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  1. hosagi

    Aliens Inuyasha X-Over

    the one i am looking for is a multi chapter story that was complete
  2. hosagi

    Aliens Inuyasha X-Over

    There was an ALiens InuYasha Crossover with a Sesshomaru & Kagome pairing titled Alien Kagome but I cannot find it anymore. If someone knows where it is a link would be helpful
  3. hosagi

    bluediamond-hime fics

    i am looking for the fan fics of Blue DIamond Hime Her Legacy and Lost and Found Gem
  4. I once found on this sight a Song Fic with the Song Away From Me by Puddle of Mudd with the pairing of Sesshomaru/Kagome. I had it bookmarked on my old Desktop Hard Drive but it was completely fried do you a power surge that shut off the whole houses power. And now I cannot find it.