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    SesshxKagome Fanfic "Lord Sh'oomamoo"

    I see. Thank you for explaining. :3 sad to see it go though. =(
  2. I had this fanfic book marked but when i click on the link i get a blank page. I looked for the title using the search feature but no such luck. It was a cute story that i like to re-read every once in a while. Does anyone know where it is or what's happened to it? Fanfic name : Lord Sh'oomamoo What Happens in it: Kikyou attacked Kagome some how reversing her age and leaving her in the woods to be eaten by animals. Sesshoumaru happens to find her and decides to help her find away to turn normal. It involves cuteness and a tigger nighty that Kagome bounced around in. Please help me find it.