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  1. RinxHatake

    Show us your desktop.^^

    O______________O Whoa! Sesshy is almost naked, I don't know how you look at that without your eyes boggling out of your head.
  2. RinxHatake

    Count To Infinity

  3. I'm very curious to see what everyone has.. I'll start. -------> Mine is the hottie Jensen Ackles
  4. RinxHatake

    Count To Infinity

  5. RinxHatake

    Count To Infinity

  6. RinxHatake

    Count To Infinity

  7. RinxHatake

    Explain Your Username

    My user name comes from Rin from "Kakashi Gaiden" and I just added the Hatake because I like Rin and Kakashi together, And the letter "x" I don't really remember why.
  8. RinxHatake

    Explain Your Signature

    My siggeh are lyrics from Tegans & Sara's song "Nineteen" <3 them!
  9. RinxHatake

    Explain Your Avatar

    It's Hisoka-kun & Tsuzki-san from Descendants Of Darkness cuddling, (too cute!) I love this pairing lol.^-^
  10. RinxHatake

    Yaoi Anyone?

    I'm still new at reading yaoi manga...but so far some of my favorites are, "Picnic" "Rin!' and "Yami No Matseui" (I don't know if you would classify as Yaoi) And my first Yaoi anime"Loveless"- the underage uke almost threw me off from liking it..
  11. My new love is Dean Winchester from Supernatural. He makes me feel all fangirly..