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    Please Help Find FanFic

    I've been trying to find this story for a while now. i read it about two months ago because the author just finish writing it. it started out with sesshomaru and kagome and they had a little kink that they like. kagome like being submissive and started to call sess "Daddy" and he got her diapers to wear and a crib to sleep in. Than Inu Taisho showed up and wanted in on the fun and was stayin at Sess house while his home was being remade. And kagome called him "Papa". and later on in the chapters inuyasha and koga showed up and inuyasha was a submissive person and he and koga were a couple and he called koga "uncle" and by the end of the store they all moved in together. Please help me find this story its driving me nuts. THANKS