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I am telling all y'all that my toes are black and blue but are much better and I can walk quite well.

I am thanking everyone for their thoughts.

I am wondering what possessed me last night to "cover the gray" and allow my mother to die my hair.

I am stating that my hair is still red - though it looks like it did when I was a kid and people asked me how in the hell I was born with mahogany (read purple in the sun) hair.

I am hoping that a little Dawn dish washing detergent will take the majority of the Auburn out of my tresses.

I am stating that from here on out I will grow gray gracefully and damn my mother if she can't take the fact that one of her kids is grayer than her.

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Guest Big Samurai

I am approving the sausages that Red has chosen.

I am having no issues with gray hair.

I am having no issues with impending baldness, either.

I am stating that the best mad scientists are often gray or bald.

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I am saying that the Dawn did work - my hair is back to just being red and not Little Mermaid stop light red.

I am never going to allow my mom to touch my hair again.

I am thinking that it would have been easier if I had just gone down to the local beauty supplier and bought a color stripper.

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I am sorry Nan is tired from all that walking

I am hoping she had a good time at the fair, though

I am also in need of going grocery shopping

I am glad I got my internet connection back after 4-1/2 hours of the usual bullshit dry.gif

I am going to give the service guy tomorrow a regular Law & Order type grilling asking what the hell their problem is devil.gif

I am thinking I should log off so my dinner doesn't burn

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I am hoping that Red does wake up on time for his first class of the semester.

I am about to take my tired body to bed.

I am thankful that I have a chapter to Memories and a one shot with my Beta Reader - and hopefully will be able to put them up sometime tomorrow afternoon.

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I am just barely alive.

I am tired

I am writing chapter 9 with surprising speed

I am going to be spending HOURS revising chapter 9 since it seems to be coming along rather swiftly. I hate that BTW. dry.gif

I am not looking forward to that.

I am going to have my husband spell check and beta read it for me

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