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Konoha and Kumo created an alliance after the Third Shinobi War, because of this Kushina and Mikoto are sent to help A and Killer Bee in a mission. After they completed their mission the four of them decided to rest in a cave for the night, but neither Kushina nor Mikoto know that A and Killer Bee chose the cave because they are planing to fuck both Kushina and Mikoto without anyone seeing or hearing them. 

  • A x Kushina x Mikoto x Killer Bee
  • Kushina and Mikoto are weaker than the brothers, so they are forced to have sex with them even when they have boyfriends in Konoha(Minato and Fugaku).
  • After a full night of being fucked by massive cocks Kushina and Mikoto decided to stay for a week in the cave with A and Killer Bee where they spend the week doing nothing other than having sex.
  • Kushina and Mikoto return to Konoha pregnant, Minato and Fugaku think that they are the fathers.
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