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  1. PGadoury

    Bad formating

    It's fixed thank you.
  2. PGadoury

    Bad formating

    I am using a visio television. I need that resolution to read what's on the monitor.
  3. PGadoury

    Bad formating

    I'm using my PC not a tablet.
  4. PGadoury

    Bad formating

    Just the listing pages for the one archive.
  5. PGadoury

    Bad formating

    My display settings are 1366*768 and in get what your describing I have to zoom out to 75% in chrome. At that size I can't even read the text.
  6. PGadoury

    Bad formating

    I don't have this problem in other archives, and I have the same formatting for all of them. here is a screenshot.
  7. PGadoury

    Bad formating

    If you look at the following URL:'ll notice that the text on the stories summaries continue off the screen.
  8. PGadoury

    Changing Username

    As the title suggests how doe I change my forum username from "Pete9188" to "PGadoury" Thanks
  9. PGadoury

    Can't Login

    my email is and my username is Pete91888. According to the loging screen I need to merge accounts. Thanks
  10. PGadoury

    Harry as a werewolf

    There are so many fics where Harry become a werewolf and forms a "pack" with Greyback and/ or some other males. But maybe someone could try doing a fic where Harry takes some female members for his "pack". If you could include some or the following girls: Fleur Tonks Ginny Luna Hermione Narcissa Bellatrix A Slytherin girl Definitely have kink. Anal, BDSM, Fist. It would Definitely be new. Thanks
  11. last night I followed a link to an author named "Oldwolf" the URL is: <p>Anyway the first thing I see is: Disclaimer:
  12. PGadoury


    I was wondering if someone could do a fic whith Harry/Fleur? It can be a ONe-shot or a chapter fic. It would be nice if it could have some kink maybe anal sex. There is only 1 or 2 fics on AFF I was just hopeing someone might write another. Thanks
  13. PGadoury

    New Chapter Notification

    I see. Unfortunatly that dosen't help peopple who don't have one. Oh well. Thanks for the answer
  14. PGadoury

    New Chapter Notification

    Im also a member of and they have this nifty thing called new chapter alerts. I sure someone has probably already suggested this but Im suggesting it again. Basically the Alerts would be an automated email that that says that story XYZ has had a new chapter added to it. Anyway thats the suggestion thanks Pete
  15. PGadoury

    Harry Potter/ Avatar crossover

    Just as the title says. Harry falls trough the veil after Sirius and meets the Avatar world. Your choice with the rest of the story. Thanks Pete