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Harry's Next Great Adventure Includes PokéGirls

Kid Coheed

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= Harry was a 95 year old man who was Extraordinarily Bored. After his wonderful life that Included becoming a world traveler, Grand magus rated wizard, a master in 4 different fields of magic, master Auror and all around big damned hero. Harry was bored, as he sat behind his desk at the ICW as he stared down at the list of possible replacements for himself. The New Supreme Mugwump wants his own Master Auror in charge of the ICW's forces and was doing away with Harry. With no much to do at home with his sons and daughter having their own families and soon to be great grand children there wasn't much visitation to old dad, his ex wife Ginny had happily remarried while Harry remained a renewed bachelor. Looking for a new adventure before his Next Adventure Harry Learns of a powerful ritual which will launch his Mind and Magic into a new Body across the Multiverse. Saying goodbye to his old life Harry jumps into the unknown.

Across the maw of the Multiverse, Team Basilisk had just made major breakthroughs in the ability to share Bloodgifts, this was done due to project Rebirth, a way to create a perfect powerful body with several powerful and beneficial Bloodgifts for their dying Creator, Tom Riddle's mind and soul to enter. Subject 08 was nearly perfect creation if the husk didn't have a couple of blood curses that came with the alterations, Wanderlust, Light Sensitivity, Tamer's Disease and Phase 3 Pokeboy Genes. The body itself being unusable by the public face of Walpurgus Industries and the Private unknown head of Team Basilisk but being the first breakthrough to Subject 13 Riddle's next body. While Team Basilisk seek to rid themselves of the unusable mindless body it awakens and escapes. Harry Potter had entered the game and carries with him the proof of Team Basilisk connection to Walpurgus Industries and their illegal activities. Now Harry must learn and accept the new and very sexual world he is apart of with the help of the beautiful Sofia Stacks a non threshold woman who is close to gaining her own Doctorate in Pokegirls studies, gather his own Harem of Pokegirls to protect himself, Gather the Gym Badges of his league in order to keep control of his girls and evade the long arm or should I say the wide fangs of Team Basilisk.=

Harry in the Wild Open World of Pokegirls. I hope I have given you writers enough to work with on this one before I add my restrictions and requests. :)

1. Harry must have access to a wand less version of Classic Potter Magic due to his core following him to this new world

2. Harry can have a number of Bloodgifts due to his bodies creation, these should include but not be limited to

Agility, Strength, Toughness, Endurance, Longevity, Youthful Vigor. 

Have fun with those other choices.

3. Harry must also have a small number of Blood curses. He can ONLY have these few ones. 

Wanderlust (Very Rare version, he must only move every few years) , Light Sensitivity(the Common version, Harry prefers Welders Goggles to protect his eyes), Tamer's Disease (The Rare version where Harry must get laided once every two weeks of he goes feral himself) and atleast Phase 3 Pokeboy Gene's (Harry should have claws, fangs, small patches of snake/dragon scales, slitted eyes, other features up to you) the last one is why the body was turned down by Riddle, it is also how many should identify Harry. 

4. Harry must be VERY well endowed, 11-15 inches.

Restrictions - 

1) Harry must not personally have more than ONE Magic Type PokéGirl in his Harem

2) Sofia (OC Female Character) Thresholding into a Pokegirl

3) One of Their PokéGirls dying permanently

Requests - 

1) Harry is found after his escape by Professor James Potter and his Alpha Bonded PokeWoman Lily the Archmage. Unable to Have children due to damage done to Lily as a PokéGirl, Harry is adopted by his alternate dimension parents to explain his existence.

2) Bellatrix LaBlack is the Right Hand of Riddle and is put in charge of tracking Harry down, now if she'd stop sleeping with him and actually drag him back she can be done with this mission

3) During his traveles either from a Pokegirl or through Technology Harry discovers away to travel dimensions without leaving his new body or his girls behind allowing for more adventures during or after the story

This challenge was very inspired by the two chapter story 'Harry's new life as a Pokegirl Tamer by Grim'

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