bonding weekend


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Takes place a few weeks after Maternal Instincts

Danny accidentally walked in on Maddie when she was showering and couldn't help but watch her and masterbate to her afterwards Maddie noticed that Danny was avoiding her decided to go on another trip with him to bond again 

When they got to the hotel she told him that she got one room for them it was supposed to have two beds but ended up with one queen size bed

Maddie tried to figure out what was the reason Danny has been avoiding her and after a few minutes she got him to confess to watching her in the shower she started to tell him that wasn't a big deal when he also said he masterbated to her as well

Maddie was curious if Danny really found her sexually attractive left and bought sexy lingerie and got back an hour later charged into her new lingerie after coming out she saw Danny staring at her and noticed his erection the two of them couldn't help themselves and ended up fucking afterwards they started talking about what just happened and to Danny's shock Maddie told him that if Danny if he wanted they could sneak around around when they get home but for now to enjoy the rest of their weekend trip 

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