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  1. Ranko66

    Creature fic HP/DM/BZ

    I am looking for a Harry Potter story where harry senses keep on being magnified. It turns out that he is a creature that is really rare. He is part of a triad with Draco and Blaise. They both have wings. When his senses go out like his hearing is when Draco finds him on top of the Astronomy Tower and cover with his wings to block out sound. I remember reading on fanfiction.net but I can't find it now. I also don't know the name or the author's name of it. Please help.
  2. I am looking for this story where hermione time travels to the marauder era and is sirius. Then she fakes like she overcome a bunch of spells on her that changed her behavior to like a gryffindor.
  3. Ranko66

    Harry changes his name

    I am looking for a story where harry changes his name and appearance. He is lives in knockturn alley and makes friends with draco malfoy. When he floos anywhere the floo flares up and reacts badly because he is too powerful. I think he is also related to grindlewald somehow.
  4. Ranko66

    Story called You Will

    You Will Harry is being abducted and introduced to something he has never experienced before, but the goal is not to break him. AU, SLASH! Warnings for mature sexual content! Anal, AU/AR, Bond, D/s, DP, Fist., Gangb., HJ, Lang., M/M, Moresome, N/C, Oral, Rim, SoloM, Toys, WIP That was the description of the story when it was on adultfanfiction. Does anybody know where to find it or even the authors name. I would love to find this story because I believe the author was almost done with it when it disappeared. If I can find the author I could beg them to put it back up.
  5. Ranko66

    Avatar Mpreg

    I remember reading a good Avatar: The Last Airbender mpreg a while ago and I can't seem to be able to find it again. Its starts with when sokka was younger gets pregnant from a earth bender and gives the girl to a couple from a water country (its two guys). Then later in the story after he joins aang he gets pregnant from zuko. Later in the story after he is settled down in water country he gets aang pregnant. He finally tells all the fathers about the children. The couple he left his daughter with was going to have triplets.
  6. Ranko66


    I wanted to know the author because I don't think that it was copied off someone else because I pretty much have read every story in this genre and I know I have never read anything like this before. So the story was deleted for no good reason so I am wanted to go find it and reassure the writer that I am still following their food story even when their accused of something they did not do. Their has been many stories deleted on this website becuase they have been falsely accused of copying but I personally think if a story is not copied word for word and changed to be better then authors should not be accused of plagiarism this is fanfiction where we are basically being plagiarism off the people who actually own Harry Potter so who are the fanfiction authors to complain about their non-profit fanfiction. I getting so paranoid that a good orginal fanfiction will be deleted because so phony who does not like the story because it is too racy reports the story as copied from another story just because they don't like the story.
  7. Ranko66

    Looking for elf harry

    It's one of Wolfwalkers you can you find it on his homepage http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Wolfwalkerstories/?yguid=132568616 or try here http://wolfsnest.n40c.net/JTANS/jtansmain.html
  8. Ranko66


    what was the author's name maybe I can the story somewhere else.
  9. Ranko66

    bad dumbledore

    I don't know if it has sequels because I have not read it in a while. But it's not the one your talking about. But please if you find that one post it will you. But the one I am talking about is where because Harry's virginity was taken forcefully something will happen but I don't remember what. Also voledemort helps him by having him take a girls virginity. I think he ends up with snape but I am not sure.
  10. Ranko66

    bad dumbledore

    I am looking for a story where Harry is raped by vernon. He then is raped by dumbledore who thinks he is a virgin and he will take his power by taking his virginity. Then is captured by voldemort and he does the same as dumbledore. Then harry joins voldemort.
  11. Ranko66

    Baby Boy

    I can't seem to find the author either
  12. Ranko66

    Baby Boy

    Their is a story that disappeared off adult-fanfiction.org called Baby Boy It is a chan Harry/Sirius 5 chapters long. Chapter 5 turns into a harry/Snape. It you don't know where it is do you at least know who the author is.
  13. Ranko66


    I read this story and can not seem to find it again. It is where harry wants to fulfill a fantasy. By doing that he takes a potion which fulfills it be making grayback real for 24 hours or something. Then they have sex for that period.