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    Reading, writing, painting and other artsy-fartsy things. I'm a bit of a pyro and enjoy fireworks wars and bonfires. Just a well-rounded country girl.

    Animes: Inuyasha, Bleach, FMA, Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, Moribito, Shin-Chan (I know, lol), and Blood+ are just some of the animes that I enjoy.
  1. Evility

    Comments Box for AFF

    Authors on AFF need a comments box for their public profiles! A fellow author just wanted to leave a note for me (not in regards to my story), but had to leave it as a review so that I'd see it. She was just keeping me posted on one of her own stories, letting me know what was up. How nice would that be; to have a quick note box? Just a thought... I wanted to see what anybody thought. It's not difficult to sign in to the forum and send someone a message, but what if an author doesn't have the same user name in the forum? It's not hard to sign in, but this would give someone the ability to leave a quick note without having to go to the forum. Please Note: This is not to be confused with the AFF comments box already on the profiles page for forum users.
  2. Usually I check the forum about weekly, but I actually like my classes this semester --Crazy, I know!--. It's been, I dunno, 1-2 months? I checked it today and HOLY SON-OF-A-BEE-STING! It looks different ANNND there's no battle room for me to take my deep-seated angry frustrations out in by leaving a bloody massacre in my wake. --or to even get denied that satisfaction by being killed prematurely by Imasuky, Anime(traitor)devildog, or Keith-- NOR is there an Arcade for me to pracrastinate with my HW in. Oh! I can't even check my growing bank account either! *chokes back a sob* All those opposed to change, please say AYE! Lol. Actually, I'd like to congratulate everyone in the Admin for accomplishing so much! I hope the large list of Site Announcements encoded with Admin coding-gibberish means that it will indeed be possible to bring all of that, which I love, back. That way I don't have to resort to leaving panicky statements here... Oh wait... Damn. Thanks again and... *shakes fist menacingly* I better get all of my money back! Lol. Take care and peace out!
  3. Evility

    IBStore idea

    That'd be totally awesome! I know that IIIIIII would enjoy it, lol. Right after the rest of the site gets glued back together .
  4. Evility


    You traitor!!! Your only scared and are trying to get on her good side so she doesn't kill YOU! Lmao! Ya know the last time you said something similar to that regarding Kero and now I'm wayyyy ahead of him now. So THERE! lol
  5. Evility


    Holla! Thanks for waving your "hypothetical magic wand all over" my hellalong oneshot! OH! And thanks for not beating me up when I sent you that update that added on 7-8 pages when I said I was 'done' lol. XOXO, Ev
  6. Evility

    Saucy Beta!

    I had been searching for a beta for about 6 months before I got to WallFlower. His profile cracked me up and even though it says he works on yaoi and yuri, he responded very quickly to my email and accepted my HET oneshot to work on. It took us both a while to get through my story since, not only is it hellalong for a oneshot, but we both go to college and have lives outside the computer. I'm sure with short[er] chapters he would fly through them! On the profile he says he's "INSANE", but I think he's just honest lol. He cracks me up! He's quite frank when you need to change something, which I appreciate. He would usually offer choices on how to make certain changes with his own suggestions. I don't want someone who won't tell me bluntly that whatever I wrote needs to be tweaked. And he is not someone who pussyfoots around! His typical comments were: "There's a gaping plot hole on page *blah*... It's not a big deal, but it's a bit odd to read." "Inappropriate use of a semicolon." "This is pretty unneeded. You can nix it if you want." "That sounded choppy, but it's [what he tweaked] better than the crazy run on it was... " See? Not bad at all. I really enjoyed working with him. I'm a perfectionist freak. So, I didn't send my oneshot to him [to anyone] until I was satisfied with my grammar and punctuation. We mainly worked on moving things around for better flow and he would tweak with my vocabulary. Since we were both busy, we didn't talk through emails every day [only about 20 total throughout the whole process] and he even told me "I'll contact you if any serious bumps appear, but other than that, I'll be silent. As a grave." Lol. I guess bottom line, if you can handle straight-forwardness, WallFlower's an awesome choice. If you can't handle someone who's blunt and sarcastic, then don't bother . If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!
  7. Evility

    IBStore idea

    I thought it'd be amusing to be able to view our purchased Gag Items on our profiles. A little squared off area to let the world know that, yes, I bought a Pet Rock or a Bonzai for my own entertainment pleasure. I forget that my tree is even there and that I purchased it a year ago. I mean... Why else have that area in the Store, if we can't gain happiness from our [virtual]material things?? Just a thought Peace out!
  8. Evility


    I'd like to amend this prayer by adding Imasuky Lomae's name to it. Just read it as, for example, 'O Lord, bless this Thy hand grenade that, with it, Thou mayest blow Thine enemies, mainly Keith and Imasuky, to tiny bits in Thy mercy.' Maybe then I could actually level up and kill my fixed amount of murders for once, lol. Just a thought...
  9. Evility

    My Guild

    Okay, so I was going to reply to your message and it said "There is no such member - please check the name entered and try again." Which I thought was odd considering you can't doing anything (i.e. kill ppl in the attack shop or play games in the arcade) unless you're a member of the forum. Retarded technology. LOL, I thought so! I'm always playfully yelling at people for killing me, lol. For instance: http://www2.adult-fanfiction.org/forum/index.php?showtopic=13698 I'm just used to seeing Keith or Kero killing me all the time. Kero and I had an arms race going on for a while, until I couldn't do anything but school for a few weeks. Now he's ahead of me and I'm trying to catch up so I can kill him back, lol. Keith, I think he kills me just cus he can and probably cus I'm always killing his guild members lol. TTYL
  10. Evility

    My Guild

    I don't plan on joining, lol... I seem to not qualify on any level, but *shrugs* ehh! I thought I'd give ya props on rising so quickly. I remember killing you sometime last week and you were like below 50 and now yur killing me at way above my level. I did a double take, lol. I wish I could stay on here killing on every time up , but I have a life with unforgiving classes. I'm not like you, using every second of every day to kill everyone, LOL. J/K, please don't put forth more effort to kill me extra LOL. I'm trying to rise too ya know! LOL Take care
  11. Evility


    WOO-HOOOO!!! I joined the 100-Club! *does a booty dance* Sweet glory, Yayyyyyy! lol
  12. Evility

    What happens when either Keith or I max out?

    *dramatically sighs* Now I'm hurt that no one thinks I'll be next! Just you wait (..."Henry Higgens, just chu wait!")! When this semester's out I'm gonna kick everyone's ass! LOL, please don't kill me all at once lol!
  13. Evility

    Attack Shop II: The Wrath of Keith

    See, I LOoOoVE star trek IV. Gotta love the humpbacks! "Admiral! There be whales!"
  14. Evility


    Uhhh, Afro Samurai ? Hey, if I get the reference, can I have some of your money !?!? LOL, errr, naughty points...???... LOL, j/k, UNLESS you want to give me some, lol. Damn, I'm a greedy lil blue dragon! Oh, thanks for bursting my happy lil bubble with your 'Well I'm a level 512, you lowly 50-level-TwatSwatter'... Lol --Two thumbs up if YOU know the reference , lol
  15. Evility


    WOO-HOOOO! Just levelled to 50, WOOT! I think Keith Inc has been ignoring me during the holidays lol...