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  1. Noninimicus

    Young Dumbledore stories?

  2. Noninimicus

    Young Dumbledore stories?

    I'm looking for anything with a young Dumbledore. I'm good with past fics, time-travel, spell or potion de-aging, anything. Prefer slash, but all stories are accepted provided there's some kind of romantic pairing. Thanks you.
  3. Specs: Harry Potter/Young!Albus Dumbledore Novel-Length Slash Time-Travel Romance I have a plot bunny with two or three random scenes written and a skeleton of plot points to be hit, but not much else. I'm hoping to find someone who will allow me in on the writing process- not to write, but to observe and (if needed) guide. If you are curious or interested at all, please email me at I will share any details with you through email.
  4. Noninimicus

    Corresponding Follies

    Does anyone know where I can find Corresponding Follies by EnglishMuffin? Everywhere I look are dead links.
  5. Noninimicus

    Christmas SS/HP

    Well that's just unfair, lol. Does anyone have any good Christmas slash recs? I generally avoid established relationship fics. I like to watch the fun unfold.
  6. Noninimicus

    SS/HP Pet fic

    Been looking for this fic for YEARS. Reposted.
  7. Noninimicus

    Christmas SS/HP

    I'm looking for any good (complete, please!) Christmas slash, but specifically, does anyone know if Mistletoe by Forever Then Some is archived anywhere in the great wide somewhere? I adore this fic and I can only find broken rec links anymore.
  8. Noninimicus

    Time Travel Harry/Draco

    Have you looked at Painless_J's Time Travel list?
  9. Noninimicus

    HPSS Time Travel fic (sort of)

    I seriously <3 you.
  10. Noninimicus

    HPSS Time Travel fic (sort of)

    No one?
  11. Noninimicus

    HPSS Time Travel fic (sort of)

    I read a fic not too long ago where Harry speaks fairly regularly to a past version of Severus via the room of requirement. It starts off with Severus fairly young, but time doesn't pass the same and years go by between Harry's visits until Severus is near to Harry's age when they get together. Anyone have any idea?
  12. Noninimicus

    Da Mi Basia Mille

    I recently went to re-read a fic called Da Mi Basia Mille and found the link was broken. It features Harry and Lucius as lovers in a past life and was short but very good. I believe it took place in Pompeii. I have gone all over google and everywhere else I can think of but can NOT seem to find it. I was wondering if anyone knows of somewhere it is still posted or has a copy they can e-mail me? EDIT: Found it!
  13. Noninimicus

    searching for hermione and the twins

    Damn. This reminds me of a really good one where Fred and George are working with Hermione and totally in love with her. They invite a hooker who looks like her into the office while they think she's gone, but can't go through with it and she hears the whole thing. I can NOT seem to find/remember it. I hope this summary, sloppy though it is, will help someone who knows it to let you know. If I find it, I'll post it for you. Sorry. D;
  14. I liked "Baby Think it Over" by Forever Then Some @
  15. Noninimicus

    Harry/Severus dreamfic

    I've been desperately looking for this fic for what seems like forever.<br /><br />It's a Harry/Severus fic where Harry somehow finds himself in Severus' dreams. He's always by the lake and the motion of the water reflects Severus' emotions. I think the dreams usually had a blue tint to them.<br /><br />Does this sound familiar to anyone? Actually, I'm interested in any maturely rated m/m dreamfics.