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  1. I think! I was re-reading Malfoy Child, and I remembered reading this de-aging fic a loooooooooong time ago... One of the characters - fairly certain it is Harry - is de-aged by accident, someone gets custody of his care while the reversal is worked out (fairly certain it was Draco, but it could've been Snape - I've read de-aging fics of both pairings, and it was literally about 8 or 10 years ago). And while he is in that person's care, I remember that he went to the hospital wing for some reason or another, and Madame Pomfrey finds physical evidence that he is being abused by a male guardian. I specifically remember there being 'tearing', appalled me, so it kind of sticks out in my memory. He of course was having nightmares, behavior that speaks to abuse, etc, as well. I tried Googling it for like half an hour and looking at old profile favorite lists, but I tended to keep all my favorite fanfic on my old comp, which has been gone for something like 5 years or so. Anyone have any idea?? It's driving me crazy! I remember it being very good, too. Le sigh. If you have any recs in this area, too, please share!!
  2. rogue

    SessKag - Battler Demons?

    Thanks!! I was wondering...I'll have to read the back of the real book and see about getting it ;D
  3. rogue

    SessKag - Battler Demons?

    I browsed through those, too! I even looked at that one, lol. Guess I just didn't recognize it (not that I had read anything to recognize? haha), or just didn't pay enough attention. Sorry for wasting your time! Just wanted to make sure it wasn't anything else
  4. rogue

    SessKag - Battler Demons?

    I favorited this story when I was surfing for a fic to read recently - within the last couple of weeks, I would say - and now, when I click on it in my favorites, it takes me to a blank white page? I searched the title, but nothing even remotely close to it ('it' being, 'Battler Demons') comes up. This is the web address I have for it: Did it somehow save wrong in my favorites (though that wouldn't explain why I couldn't find it when I searched for the title)? Or did this story get deleted for some reason? It seemed really interesting, and is the only fic I have on standby to read at the moment... ~rogue Hmmm. Well, it's not showing the full web address for some reason, it's missing the middle, but the end result is the same so I s'pose it doesn't matter.
  5. I'm SURE this has been mentioned/suggested before, I glanced through but didn't see anything similar. No offense, but I don't want to read all of the threads, lol. And I figured, hey, if it's been mentioned/suggested already, this post will just serve as further support for it! As we know, the majority of fanfics on AFF - well, on any fanfic site - are WIP. I find it frustrating to email myself the stories I liked and want to continue reading, or even bookmark them, to check periodically. I used to only read completed fics, but like many other readers, I am sure I read much faster than fics are being completed - at least, fics that catch my interest. So, I was wondering if it would be possible for the site to look into a link/button that you can click that allows you to 'follow' a story, receive an email or profile notification when a fic receives an update, something?? That would be AMAZING. Like I said, I'm sure I'm not the only one to think of this, but I would really love having that option!!
  6. Hey peeps! :] I'm just now venturing into fanfic writing, even though I've been reading it for about 8 years now. I consider myself more than decent at general writing, but when it comes to creative writing I'm rather inexperienced. I think there's quite a bit I could use someone's advice and critique on, and I'm thinking already that I could use both when it comes to dialogue, pace, flow, and individualizing the characters. This fic, entitled 'Blindsided by Affection', is my first multichapter and my first true adventure into fanfic writing. Creative writing in general, really. My fic was initially posted on 1/21 and already has the first 3 chapters posted. The fourth is completed, I should be posting it sometime tonight, and I'm working on the fifth. I've received 29 reviews, 22 ratings, and the only comments I've gotten critique-wise are on my third-person omnicient POV I'm attempting and apparently failing at, and giving more time to introspection of the characters. I'd definitely like someone there to work with me on developing my writing, and making the story good for the readers. It's a trio pairing, Pansy Parkinson/Draco Malfoy/Hermione Granger, and I originally began it simply to write a lot of sex, lol. However, I'm finding that my fingers and brain are taking me more in depth, giving the story more of a substance. At least, when I think about where I'm taking this, I sense a plot of some sort coming along ;]. There will still be a lot of sex, and it will be adventurous sex. Be prepared to explore with me - if you're adventurous when it comes to sex, too, and/or have any light/hard kinks of your own, that would be incredibly awesome and fun. If you're conservative when it comes to sex, you probably don't want to check into this, lol. Some possible warnings would be language, very graphic sex, female ejaculation, light bondage for certain and thinking about more...can't think of anything else . If you read any one of the chapters, you'll probably have some idea. Here's the link to what I have posted so far of my fic: And to my profile: I have three oneshots posted there where I tried to explore a few different things, like dialogue and introspection/angst. I feel like dialogue is a weak point of mine, but I think it stems more from being inexperienced in writing it than anything else. I'm prepared to edit and re-post chapters if needed. Someone, please! lol. I'm very, very good with english in general, such as spelling/grammar/editing/etc, but that doesn't necessarily make one a decent, let alone good, writing. A qualified beta that is also very good with english, willing to be a sounding board and talk things over with me, and is creative and open would very much be appreciated!!! It would probably be a good thing if you're very familiar with the HP characters, since I think I need help with individualization. My gmail is (I recommend just copying and pasting the email, lol) and my MSN is I'm hardly ever on AIM, but I do have it if you'd rather converse that way. -rogue