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  1. femboy_kyo

    Deleted stories

    There was Sacrificial Lamb, Cho and Bitten Beloved Bloody Betrayal. They are all under original domain. And that is not possible which is why I stated that I have been 18 for quite some time. My birthday is January 15 1989 and my joined date is 2009 it says. Even if that is the supposed changed date like you guys said I was 20 at the time even if I posted up to at least 2007 I was still 18 at least.
  2. femboy_kyo

    Deleted stories

    Hi I'm Nymph Nyx on the site, several of my stories have been deleted and I have been above age 18 for quite some time now.
  3. I am pretty sure that the male ratio on AFF is about a 1:300 haha. =] Glad to know I'm not alone. I've only met one other male besides you so far. xD Aww, thanks so much! I'm glad you're liking them! =]

  4. Another fellow male! I don't feel so lonely any more. Love your works I'm reading Somewhere Greener, Over and Past There, And Not Quite There Yet. All wonderful pieces!

  5. femboy_kyo

    Inuyasha is Sesshomaru's son

    Ah, thank you. That would have been helpful to know upon them posting the suggestions.
  6. femboy_kyo

    Inuyasha is Sesshomaru's son

    Is it just me or did none of those authors or titles pan out?
  7. femboy_kyo


    No I found someone that could speak your weird mumbo jumbo and had them translated for me so I could respond. It hurt my many brain cells to try and decipher your alien speech. And you cant SPEAK grammar thank you so much for the good laugh on that one. And trust me if you managed to correctly write the title of a fan fiction let alone summary to one I'd read it, honestly.
  8. femboy_kyo


    The words you continuously misspell. Not my fault you continuously mess up the simplest words so it almost looks as though you can't speak English. It's not wat it's what. Not my fault you keep epically failing at both SASUKE and NARUTO's name. Not Saske or anruto. I'm guessing that your styl is either still or style. Considering style makes no sense in the already jargon looking paragraph I'll go with the former. Once again it's WHAT the h in there is totally noticeable if you took phonics. Its betrayed not betraed. You seem to know the correct spelling for pregnant yet you spell it pregnat the second time. No one can "born their kids" as you say. He gave birth to them yes maybe but no not born. You shouldn't get mad with others who are possibly going to help you when you're going to continuously spell stuff so that it's barely legible.
  9. No offense but one reason no one might not be able to find it is because they're having a hard time reading what your saying. I'd understand a few grammar issues but most of your posts happens to be illegible. If no one can understand what you're asking for not many are going to respond. I understand that English just might not be your native language but it's not mine either. Not trying to bash you but if you take the time to clearly translate you request I'd be more then willing to sit down and properly look for your story.
  10. femboy_kyo


    Wait, Huh? I understood you up to a point but all the key essential words are...not even close to English or any other language I know so I'm not quite sure what you're looking for. Sorry I can't be of more assistance.
  11. femboy_kyo

    Looking for a karasuexKurama fic...

    Sounds like this should be interesting. I'll keep my eye out if you do the same in return.
  12. femboy_kyo

    looking for a naruto yaoi fic

    Sacrasm? Cute but not quite you should get your definitions checked luv. That was hardly sarcasm, simply me stating that you should have check out the forums first before posting to make sure that you weren't reposting an already answered search. I'm helping you not waste your time waiting for a response. If I meant to be rude or mean I wouldn't have given you the story link. I would have told you to search for it that its been answered but as I said I hadn't meant to hurt your oversensitive feelings then.
  13. femboy_kyo

    looking for a naruto yaoi fic

    You're supposed to check the forums to see if stories like these have already been requested and considering there aren't that many pages here to actually look through for that and the fact that its on this very same page and not one of the older pages it wouldn't be that hard. It's called Never Perfect by Darksidedown.
  14. femboy_kyo

    Anthro/Shota conquest

    I have a specific itch that needs to be scratched and it runs along the likes of shota, and anthro. If not beta'd I'd like there not to be too many errors in it so that I still can enjoy those naughty plot bunnies. Pairings: Anything ItaNaru, SasuNaru, KakaNaru, GaaNaru, and KyuuNaaru (If you hadn't seen my trends in pairings I explicitly like my naruto on the bottom, haha Funny?) No three way incests with a ItaNaruSasu or ItaSasuNaru or moresomes please. Shota: I really have no specifics about this. Anthro: In the sense of cat boys and fox boys. It can be AU, it doesn't matter. Thank you in advance towards those who have taken the time to either look or respond to this. (Also if you didn't get the joke naruto if the name of a food while Naruto is the name of that awesome strong sexy uke)
  15. femboy_kyo

    ItaNaru KyuSasu Story

    Anything to help a fellow mate. Enjoy your meal luv, I know I do.