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  1. Doreiku


    Uhm.... Just wondering if you're going to post what you have... or something. I can't stop thinking about it. D<
  2. Doreiku

    Up for a challenge

    Light and L get caught in a compromising position? Reactions concerning their relationship... In flagrante delicto, my new obsession. If it doesn't catch your interest, thanks anyway~
  3. Doreiku


    Current, old Walter, yes. But... The way I see it is that Alucard forces Walter and Seras together and joins out of boredom/whatever. So it'd be noncon either way... Or I suppose dubcon. I've only ever read/written yaoi, but I can sacrifice my pride to read f/f. I really can't wait! You're going to make the story excellent, I can tell.
  4. Doreiku


    First of all, THANK YOU. Now, Integra.... If you could incorporate her in the 'festivities', I'd like that... Either that or voyeurism is always welcome. xD
  5. Doreiku

    SnapexHarry caught red-handed

    Someone please write a fic where SS/HP have been dating for some time and careful about showing their affections in public, then specific people start finding out EX: Dumbledore, Sirius, Lupin, Hagrid, McGonagall, the Dursleys. And then finally, Harry blows any doubts in everyones mind that they aren't involved. Perhaps faulty silencing charm? A kiss in public? I'm looking for reactions. For Sirius, maybe a little violence after finding out the greasy, pedophelic potions professor is taking advantage of his innocent godson.
  6. Doreiku

    the no-angst challenge!

    By: Doreiku Title: Betting on Sanity sorry for the link Dx
  7. Doreiku

    Hughes x Roy

    Long story with Hughes x Roy. Hughes' wife divorces him and takes the house. While fighting for custody over Elycia, Hughes moves in with Roy. Fluffy fic with Roy discovering the wonder of being a father (after gaining custody) and becoming aware of the fact that Hughes means more than he should. Yaoi- need some action in this fic. Someone write this! I don't think my writing could do this justice, so please!
  8. Doreiku

    AuronxTidus Pre-game

    Auronx(Young) Tidus. Non-con, shota ("chan") involving a drunken Auron. Tidus should be around 10 or younger. Please and thank you!
  9. Basically, a fic involving Squall and Vincent. The situation has to be believable. In character. Somehow they develop a sexual relationship. I read one years ago, one in which Vincent appeared in the ff8 world... and after a few months of getting to know Squall, found him in bed with a man. Then it stopped. So please feed this desire!
  10. Doreiku

    the no-angst challenge!

    I'm not sure if this counts but I wrote this awhile ago. It doesn't have any angst and has sanzoxgoku. Hope this helps you...
  11. Doreiku


    I want a story with AlucardxSerasxWalter involving Alucard using hypnotism. Rape at first, but they eventually like it (Walter doesn't agree to having sex with Seras- thus rape on both accounts) Include some M/M action. Bonus points if Integra is included. Thanks!