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looking for a story harry potter/lucius malfoy

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Guest guest cristy

From what I can remember it starts at the battle of hogwarts harry has won but he is dying. As he is losing consciousness he suddenly is able to see into another universe. I think he is asked if he would like to go that that universe. He can see that he's lying on a bed surrounded by Lucius, Severus, Sirius, and Draco. He agrees to that new universe, in this universe he is giving birth to Lucius baby. It's a whole thing where Harry is in love with lucius, but was supposed to have married Draco. Harry and Draco had taken polyjuice(I think I can't really remember that part) Draco into lucius and harry(like I said I don't remember) into Sirius. After the baby is born I think harry and lucius get together. I can't remember the ending. Please help.🙏🙏

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