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  1. kylee

    The Road to Progress!

    Hi DemonGoddess, I am updating my links to all my favorite story pages and authors. I was able to access the "search by story title" page from my old links, but the old links have now disappeared. Is there a link to the new search page? I used it a few times and it was very nice but now I can only see a "Find a Member" page. Thanks, Kylee
  2. Thank you so much for the review.. You made me squee again :D

  3. Hey. I just got your msg in the reviews. I know I've been terrible, but the boys took a small vacation. RL has been a little shitty lately, and I've lost some of my passion... and been distracted by other things :)

    But I will update soon. I promise you. By the end of this week, you will have an update. *hugs for being the best reader ever.*

  4. Hey, you. Thanks for the review on Polinues, and I'm sorry I keep breaking your heart...

    Please stop by the shoutbox someday and say hi to the troops.

    Thank you again for being the awesomest reader in the world. And I'm editing the story, to make it easier to read :)

  5. kylee

    Turning of the Seasons

    I think that is great. I like it when writers are confident enough to go back and change the things that they are not happy with. I have seen a lot of writers write themselves into a corner and then abandon their story. I have done it too. You should never feel like you cannot improve your story. I am eager to see what changes you make.
  6. kylee

    Turning of the Seasons

    Hi. This last chapter really stuck in my head. Your characters are so charming. I am so eager to see what happens next. Am I correct in thinking of a Griffin like creature? This is what comes to mind when I picture your characters.
  7. kylee

    Polinues Marines, the would be mage.

    Hi Willow, I am glad that I could help. This is my favorite story. Kylee
  8. kylee

    Polinues Marines, the would be mage.

    I had quote this because there is one point I really want to ask you about, but lets start with... Thank you for the review. It really made my day (was having a lousy one) and once again, I'm sorry for making you sad. I'll promise you some delicious in up coming chapters instead... how's that? Ok, what I wanted to ask about is this comment: I feel as if Leyjen heart has been demolished and he has given up all hope. Even though Pol is in love with Leyjen right now, it feels like Leyjen has already given up on having a loving relationship with Pol. Could you elaborate a little on what gives you this feeling, how you think Leyjen shows this? Because Hubby said something very similar about what follows chapter 35, and I'm curious because I don't see it. Thanks again, Sincerely, Willow. Hi Willow, I love the icon. So cute. It also tickles me to know that your hubby and I were thinking the same thing about Leyjen. I had to go back and examine the chapter. Throughout the story, taking care of Polinues has always been a huge emotional task for Leyjen. Taking care of Pol after the fire and dealing with Pol and Arlathi has always been a huge challenge. Leyjen is a very gentle character and his emotions have always taken such a huge toll on him. I think Leyjen's character is tragic because he is sensitive and needs love to be happy. I feel that Leyjen has been dealt a serious blow by finding out that he is not Pol's true soulmate. Perhaps he feels that this fact means that their relationship is doomed to end whenever Pol's true soulmate shows up. If Pol is as attracted to his soulmate's scent as Leyjen is attracted to Pol's scent, Leyjen probably feels that he would not stand a chance of keeping Pol by his side. Learning this must be heartrending for Leyjen since he loves Pol so desperately. He has dedicated his entire life to taking care of Pol. Plus I feel that having Pol's love was the one thing that kept Leyjen going after being abandoned by Amraeen. So now that Leyjen knows that Pol might one day find someone more perfect for him, he is living in fear of the day that he will no longer be the love of Pol's life. That must be very stressful to Leyjen and he is probably thinking that he is devoting himself to taking care of someone who will abandon him as heartlessly as Amraeen did. But he still loves Pol. Leyjen's reaction to Pol at the end of chapter 34 makes me think that he does not want to get more deeply involved with Pol - not just because of his age, but because he has to hold himself back from sharing all of himself with Pol and from taking everything that Pol wants to offer him. If they were a committed couple, it would be easier to share his demon side with Pol and to do the more intimate things that soulmates would do. The start of chapter 35 gives the impression that Leyjen might be feeling unappreciated and like Pol is taking him for granted by running off and leaving Leyjen to do all the chores - maybe unknowingly pushing Leyjen back into his position as just a servant. I think these lines give the impression that Leyjen is feeling angry and frustrated: “What the Hell do you want? Where’s Polinues?” Leyjen hissed at the teen, Brigale’s black eyes sparkling with an emotion Leyjen hardly ever saw in the tall, broad teen. “Not here.” “Well, I can see that. Where the fuck is he? Go and drag his ass out of bed, and tell him I’ll drag him behind the fucking carriage if he doesn’t get a move on.” Leyjen growled as he threw his towel on the bed, dark auburn hair flying in all directions, spraying Brigale with drops of water. Brigale gasped silently as the smell of opium assaulted his senses with almost a physical blow, and without any rational though he knew that even though Leyjen was furious with Polinues, he was also full of fear for the youngster. And for no reason he thought that something in their relationship had changed. I think Leyjen's frustration is definitely showing at this point. My impression of chapter 35 is that Leyjen is feeling frustrated with Pol and with his role as Pol's caretaker, and just as that frustration reaches the boiling point, Pol is attacked. Leyjen realizes he cannot slack off on his responsibility for even a moment no matter how heartsore he is. These lines really stand out in my mind: “Here, I’ll carry him back.” Brigale offered, as he reached out for the teen, but Leyjen took a jerking step back and hissed, “No. He’s my responsibility, he’s my burden to carry.” Brigale stared after the slim cleric as Leyjen took off down the path, carrying Polinues with such gentleness that it was almost troubling. The trackers followed Leyjen at a respectful distance, but Brigale shadowed the cleric close enough to hear the whispered words that Leyjen kept breathing into Polinues hair and face. “I’m sorry, Ilithil, I’m sorry. I should have protected you better. I should have been there for you. This is all my fault.” They stand out because Leyjen views Polinues as "his burden to carry" but then he also starts calling him Ilithil again -showing that he has surrendered to his love for Pol. After the attack, Leyjen seems as if he has given up his anger but he is not any happier. I feel like he has given up on his hope of finding his own happiness and has surrendered to his duty to protect Pol. He is trapped in a hopeless love. So sorry for the long paragraph. It is interesting to go back and see exactly why certain words leave a certain impression. I hope my comments are helpful and good luck with your writing. I am looking forward to the delicious ! Kylee
  9. kylee

    Polinues Marines, the would be mage.

    I justrealized that I forgot to answer the Polinues question. I thought he was a brat because he was coming up with so many ways to play tricks on Bri - even before he was introduced to the poor guy. Quite hilarious. Pol can be a sweetiepie but he also has a naughty streak in him too.
  10. kylee

    Polinues Marines, the would be mage.

    Hi Willow, Unfortunately, I have no drawing skills whatsoever. It is too bad because I have such a strong image of all your characters in my head. Especially Leyjen. Maybe if you put your request into one of your chapters you might get a response from one of your more artistically talented readers. I would love to seem some fan art eventually.
  11. kylee

    Polinues Marines, the would be mage.

    Willow, So sorry about your Grandfather. Best wishes to you and your family. In response to your question. I live in the US Midwest. I am a night owl so I log in at all hours.
  12. kylee

    Polinues Marines, the would be mage.

    Hi DarklingWillow, I finally figured out what my forum username and password were and then your page came up okay. I am sorry to hear about your grandfather. I've had several relatives suffer from cancer and they lose their strength so quickly. It is always a shock to watch. I hope you will feel better soon. Don't feel pressured about updating. I really admire you for turning out such well polished chapters so speedily. The story is going great although I am always afraid of what is going to happen next. Today I wished that I could pluck Leyjen out of the story and wipe his tears away. I think that you could definitely publish this prequel when you are done with it. (Maybe as an e-book) Especially with all the smut. I love the fact that you give so much detail to the sex scenes. I think the story is perfectly balanced because there are so many stormy emotions going around - all the characters are so passionate. Good luck with your cold and thanks for the hug. I can't wait to see what you have in store for poor Leyjen. Hugs, Kylee