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  1. Corsair420

    Wild Thornberries fic

    no, the one i'm talking about had more then 2 chapters, as I said it was a chapter with eliza and some elephants, 1 with her and an otter, 1 with a goat, and there were at least 3 or 4others as well
  2. Corsair420

    Looking for various Fics

    I'm beginning to think my request is never going to be completed for that story...
  3. Corsair420

    Kim Possible Fic

    that above reply was me, I forgot to re login after I cleared my cookies yesterday
  4. Corsair420

    Wild Thornberries fic

    Does anyone even remember this story? I'd really like to know what happened to it
  5. Corsair420

    Beastboy/ starfire OR raven OR terra or mix

    I apologize for the lack of responses until now, I had forgotten about most of the requests I made due to lack or responses after a couple weeks i'm always open to seeing different writers attempting the same concept. It's a good way just to view different writing styles. As it stands now, the request as I wrote it is all I can think to the "plot" of the story without having other people to voice their ideas and bounce ideas off of. I'll start checking this thread more often unless people start PMing me
  6. Corsair420

    Wild Thornberries fic

    there used to be a fic I can't remember who was the author but it had eliza and she found out the only way to keep her powers was to have different animals cum on her or in her every day, there were multiple chapter, one had her with a goat, another with otters another with elephants and a few others. Does anyone know what happened this one?
  7. Corsair420

    The Trainer's Touch

    Galref87: I think they both need a little oral attention :-)
  8. Corsair420

    The Trainer's Touch

    That would be pretty cool
  9. Corsair420

    The Trainer's Touch

    I might be, in what way would we play parts exactly?
  10. My request is for beastboy to have sex with one of the 3 girls in the title, or more then one in which he uses different animal forms (dog, bigger dog, goat, horse or other animals) In my mind this was either a very long story or a multi-chapter story, each experience being with a different animal, probably starting small (with like a medium size dog) then getting bigger(going up to great dane, and a horse maybe an elephant), with the girls reactions to each size change. I have a think for girls getting cum facials so that is a must especially once the bigger animals are reached. If anyone thinks would be a fun things to write and wants more information or anything please let me, know, and if someone actually takes this on It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Corsair420
  11. Corsair420

    MY pokemon request if you please

    ok, I now have a new request, a few weeks ago I stumbled upon an author who writes pokemon/human stories, and to me they are ridiculously hot, so my request is for someone to please write a story like this... Is for a story with any girl from the pokemon universe(OC or existing) who starts her journey, and somehow stumbles onto sex with pokemon and decides she loves it, and finds out she loves giving oral sex to pokemon getting cum facials from them. I really hope that one or more of you authors likes this idea and decides to write something, with the pokemon universe there's thousands of pairings at your disposal and lots of regions so you are incredibly open as to what you can write. Please and thank you to any author who takes this up, if anyone is interested please PM me with any questions they may have as to the finer details of the stories Corsair420
  12. Corsair420

    Different iCarly

    First off I would like to say that there isn't enough iCarly stories and there should definitely be more. I would like to see a story with any of the following characters; Carly, Freddie, Sam, Spencer. Any combination of them is fine. There were also some codes that I had put on the challenge I had in the archives but i didn't know you couldn't post challenges there anymore. Beast, Bi, DP, f/f, m/m/f, f/f/m, HJ, Incest, oral, Solo F, Solo M, Voy And I have a fetish for cumshots and facials so I would like those in it no matter what other codes you pick Thank you in advance, Corsair420
  13. Please forgive me if this is in the wrong place, i didn't see any other place that would have fit my post better. I've recently posted a challenge for an iCarly story, at first it was up for about a week or 2 and it had reviews of other people wanting the same thing, but then for whatever reason it was deleted. So a few days later I reposted it thinking it could have been because I left it open for other people to post additional chapters, but a few days later it was gone again, I can't think of why it would have been deleted so I thought i'd ask here on the forums if I had done something wrong that I didn't realize. If anyone knows about why this happened please let me know. Corsair420