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Harry gets seduced

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Guest Synapsor

i would like to know, if there are some fics out there containing Harry gets seduced. Well, surely there are, but some points do interest me:

  1. Harry gets seduced by a Fullblood Veela. Maybe his Canon resistence shield him  from Fleur, but a Veela with a more “pure” Bloodstate might be a tough or impossible challenge. I do accept Harry/Apolline fics aswell.


2.Harry gets seduced by Ginny… i would like to read fics with them married, but their love-life barely there. Might it be because of their daily activities or because there is no passion of between them anymore. Ginny might want to have Sex with harry, but he mostly refuse those demands….or it is requested by her to have sex with him and so she might obtain a powerful Love/lust potion or whatever. Hmm, i can also imagine Harry becoming “physical” not able to perform because of late aftermath of the Killing Curse or whatever.

Oh, what i would find interesting would be a dark/grey or twilight Ginny, who hasnt chosen her position yet.


  1. Harry gets seduced by Fleur…..whether Fleur is married with Bill, but somehow gets attracted to Harry (maybe his magic draws her attraction) or she is single. Its not important. The rest is like the request for Ginny.

And i would like to add, that for all these can be the possibility to Ritual Sex. So i imagine, Harry gets invited to a Drink, but this will make him dizzy, and while he fights to regain control, he gets undressed by his Partner, who do the same and “mount” him.  I think, that after the first Orgasm, he might turn into a lustfilled guy, who wants nothing more than to fuck his Partner. Maybe its even the Rituals effects for him. It can also be that the drink, he was getting made him into this state.

I read the fanfic “Clause 13” which contained Ginny giving Harry a Lust Potion and turning him into a mindless fuck beast. I wasnt really into this part, as the previous scenarios were more my taste. So no wild roaring or anything, i would like if he is more or less “normal”, but just lust filled and he would question, if that what he does is right or wrong.

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