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    Love to read the wonderful fiction at AFF, have a towering Manga collection, watch Anime, write fan fiction, drink diet vanilla pepsi, eat sweets (oreos), meet people of all walks of life, and make friends.
  1. I am looking for a reliable as well as long term Beta for original fiction, and one fan fiction doujinshi that is now into it's fourth book. I've had two betas, and unfortunately real life catches up with them and they are unable to beta. I am looking for a person(s) familiar with Ai no Kusabi/Taming Riki for the Doujinshi which will be in my free read section of my website (4 novels, 3 complete and one in progress.) I have 4 original novels that I've begun and need a beta asap before I destroy the English language altogether LOL! So grammar skills are a must to make up for my lack thereof. All my work is m/m, slash, erotica, but I do have one m/f original. So if you like sci/fic, action, mystery and hot yaoi action, please send me an email at Email me attention Alex/UntamedLady If you want to read up a bit about my website that I'm about to launch, you can go to my blog at My link where I have pics along with updates so you can keep up with me as I finish the site. Thanx!! Alex/UntamedLady
  2. untamedlady

    Site News: 09/25/10

    Excellent work DG! The forum looks neat and tidy, with incredibly crisp pages. I have to tip my hat to you and those around ya. You have done an incredible job in every section of this website. Truly excellent B)
  3. untamedlady

    Site News: 9/18/10

    Great Job! Thanks for making it user friendly, and a safer site for both writers and advertisers; something long needed. It's a shame the mail was neglected. *sends positive vibes to all AFF staff* B)
  4. untamedlady

    Welcome Back Apollo!

    Holy missing in action Batman!! Welcome back!
  5. untamedlady

    Site News: 09/04/10

    It's a relief to see the hard work paying off for a change! It has been a rough ride these past weeks, and you definitely need a shout out for turning this beast around into a positive direction. *sends you a vanilla pepsi* Kudos to you and the team! B)
  6. untamedlady

    DAMMIT! Need some help..

    Well just do as we discussed and set up with your PayPal and keep it all transparent so you are not accused of any misappropriations. It is not your fault the owner of AFF is not interested in the business end of her site at the moment. I know this won't be permanent since it's not our site. And I think it's damn commendable that you care enough to even do this, so her site does not fall apart. I know you have been working your ass off and have felt extremely uncomfortable in actually running this monster without it's captain. But you are left with no choice at the moment, and it has to be made perfectly clear that this is what you've been FORCED to do in her absence. A note in the news section won't hurt, so you can keep everyone in the loop and also maintain transparency. It's just a shame. UntamedLady
  7. untamedlady

    New Site Background

    Actually I think this a rather rude. The site never looked better. Change is good, if the colors are the issue, it will be resolved with trial and error. However, it is a positive change for the better. I seriously doubt there will be a mass exodus out of AFF over these changes. If anything, I've heard nothing but positive comments, from those not inclined to post a comment. I myself lurk more than post. But if you go out of your way to be rude or attack the techs who have worked tirelessly to improve this monster-size site you need to just back off. The colors are a breath of fresh air compared to the old colors, and periwinkle purple just had to go. I'm all for change.
  8. untamedlady

    New Site Background

    I just posted my current update, and was pleasantly surprised to find the colors changed! I didn't know this was even possible as I've spoken with Jaxxy at length about this possibility, but never really got a yay or nay on it. But I just had to comment with regards to the color schemes. I am dyslexic and I do have vision issues with certain colors, however I like the changes. *which probably doesn't surprise ya* The colors for this forum ROCK! I've only seen it now that I've posted a comment, and really love the combination of colors. *I feel like I'm in some ancient library or whatnot* Change is good. I think this goes well with the evolution of AFF as a whole, and know there will be a happy medium in the process of discovering what will ultimately be the next "phase" of this incredible site. B) Great work you guys! (o.O)/"<----waves at Jaxxy and Jennie---see, I am here for the first time!----<