinata (harem?)

    thank you so much, I'm really grateful for your help.
  10. RiddleOfAllTime

    Naruto-Hinata (harem?)

    I don't remember where I read this, it was either here on Adultfanfiction.net or on Fanfiction.net. I don't remember if it is finished or not. Although I am quite sure it had many chapters done. I know that Hinata and another girl was in it. I'm almost positive that Naruto was a master in the sealing arts and was quite smart. I'm also almost certain that he had been using one of Orochimaru's old labs and had an almost compulsive-ness to gather anything and everything that people waste (eg: clan scrolls, weapons, etc)................. (it might be a different story i'm thinking of though i'd like to now of that one two.) I remember that Naruto was off on a mission while Hinata and another girl where in the hospital when the Hyuuga council entered the room and tried to force the cage bird seal onto Hinata, but were stopped just in time by the other girl and quickly took her to Naruto's apartment to keep her safe and then when Naruto came back he copied every piece of seal that they had marked on her into a scroll so he could examin it later. I am unsure what happened after that since it was a long time ago when I had read it. Please Help me. I'd really appreciate it. R.O.A.T
  11. Hi there everyone I'd like a Beta for an original fic, I have created it with eliments that i can turn it into a multi chapter fic but it probably wont happen, I would also like to ask for a beta that can also help me with the ending which is a sex scene between 1 girl and 3 guys. the story is about a lonely girl who takes a chance of a 'demon lover' site that had emailed her, I'm not good at explaining my stories without giving away the whole thing. Please help me i'd really like to put this up. Also I haven't put it up yet so if you'll like me to give you the story please let me know so i can.
  12. Hi there everyone who reads these 'searching for a fic' topics. First off i'd like to thank you for coming and i hope one of you will be able to help me finds these fics, and please excuse the vagueness (if there is any) on the fics it's because of two reasons. 1) I haven't read them in a long time and 2) they are either here or on fanfiction.net (please excuse the mention of the .net site) Alright first fic i'm looking for. InuTaisho/kagome pairing I think it starts off like off of these other ones. Inuyasha being a dick by going off to see Kikyo and kagome see's and runs off back to the well but instead of going back to the future it takes her back into the past. not sure what happens in the whole thing but i do remember she took over Izayoi spot and has Inuyasha and I'm pretty sure that she even took over Sesshoumaru's mothers spot as well and had Sesshoumaru ( i also think she been turned into an Inu-youki) and in the end we find that the fates had done something similar in another time (like you know in each option there are infinite possibilities of the future. that’s why there are a lot of alternate theories of time lines BUT anyway) and they had brought Kagome into the past once before but in that time like she became angry and bitter and hateful she had changed her name and made Sessoumaru into the cold being he is and at the end of the fic i think the fates took that version of kagome away (dead or something) and let Kagome love InuTaisho. Please help me find that fic I have been looking for it for months I just hope it hasn't been deleted. OK now my second fic that I'm looking for. *i don't remember the male*/Kagome pairing lol (sorry not more specific) Ok I don't remember who she was paired up with in this but what i do remember is that half way through the fic, Kagura told kagome that because she was basically the jewl of four souls and because that was the reason she was born that she was her mother and basically mother to Kanna and Hakudoshi as well. I loved the idea when I read it that they would have thought that. Please help me find these fics and if you have any AnyMaleFromInuyasha/Kagome fics you think i'd enjoy (especially if it has Kagome mother to Kagura and Kanna or mother to Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha) I'd like to hear your suggestions. Thank you for reading my search topic. From R.O.A.T
  13. RiddleOfAllTime

    Uke Naruto challange fic

    Hi there, i'm quite glad you are interested in my story request, as i said before another person wanted to try it out and nothiing has really happened in that time so I hope there isn't going to be any problems on it being given to 2 people. http://naruto.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600102750 is the story but if you need it in file form i'd need to know where to send it to since I never delite anything i write. the plot line was just going to be the story of puss in boots with Naru as the prince that the millors son gets married to at the end of the story and it was going to be a ItaNaruSasu. but you'll see that in what i had written at the begining. With hope that you will do something with it. R.O.A.T
  14. Hi there everyone, i'm currently looking for acouple of fics. I also don't know if i read them here in adultfanfiction or infanfiction.net. 1: I am unsure if it is the way i remember or notbut i remember that Naruto was raped and no one knew who the father was till itwas born and when the baby was born it had grey hair and making everyone findout that Kakashi had raped him. I think it ended up as SasuNaru but I’m am notsure. please help. 2: the second fic I’m looking for i remember betterbut still unsure where i read it. (if you can tell i read a lot of fics). Butthe second one I’m looking for is a SasuNaru and it has Sasu wanting to repopulatehis clan but he can't trust any female with the job (btw i think he's still inoto) and he only trusts Naruto so he creates a jutsu to be able to let naru conceiveand heads to Konoha and there’s a big fight i don't remember what happens fullybut i do know Naru and him talk and i think he hypnotizes him and makes achakra seal around them to keep out tsunede (sp?) and they have sex on thereand sasu does the jutsu making naru pregnant. And that’s All i remember of whati read. Please help me! R.O.A.T
  15. RiddleOfAllTime

    ItaNaru fic

    I may not know the story your looking for but i do have a couple of suggestions of fics for you that I can't help but read over and over. A Furry Tale >> Word_Slave (It's ItaNaruSasu and if you go to the auther there is a second fic that is like a part 2 both are complete) Taboo >> Shi-hoi (It's ItaNaru and was never completed but it's still a good read) I hope those will help.