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Punikai's My Family (BBC 2000) Prompts


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These prompts focus on Ben and Susan Harper. Starting with Series 01-02.

  • The Serpent's Tooth – Alternate Scene

Susan: I read that the older you get, the less sleep you need.

Ben: Really? What are you supposed to do with all that extra time?

Susan: I've got a few ideas.


  • Droit de Seigneur Ben – Alternate Scene

Susan: My parents won't be home for hours.

Ben: What did you have in mind?

Susan: How about I'm the young maiden and you're Don Giovanni.


  • The Last Resort – Deleted Scene

Ben: There's plenty more where that came from.

Susan: Good. Cos I plan turning 41 next year and I hear that one's a real b***h.


  • Farewell to Alarms – Deleted Scene

Ben: Can't we sleep on it before you run off to buy anything?

Susan: We don't have to sleep.

Ben: We don't have to sleep?

Susan: No.

Ben: What else….oh, of course.


  • Death Takes a Policy – Deleted Scene

Susan: We're being very short-sighted.

Ben: Ooh, I know. Let's go wild.


  • Much Ado About Ben – Deleted Scene

Susan: Ooh, Doctor, do you treat all your patients this way?

Ben: Only the ones I like.

Now, Mrs Harper...this isn't going to hurt a bit.


  • Trust Never Sleeps – Alternate Scene

Ben: This is ridiculous, Susan.

We're in our own bed, we're married, and we're afraid of getting caught?

Susan: I know. Exciting, isn't it?


  • 'Tis Pity She's a Whore – Alternate Scene

Susan: Ben, I'm preparing dinner.

Ben: Alright. We'll order takeaway.

Susan: The kids will be home soon.

Ben: We'll change the locks.

Susan: In that case, I've run out of reasons. Take me!

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Series 03-04.

  • Absent Vixen, Cheeky Monkey – Deleted Scene

Susan: Ben, where's the Mr Muscle?


  • Of Mice and Ben – Alternate Scene

Susan: I have to admit, you do kiss better than the book.

Ben: You should see what I do in Chapter 2, baby.


  • Imperfect Strangers – Deleted Scene

Susan: It's the weekend. We're free, away from home.

In an exotic, vibrant metropolis.


  • Waiting to Inhale – Deleted Scene

Ben: Oh, Susan don't you love me no mo?

Susan: Oh of course, sweetheart. Of course I do.


  • The Lost Weekend – Deleted Scene

Ben: No more kids for the whole weekend.


  • Ghosts – Deleted Scene: Ben and Susan make love in the Cinema.


  • The Great Escape – Alternate Scene

Susan: She’s gone, OK?

Ben: Something happened then. Say that again.


  • Return of the Prodigal Prat – Deleted Scene

Ben: What about what I want?

Susan: What do you want?


  • Owed to Susan – Deleted Scene

Susan: I'd like nothing more than to have you rip this lingerie off me with your teeth…

and feel your hands caressing my body…

as we melt into each other's arms…

in an uncontrollable fit of passion…


  • Deliverance – Deleted Scene

Susan: Ben, sometimes I wish we could both feel the same thing at the same time.

Ben: Here's something we can feel together.


  • Friday the 31st – Deleted Scene: Spooky s** with Ben and Susan.


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Posted (edited)

Series 05-07.

  • While You Weren't Sleeping – Deleted Scenes: 2 Chapters
  1. Susan’s sex dream
  2. Kinky Wrestling Match


  • A Wife Less Ordinary – Deleted Scene: Going to Phase Two


  • Living The Dream – Deleted Scene

Ben: Good God, woman. You are so sexy when you're greedy.


  • The Ego Has Landed – Deleted Scene

Susan: Ben, What are you doing?

Ben: Well Susan, the factory may be closed, but the equipment's still working.


  • Four Affairs and A Funeral – Deleted Scene

Ben: Just prepare yourself for a night of passion, baby.


  • Once More With Feeling – Deleted Scene

Ben: My God, you are so sexy when you negotiate.

Susan: God, I want you.

Ben: Come here.

Susan: No, you come here.

Ben: Okay.


  • Breaking Up Ain't Hard To Do – Deleted Scene

Susan: I'm glad we got rid of all those stupid stickers.

Ben: Oh, so am I.

Actually, not all of them.

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Posted (edited)

And finally – Series 08-11.

  • Cards on the Table – Deleted Scene

Ben: I tell you what I tell you what we could do while we're waiting.

Susan: You mean go out with a bang.

Ben: Ooh, you flatterer!


  • The Abi Habit – Alternate Scene

Ben: Come on, we could just….

Susan: That would be naughty.

Ben: Yeah.


  • Have a Unhappy Christmas – Deleted Scene: Ben and Susan make love while trapped in the mall.


  • A Very Brief Encounter – Deleted Scene

Ben: I couldn't live without you either.

Well, I could but er...it wouldn't be as much fun.

Susan: Oh, Ben.

Ben: Easy, tiger!


  • Wheelie Ben – Deleted Scene

Susan: Oh, Ben, I've never felt so alive.

Ben: Oh, it's intoxicating, isn't it?


  • The Melbourne Identity – Deleted Scene

Ben: No kids, no grandkids. Nothing.

Susan: Just us.


  • Harper vs Harper – Deleted Scene: Make-up S**.


  • Mary Christmas – Deleted Scenes: 2 Chapters
  1. Ben gets turned on by Susan’s hatred of Christmas.
  2. A Boxset and and two cases of Merlot.


  • Susan for a Bruisin’ – Deleted Scene

Ben: Hey, baby!

If you want a real sweat-up, why don't you come upstairs to the old Ben-nasium, hey?

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