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Naruto's Teachers/Wives

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Naruto not only found himself in a team that is consisting of one genin(Naruto) and three jōnin-sensei(Mikoto, Tsume and Tsunade) instead of the usual three genin and one jōnin-sense teams.

The reason for that is the Hokage not only wants to protect Naruto, with him being Minato's son and Konoha's, but also he wants Naruto to restore the Uzumaki clan, and his teachers are only to train him, but also to bear his children as his wives.

  • a widow Mikoto, and many of the Uchiha members are alive.
  • Tsunade never left Konoha. 
  • Mikoto, Tsume and Tsunade move to live with their new husband.
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