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    Harry has pups (recs)

    AO3 has two good fictions for your criteria: Feline Frenzy by Firehedgehog and Bitch in Heat by picabone99.
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    That sound´s like LinW´s story Pet.
  3. seyfran

    Looking for Two Fics, Please Help!

    Here are Batsutousai´s profile in
  4. The fiction what you are looking for is Big bad by shirokuri. Author took that story down.
  5. seyfran

    Genie Harry

    The story what you are looking for is Je Souhaite by LadySlytherin.
  6. One good story, which Harry has girl bits, is LinW´s story Family Trees.
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    That sounds like Riffraff´s Guilty as Sin. Here are the link of that story.
  8. seyfran

    Story Recommendations Weasley/Harry

    Have you tried this site? It is only Harry/ Weasley slash fictions.
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    HP/LM/SS Creature fic

    Here are the link for AFF
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    Here are author´s profile at AFF.
  11. seyfran

    HarrySeverusDraco Creaturefic

    That sound like Riffraff´s story Guilty as Sin. http://hp.adultfanfi...hp?no=544202646
  12. seyfran

    Harry/Loki fics

    I have read only one fiction of this pairing. That was Aslings written Berkana.
  13. seyfran

    Harry Bill with tattoos

    The story is Skin Deep by Vingilot.
  14. seyfran

    Fenrir/Harry Azkaban

    It could be also Basic Needs by Dinkel
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    The story is Strange Seduction by TransientTemptation. I had bookmarket this story.
  16. seyfran

    Searching For Fic

    It may also be this story Will you be my daddy? by FanofBellaandEdward.
  17. seyfran

    Searching For Fic

    It may be this story Yours, Mine, and Ours by AlexJanna
  18. seyfran

    Crossdressing Harry

    If you don´t mind Harry/Lucius pairing then you might like this story and it´s sequel
  19. seyfran

    SS/HP and later SS/DM (dark)Creature fic with MPreg

    That sound like Riffraff´s story Guilty as Sin.
  20. Anime section M to R Natsume Youjinchou. I have found one oneshot for this category.
  21. seyfran

    Harry & OMC slash fiction

    I would like to read Harry and OMC slash fiction. Original character would be non-magical child for a dark wizard family. The family abandoned him and Harry meet him muggle world. I would like that the original character is few years older than Harry. Relationship would start slowly but timetable are free-range.
  22. seyfran

    LM/HP/DM oneshot

    Hi! I´m looking for oneshot with Lucius, Harry and Draco pairing. I read it about 5 years ago, so I can´t remember much. In the begin Harry are leaving for Auror training camp and he have sex with two Malfoy´s. Basically whole story is one big smut and it ended with DP. Somewhere middle of the story are snake like dildo which enlarge.
  23. seyfran

    SS/HP story

    I´m looking for another story. It is Harry and Severus pairing story. It happened 19 century England and no magic. Severus is professor for private school and needed a wife, but he is the gay. Minerva introduce Harry to Severus. Harry are raised to believe be a girl and he wears women´s clothes. They get married. I think Harry get ill and other people believe him get miscarriage. The story was very interesting and well written but I just cant remember name or writer.
  24. seyfran

    Creature Harry

    It might be also My Own Control by Jinko. Here are the address
  25. seyfran

    crossover with anita blake Ive looked every where

    Have you tried to Anita Blake fanfiction site Pomme de Sang There are whole category for crossover´s. There are some Harry Potter crossover´s.